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The gracious God, and spread his lovely Name.
8 Let Mifts, and Clouds, and Meteors all conspire

In this blet Work, and help to fill the Choir :
While loud his Praises foaming Billows roar,

And Seas refound his Name from Shore to Shore.

18 Exalt, O Jacob's sacred Race,

The God of God's, the God of Grace;
Who will above the Stars your Empire raise,
And with his Glory recompense your Praise.

PSALM CXLVIII. Thirteenth Version.
'O raise:

For a Hymn of universal Praise !
Ye lofty Heav'ns begin the folemn Sound,

And let it spread the wide Creation round.
2 Ye Angel Hosts who near his dazzling Seat,

Wrapt in perpetual Transport humbly wait,
You best must know the Glories of your King,

In sweetest loftieft Strains his Wonders fing.
3 Bless him, thou Sun, great Ruler of the Day,

Before whore Splendors thine must fade away:
To him, the Honors paid to thee, restore ;

And teach Mankind thy Maker to adore.
4 Ye Moon ard Stars, who with more feeble Light

Break thro' the Shades, and gild the Gloom of Night,
Far as you can diffuse your feeble Rays,
Tell his great Name, and propagate his Praise.

5 Fair Light, the first of all created Things,

From whom all earthly Bliss and Beauty (prings,
Help the blind World to see their Maker shine

In Light effential, fairer far than thine.
6 Ye dancing Spheres, that ever tuneful move,

Drawn tow'sd your Centers by magnetic Love,
Convey his Name thro' all the val Expanse,
While to the Music of his Voice


Let awful Thunders, bell'wing in the Air,
And bluft'ring Storms, his dreadful Praise declare;
While gentler Winds with balmy Breath proclaim

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Sai Ye fertile Plains display your gayest Pride,

Ye Valleys, to his Honor, low subside;
And at his Call, ye Mountains, ftately rise,
And bear his Praises to the neigh'bring Skies,
Ye Trees of ev'ry Kind, ye fruitful Vines,

Ye spreading Oaks, and tall aspiring Pines ; - Or bend your Heads, or let your Juices flow,

To honor him, at whose Command you grow. 1 To him let ev'ry Beast this Tribute pay,

He feeds the Flocks, he finds the Lions Prey; storey To celebrate his Bounty and his Pow'r,

Bleat all ye Lambs, and all ye Lions roar. ***2 Ye Birds, who thro' the airy Regions wing,

Nature's Musicians, you his Praise must ling:
Ye Flies and Worms, his various Skill display ;
Tho' you can't fing, this Homage you may pay.

13 When Nature's all in tune, shall Man refrain,
And have his voice and Pow'r to sing in vain?
O no! let ev'ry Rank, and Sex, and Age,

With all their Might in this Design engage.
*14 Great Kings and Potentates, ye Gods on Earth,
And ev'ry Man of meaner Rank and Birth,

Submit yourselves to his imperial Sway, at You're bound, and 'uis your Honor to obey. 15 Let youthful Voices swell th' harmonious Choir, Old Age their feebler Breath in Praise expire: O let his Love each Virgin's Heart inflame, And Infants learn to lisp his wond'rous Name. 16 But above all, ye Saints, your Breath employ, To found his Praises, and to tell your joy : You, the blest Objects of his Love and Choice,

His Glories sing with well-tun'd Heart and Voice, 17 Loud as his Thunders let his Praises sound,

From Heav'n to Earth, from World to World rebound:
Let Art and Nature in the Song conspire,
And the whole World become one sacred Chcir.


Spread the Creator's Name around,
Till Heav'n's broad Arch ring back the Sound,

The gen'ral Burst of Joy.

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And praise th' Almighty's Name;
Lo! Heav'n, and Earth, and Seas and Skies,
In one melodious Concert rise,

To fwell th' inspiring Theme.
2 Ye Angels, spread the joyful Sound,
While all th' adoring Throngs around

His wond'rous Mercy fing;
Let ev'ry lift'ning Saint above
Wake all the tuneful Soul of Love,

And touch the sweetest String.
3 Thou Heav'n of Heav'ns, his vast Abode,
Ye Clouds, proclaim your forming God;

Ye Thunders, speak his Pow'r :
Lo! on the Lightning's gleamy Wing
In Triumph walks th' eternal King;

Th' astonih'd Worlds adore,
4 Ye Deeps, with roaring Billows rise,
To join the Thunders of the Skies;
Praise him who bid

His Praise in softer Notes declare,
Each whisp’ring Breeze of yielding Air,

And breathe it to the Soul.
5 Wake, all ye foaring Throngs, and fing;
Ye chearful Warblers of the Spring,

Harmonious Anthems raise,
To him who hap'd your finer Mould,
Who tipp'd your glitering Wings with Gold,


Voice to praise.

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And tun'd
6 Let Man, by nobler Paffions sway'd,
The feeling Heart, the judging Head,

In heav'nly Praise employ;



CEHOVAH's Praise, in high immortal Strains

Resound, ye Heav'ns, thro' all your blissful Plains : Ye glorious Angels, tune the raptur'd Lay, 5 Thro’ the fair Mansions of eternal Day:

His Praise let all your shining Ranks proclaim,

And teach the distant Worlds your Maker's Name. 2 His glorious Pow'r, O radiant Sun, display,

Far as thy vital Beams diffuse the Day:
Thou Silver Moon, array'd in fofter Light,
Recount his Wonders to the liftning Night:
Let all thy glitt'ring Train attendant wait,

And ev'ry Star his Maker's Name repeat. 3

Ye wat’ry Clouds, as round the Skies you move, the Convey his wond'rous Name where'er you rove:

His Pow'r, ye fair expanded Skies, proclaim,
Whose Word produc'd the vast ftupendous Frame :
On his Decree the heav'nly Orbs depend,

Nor change their Course till Time and Nature end. 4 Let Earth and Seas their Maker's Honor-raise,

And Monsters thout his Name in dreadful Praise :
Etherial Fires, which blaze along the Skies,
Convey his Name to Earth in swift Surprize :
Let changeful Vapor rise his Pow'r to show,

And in soft Praise descend the feecy Snow.
5 Let Hail impetuous rattling on the Ground,

In rougher Cadence spread his Wonders round:
While stormy Winds, that bear his awful Word,
Compel the trembling World to own her Lord:
Let Heav'n, and Earth, and Time, and Nature, fing

The glorious Name of their almighty King.
6 Ye rocky Mountains, found his Praise on high;

In joyful Notes, ye verdant Hills reply :
Ye fruitful Trees, your Maker's Bounty show,
And smile his Praise on ev'ry loaded Bough:
While stately Cedars, with the cluster'd Vine,

And lowly Plants, the filent Worship join.
7 Ye Beasts of Prey, who wild in Forests roam,

Ye gentle Herds, who know your peaceful Home:


Ye Birds, that high in trackless Ether rove,
Or with soft Music charm the vocal Grove;
Declare his Praise, whose ample Stores maintain
The countless Tenants of his wide Domain.

P A USE. 8 Ye Monarchs of the Earth, your Lord adore ;

From him you hold your delegated Pow'r: - Ye Judges, his impartial Laws revere,

Be ev'ry Sentence guided by his Fear:
Let Senate, Prince and People join, to raise

The grateful Tribute of obedient Praise.
9 In Life's unfolding Bloom, ye Young and Gay,

While flow'ry Pleasures (trew your verdant Way,
Adore the bounteous Hand, which largely pours
Its sweetest Blellings on your vernal Hours;

your Creator's Praise, with duteous Joy, Your Bloom of Life, your active Pow'rs employ. 10 Let Age, declining to the Gates of Death,

In Praise respire their feebly-panting Breath:
And Infants in their Dawn of Reason join
Their lisping Voice, and learn the Song divine.
But equal Honors, Earth nor Heav'n can raise,
His Glory far transcends Creation's Praise.

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PSALM CXLVIII. Sixteenth Version. STEELE.

O your Creator God,

Your great Preserver, raise,
Ye Creatures of his Hand,
Your highest Notes of Praise:

Let ev'ry Voice
Proclaim his Pow'r,
His Name adore,
And loud rejoice.

Let all Creation join
To pay the Tribute due ;
Ye meaner Ranks begin,
And Man fhall learn of



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