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On the opening of a new Place of Worship.
ND will the great eternal God

On Earth establish his Abode ?
And will he from his radiant Throne

Avow our Temples for his own?
2 We bring the Tribute of our Praise,

And fing that condescending Grace,
Which to our Notes will lend an Ear,

And call us sinful Mortals near.
3 Our Father's watchful Care we bless,

Which guards our Synagogues in Peace,
That no tumultuous Foes invade,

To fill our Worshippers with Dread. 4 These Walls we to thy Honor raise;.

Long may they echo with thy Praife;
And thou descending fill the Place

With choiceft Tokens of thy Grace. 5 Here let the great Redeemer reign

With all the Graces of his Train ;
While Pow'r divine his Word attends

To conquer Foes, and chear his Friends 6 And in the


decisive Day,
When God the Nations shall survey,
May it before the World appear,
That Crouds were born to Glory here:

The Divine Perfections celebrated.
Y grateful Tongue, immortal King,
Thy shall

My Verse to Times remotest Day
Thy Truth in sacred Notes display.

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M The Mercy

hall for ever fing,

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231 2 O say, what Strength shall vie with thine ?

What Name, among the Seats divine,
Of equal Excellence possess'd,

Thy Sov’reignty, great God, contest?
3 Thee, Lord, Heav'n's Hosts their Leader own ;

Thee Might unbounded, thee alone,
With endless Majesty has crown’d,

And Faith unfully'á vefts thee round. 4 The Heav'n above, and Earth below,

Thee, Lord, their great Possessor know;
By thee this Orb to Being rose,

And all that Nature's Bounds inclose. 5 From thee amid th' aerial Space

The North and South assume their Place; 'Tis thine th’ Ocean's Rage to guide,

And calm at Will its swelling Tide.
6 O, bleft the Tribes, whose willing Ear

Awakes the feftal Shout to hear;
Who thankful fee, where'er they tread,

Thy fav’ring Beams around them spread. 7 How shall they joy from Day to Day,

Thy boundless Mercy to display,
Thy Righteousness, indulgent Lord,

With holy Confidence record.
8 O wise in all thy Works! thy Name
Let Man's

whole Race aloud proclaim,
And, grateful, through the Length of Days,
In ceafeless Songs repeat thy Praise.
PSALM LXXXIX. Second Version.

HY Mercies, Lord, shall be my Song,
Song on

them shall ever dwell; To Ages yet unborn, my Tongue

Thy never-failing Truth shall tell. 2 For such stupendous. Truth and Love,

Both Heav'n and Earth just Praises owe;
By Choirs of Angels sung above,
And by assembled Saints below.

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3. What

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3. What Seraph of Celestial Birth,

To vie with Ijrael's God shall dare?
Or who among the Gods of Earth,

With our Almighty Lord compare ? 4

Lord God of Armies, who can boast
Of Strength or Pow'r like thine renown'd?
Of such a num'rous faithful Hoft,

As that which does thy Throne furround? 5.

In thee the fov'reign Right remains
Of Earth and Heav'n; thee, Lord, aloneg
The World, and all that it contains,

Their Maker and Preserver own.
6 Thy Arm is mighty, strong thy Hand,

Yet, Lord, thou dost with Justice reign ;.
Poffefs'd of absolute Command,

Thou Truth and Mercy dost maintain. 7 Happy, thrice happy they, who hear

Thy sacred Trumpet's joyful Sound;
Who ’mong assembled Saints appear

"0With thy most glorious Presence crown'a. PSALM LXXXIX. Third Version. First Part. WATT

The Covenant made with Chrift. I NOR ever shall my Song record Mercy and Truth for ever itand:

Like Heav'n establish'd by his Hand.2 Thus to his Son he sware, and said,

“ With thee my Cov'nant first is made ; " In thee shall dying Sinners live,

Glory and Grace are thine to give. 3 “ Be thou my Prophet, thou my Priest ;

Thy Servants shall be ever bleft; Thou art my chosen King; thy Throne

« Shall stand unshaken as my own. 4

“ There's none of all my Sons above
" So much my Image or my Love;
« Celestial Pow'rs thy Subjects are,
" Then what can Earth to thee compare?:


F Lord :

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5 David

5 David my Servant, whom I chose

To guard my Flock, to crush my Foes,
“ And rais’d him to the Jewish Throne,
" Was but a Shadow of


6 Now let the Church rejoice, and fing

Jesus her Saviour and her King:
Angels his heav'nly Honors show
And Saints declare his Praise below.


PSALM LXXXIX. Third Version. Second Part.

Mortality and Hope.
EMEMBER, Lord, our mortal State,

How frail our Life.! how short the Date !
Where is the Man that draws his Breath

Safe from Disease, secure from Death? 2 Lord, while we see whole Nations die,

Our Flesh and Sense repine and cry
• Must Death for ever rage and reign?

" Or haft thou made Mankind in vain ?" 3 Where is thy Promise to the Juft?

Are not thy Servants turn'd to Duft?
But Faith forbids these mournful Sighs,

And sees them all in Glory rise.
4 That glorious Hour, that awful Day

Wipes the Reproach of Saints away,
And clears the Honor of thy Word:
Awake our Souls, and bless the Lord.

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PSALM LXXXIX. Fourth Version First Part. WATTS.

The Faithfulness of God.
UR never-ceasing Songs Mall show

The Mercies of the Lord,
And make succeeding Ages know

How faithful is his Word.
2 The sacred I'ruths his Lips pronounce

Shall firm as Heav'n endure ;
And if he speak a Promise once,

Th' eternal Grace is sure.


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3 How long the Race of David held

The promis'd Jewift Throne ! But there's a nobler Cov'nant feal'd

To David's greater Son. 4 His Seed for ever shall postess

A Throne above the Skies; The meanest Subject of his Grace

Shall to that Glory rise.
5 Lord God of Hosts, thy wond'rous Ways

Are sung by Saints above ;
And Saints on Earth their Honors raise

To thy unchanging Love.
PSALM LXXXIX. Fourth Version. Second part of

The Majelity and Power of God.
ITH Rev'rence let the Saints appear,

And bow before the Lord,
His high Commands with Rey’rence hear,

And tremble at his Word.
2 How awful, Lord, thy Glories be!

How bright thine Årmies shine! Where is the Pow'r that vies with chee

Or Truth compar'd to thine! 3 The Northern Pole and Southern, rest

On thy supporting Hand; Darkness and Day from East to Weft

Move round at thy Commando 4 Thy Words the raging Wind controul,

And rule the boift'rous Deep; Thou mak'st the sleeping Billows roll,

The rolling Billows sleep. 5 Heav'n, Earth, and Air, and Sea are thine,

And the dark World of Hell; How can thine Arm in Terror shine

When Mortals dare rebel!
6 Justice and Judgment are thy Throne,

Yet wond'rous is thy Grace:
While Truth and Mercy join'd in one.

Invite us near thy Face.




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