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could save you for a second beyond the two I gave the woman instructions to fetch short hours that the progress of your disease in pen and paper, quickly; but such things has marked out for you.'

are not soon procured in such a spot. When “But you must save me, doctor. You she was gone, I added : 'And your Makers can do it ; you did it before. Think what I who has crowned you with so much of his have to do ; what affairs I have unsettled; wealth, how stand your preparations with and that Widow Tredgold, who prayed that him? I might never see her mortgaged fields again. "Time enough for that, doctor.

Let us What won't she say? A judgment she'll make the will first. That 's the first thing call it. No, no, doctor, save me! Say but that must be done first.' the word, and I'll forgive the widow all. “ He endeavored to turn himself, as if to And those Hesam's children them, too be ready to dictate ; but sudden spasmo them, too! O Lord! O Lord ! who would seized him; he gasped for breath; clutched have to do with widows and orphans? A convulsively my sleeve ; groaned, his head man has no chance. There is no driving a fell back, and with a deep sigh, saying halfbargain with them with any comfort — only audibly, 'I have so much — to do!' the days trouble, trouble, trouble! But let them do of the great owner of many lands were over. just as they like. Doctor, say the word, and The shrewd foreseer of events, the sagacious I'll build a church here. They'll want one. speculator, the keen safe bargainer, died, with Say it at once, doctor. I can't die, for I his chief work unaccomplished — the grand have so much so very much to do!'

bargain of existence unsecured! “ Have you made your will ?'

"It has required the sharp ride of to-day, "No — yes, I once did. I left my nephew over rock, and stone, and fallen truck, up the land, and my two nieces the houses and steep jagged acelivities, and over many a mile

But it would not do. When I of dark mountain forest, amid the moaning looked on my lands they seemed no longer winds and the snapping boughs, to dissipate mine. These, I said, are Tom's ; and when the black impression of that death-bed. But I looked at the houses and securities, these, now for a sleep!” I said, are Mary's and Jane's. No, The three friends threw themselves on their they were no longer mine. I could not feel hard couches; and, at break of day, were them mine, and I tore up the will.'

travelling through a region of magnificent 66• You must make another.'

mountains, with a bright sun beaming above « • Yes, yes, doctor - you 'll give me time them amid flying clouds, towards the hospitafor that! O, I have so much so very much ble home of the accomplished and popular to do!'

the money.


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SELECTIONS FROM AUTHORS LITTLE KNOWN. — edy had been forgotten, even by literary men, Is there extant any work containing chosen ex- such as Madan; but the lines had survived in tracts from unknown or obscure authors? And the memory of a few, and, for their truth and if not, would not such a work be a valuable ad-force, deserve to be generally known. dition to our literature, and be a good pecuniary The work I propose might bear such a name speculation to the publisher? Among the many as “Gleanings from obscure Authors," and thousand volumes laid aside and forgotten (and might comprise passages both in pruse and poeach perhaps deservedly so, as a whole) by the etry. It would require taste and judgment to public, and only known to the curious haunters determine where the line should be drawn of public libraries, there must be some passages between obscure works at those in common worthy of being rescued from oblivion, either for use, and to select only such passages as had

real their originality or beauty.

merit. Well compiled, I think such a book I would instance what I mean by the lines would be a welcome addition to every library. from Aaron Hill's tragedy of Athelwold cited in - Notes and Queries.

STYLITES. “N. & Q.,” Vol. v., pp. 78, 138, 212. The trag

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From Putnam's Monthly. “ Martha Mason, Martha Mason,

Prithee tell us of the reason

Why you mope at home to-day:

Surely smiling is not sinning ;
ROBERT RAWLIN!- Frosts were falling Leave your quilling, leave your spinning :
When the ranger's horn was calling

What is all your store of linen,
Through the woods to Canada.

If your heart is never gay?
Gone the winter's sleet and snowing,

Come away, come away!
Gone the springtime's bud and blowing, Never yet did sad beginning
Gone the summer's harvest mowing,

Make the task of life a play.”
And again the fields are gray.
Yet away, he's away,

Overbending, till she's blending
Faint and fainter hope is growing

With the flaxen skein she's tending,
In the hearts that mourn his stay.

Pale brown tresses smoothed away

From her face of patient sorrow,
Where the lion, crouching high on

Sits she, seeking but to borrow
Abraham's rock with teeth of iron

From the trembling hope of morrow,
Glares o'er wood and wave away;

Solace for the weary day.
Faintly thence, as pines far sighing,

“ Go your way, laugh and play;
Or, as thunder spent and dying,

Unto him who heeds the sparrow
Come the challenge and replying,

And the lily, let me pray.”
Come the sounds of fight and fray.
Well-a-day! Hope and pray!

6. With our rally rings the valley
Some are living, some are lying

Join us !” cried the blue-eyed Nelly; In their red graves far away.

“ Join us !” cried the laughing May:

" To the beach we all are going,
Straggling rangers, worn with dangers, And, to save the task of rowing,
Homeward faring, weary strangers,

West by north the wind is blowing,
Pass the farm-gate on their way;

Blowing briskly down the bay !
Tidings of the dead and living,

Come away, come away!
Forest march and ambush giving,

Time and tide are swiftly flowing,
Till the maidens leave their weaving,

Let us take them while we may.
And the lads forget their play.
“ Still away, still away!”

“ Never tell us that you ’ll fail us,
Sighs a sad one, sick with grieving,

Where the purple beach-plum mellows “Why does Robert still delay ? ";

On the bluffs so wild and gray.

Hasten, for the oars are falling;
Nowhere fairer, sweeter, rarer,

Hark, our merry mates are calling :
Does the golden-locked fruit-bearer

Time it is that we were all in,
Through his painted woodlands stray,

Singing tideward down the bay !
Than where hill-side oaks and beeches

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Nay, nay, let me stay ;
Overlook the long, blue reaches,

Sore and sad for Robert Rawlin
Silver coves, and pebbled beaches,

Is my heart,” she said, “ to-day.”
And green isles of Casco Bay ;
Nowhere Day, for delay,

“ Vain your calling for Rob Rawlin,
With a tenderer look beseeches,

Some red squaw his moose-meat 's broiling, “Let me with my charmed earth stay!” Or some French lass, singing gay;

Just forget, as he 's forgetting;
On the grain-lands of the mainlands

What avails a life of fretting?
Stands the serried corn like train-bands, If some stars must needs be setting,
Plume and pennon rustling gay;

Others rise as good as they."
Out at sea, the islands wooded,

• Cease, I pray; go your way!”
Silver birches, golden-hooded,

Martha cries, her eye-lids wetting,
Set with maples, crimson-blooded,

“ Foul and false the words you say !”
White sea-foam and sand-hills gray,
Stretch away, far away,

“ Martha Mason, heed to reason,
Dim and dreary, over-brooded

Prithee, put a kinder face on !”
By the bazv autumn day.

• Cease to vex me," did she say:

“ Better at his side be lying, Gaily chattering to the clattering

With the mournful pine-trees sighing,
Of the brown nuts downward pattering, And the wild birds o'er us crying,
Leap the squirrels, red and gray.

Than to doubt like mine a prey;
On the grass-land, on the fallow,

While away,
Drop the apples, red and yellow,

Turns my heart, forever trying
Drop the russet pears
and mellow,

Some new hope for each new day;
Drop the red leaves all the day.
And away, swift away

- When the shadows veil the meadows, Sun and cloud, o'er hill and hollow

And the sunset's golden ladders
Chasing, weave their web of play.

Climb the twilight's walls of gray

The hard

: [ܝܢ




far away,

of our fathers in the island ? The Musquito por. But the dose was too strong ; it procame down upon them with the enraged na- duced violent sickness, and the man, relieved, tives, and Michael Howe and his gang spread arose in a while, and marched on. terror from the Tamar to the Derwent. There After traveling for some hours, taking, is a story a wonderful one told of those as well as he knew, a direction widely differ times, which few who hear it will believe : ent from that of the bushrangers, to his own yet it is quite true, and has been mentioned and their astonishment, he found himself by West in his history of the colony. once more crossing their path.

“ At the time when a heavy sum was 66. What!' exclaimed they, 'are you not offered for the capture of Howe, alive or dead ?' dead, and when the desperate fellow was 80 * The man fell on his knees, and prayed bunted and laid wait for that he was irri- vehemently for his life. It was useless. The tated to a state of deadly ferocity, a convict choice of sword or pistol was again offered happened to make his escape. He bolted to him, and as he continued to implore for mercy, the woods in nothing but the bright yellow crack went Howe's pistol, and the victim fell suit which the so-called canary-birds, the motionless on the ground. convicts, wear.

He had made his way up “ But he was not yet killed. After a the country, by venturing to approach shep- time he recovered consciousness, felt the top herds and solitary stockmen, who were often of his head starting and burning terrifically, of the class, and actuated by the fellow-feel- and his eyes blinded by blood. But his boding wbich makes 'wondrous kind.' From ily strength and feeling of soundness was them he had procured damper enough to wholly undiminished. He rose, wiped the carry him on, and at length, arriving in the blood from his eyes, washed his head at a mountains, he encountered the celebrated pool, and found that the ball had merely bandit, at the head of a gang of his desperate grazed his skull. Binding up his head with followers.

his handkerchief, he once more set forward, "Eh, mate !' said Howe, 'whither trusting this time to steer clear of the merci

less crew of bushrangers. But no such good “To join the bushrangers,' said the man; fortune attended him. After marching some • I have made my escape.'

miles through a most laborious mountain " . That won't pass, my friend,' said Howe, track in a deep inlet valley, he again saw to pouncing savagely on the man. • This is a his horror the robber troop approaching. It stale dodge ; won't do here ; it has been was too late to conceal himself; they already tried too often. Rather tempting, eh? - saw him; and he heard distinctly the shout that price on my headá But we've settled of wonder that they raised on perceiving all that. The man that comes here, dies ; him. and so all 's safe. Mate, here's a choice for " What!' exclaimed the terrible Howe, you; — we don't wish to be too arbitary. I still alive? Will neither poison nor bullet The cutlass, the pistol, or the contents of destroy thee? Why, thou art a cat-o'this little vial ; ' producing one from his mountain, with not nine, but any number waistcoat-pocket.

of lives at the devil's need. Art thou man, “The poor fellow, thunderstruck with as- or ghost, or fiend ?' tonishment and terror, begged piteously for “The poor wretch once more, and still more his life, protested over and over his innocence movingly, pleaded for his life. of any treason, and his desire to join them. 6. What had he done?'he asked. He In vain. The savage outlaw bade him cease wanted only to join them, and he would be his whining, and make his choice, or they their slave, their fag, their packhorse, their would at once choose for him. The poor forlorn hope in any desperate cases — ånywretch selected the poison as the least appal- thing, so that they only let him live.' ling. They saw him swallow it off, wished "Live !'exclaimed the barbarous leader; him a comfortable doze, and disappeared in live! Why, thou livest in spite of me! the wood. The potion began to take instan- Neither fire nor physic harm thee! Nay, I taneous effect. The man sank down, over- would kill thee, if it were only to see what it come with drowsiness, on a stump, and felt takes to do it. I have a curiosity to know himself falling into an overpowering stu- / whether thou canst be killed, or whether


thou art not the Wandering Jew, or Old those days of unnatural history, natural his Nick himself.' With these words, listening tory, of course, was not. Only think of no more to the tears and entreaties of the stumbling on Musquito or Howe, who may be man than if he had been a hyena, he devoted called the Tasmanian Alexander the Great ; him to the infernal powers in familiar lan- for, literally guage, and, stabbing him with his cutlass, said, “ Take that!'

“ « Thrice he fought his battles o'er,

And thrice he slew the slain.'" The man struggled violently on the ground for a few seconds, and then lay still “ Fie, Fritz!” said the doctor, laughing. on the sand.

"Yet, even in my early days, here I botad“ . That's a settler, I think,' said the out- ized and entomologized. And that was the law, whose hand had executed worse horrors sole cause of my encountering any danger, or than even that, since he had been hunted and being compelled to shed blood.” bidden for by government; burning secluded “ To shed blood !” simultaneously exfamilies in their own huts at midnight, and claimed his hearers. making solitary travellers run a race for their A serious cloud passed over the worthy lives, as a mark for the files of his men. 'If doctor's features, and in a different tone he the fellow comes to life again,' he said coolly, added — “ Yes! In all my rough and solitary 'I must get his secret, for it is very likely to rides in this insular depot of excited ruffians ; be useful to me.' Wiping his cutlass, first in all my night wanderings, when called, as on some long grass that he pulled up, and must be the case, to often distant abodes, in then on his coat-sleeve, he coolly marched the very worst parts of the island; I have away with his crew."

always found my profession and my errand And that certainly must have been a an infallible safeguard. Whenever I have settler,” said the professor.

been stopped by outlawed fellows, whose very “ By no means,'' added the doctor. “After Dame and fame all over the island were a a time the convict returned to consciousness. horror, to their demand of "Who goes Fearfully weak, he was tormented with a there?' my reply, The Doctor,' brought burning thirst; but was still alive. With the instant rejoinder - All right! Go, in much effort, and various faintings, he managed God's name, doctor!' Nay, these very felto crawl in the direction of a stream that lows have, on many an occasion, been my ran riotously and sonorously down the rocky guides, conducting me by ways known only valley, and there quenched his burning thirst to themselves, confident that I would never in the deliciously cold water. Again ex- betray them. To them I owe a knowledge hausted, he sank back on the bank; and of passes and short cuts through these hills would no doubt have perished, had not a that no man besides is acquainted with. I stockman come in quest of stray cattle. He have often received refreshments from these removed him to his hut, having first bound fierce outcasts of humanity, when I was ready up the wound in his chest ; and, after a long to faint with exhaustion ; more than once I period of illness and debility, the man was have even slept all night in their rude huts once more well, and determined to return, in the mountains, feeling the profoundest seand deliver himself up to the authorities at curity in guards who had the repute of being Hobart-Town, where, you may be sure, his destitute of all feelings but the most diabolical story and the confirmatory scars upon him I have attended them in their sickness or their excited an immense sensation."

wounds, and I have seen and heard revelations “ But how could the man survive a thrust by the death-beds of robbers and murderers through the body ? " said the professior, in that would draw tears from a stone. 0! if amazement.

the world did but know what glorious facul“ It was a mere case of loss of blood,” re- ties and feelings might be cultivated in youth, plied the doctor ; "the weapon had luckily in the poorest and most abject of our populapassed between the ribs without touching any tion — toads and deforined reptiles as they vital part, and the man had swooned from afterwards appear to us, yet in whose heads agony and hæmorrhage.”

and hearts God has originally deposited the “ Horrid times !” ejaculated Fritz. " In precious jewel of a great and capable nature





- many a man, who has come hither leprous "Mein Gott!” exclaimed the two German with crime, and venomous as a trodden ser- gentlemen, recurring in their excitement to pent, would have remained at home to adorn their native tongue, though they usually society, and to accelerate its progress towards spoke English like Englishmen. higher knowledge and a nobler standard of “Yes,” continued the doctor ; "he fell, opinion !

I heard a groan. I could see nothing, but I “But what was the exception?” heard a great running on the stairs, and low,

“This: I had but little to do, and I made suppressed exclamations of horror, and whis long rambles, devoting those attentions to perings. Then all was still, and I remained insects which were not required by patients. in a condition which you may imagine, till In one of these, I entered a new township in morning. No one came near the chamber. a remote situation, and stopped for the night At daybreak I pushed away the drawers, at an inn still but partly furnished. I ob- looked out, expecting to see a frightful stain served that my bedroom had no lock, but that of blood, but all was clean — the floor had was too common to give me any concern. been carefully scoured. But, having deposited in this room when I I descended. There was no one to be had gone up, on entering, to wash my hands, seen but a girl, who looked at me with a sort a brace of pistols, and a small morrocco case of stupid wonder. I asked what I owed, in which I carried my insects, I observed that paid it to her, and walked away. No one these articles had been removed and replaced appeared to oppose or to question me. It in a very different manner. I examined the seemed all like a horrible dream. As I aspistols, and found, to my surprise, that they cended the village, a man began tolling a bell had been both unloaded, and that water had which hung in a trec by a new wooden chapel. been poured into them. This gavo me a I asked what that meant. strange sensation, and it occurred to me that "It is the passing-bell,' said the man, my insect case had been supposed to contain 'for the landlord down yonder, who died sudmoney, and that there was a design to rob denly in the night.'

It was too late to quit the house with “The words struck me like an actual blow; out notice, and without running greater risk I went on — no one pursued me — no one outside than in the room itself. I carefully ever afterwards spoke or seemed to know of wiped dry and reloaded the pistols, drew with the affuir. A short time ago I was in that as little noise as possible a heavy chest of neighborhood. The place is become a great drawers against the door, and threw myself town ; a new family is in the inn, which is down in my clothes, anxiously waiting for the one of extensive business. I ventured to ask anticipated attack.

It came.

About mid- if such a tradition did not exist? No one night, I heard something at the door - force bad heard a syllable about it.” applied to push back the obstruction. My “ You had a parrow escape, doctor,” said candle had burnt out; but I exclaimed, his wondering friends. • Who 's there?!

“ Ay; and what would I now give if I "O! are you awake?' said a man's voice, had but told that dishonest landlord that I which I supposed that of the landlord; 'I had discovered his trick, and that my pistols want to come in for some bed litten in the were once more loaded. It was his convicdrawers — a guest has just arrived, and we tion that they were empty which made him can't do without it.'

“ I told him nobody should come in on any "No doubt of it," replied the professor, account till morning. The man swore that " and enabled you to rid the country of a he must and would, and proceeded to push monster who would have victimized others if violently at the door. On this I started up be even failed with you." and cried, “Desist! or take the consequences ; “That is my only comfort," said the doctor whoever comes in here is a dead man !! But musingly ; " but we must soon to bed, and bethe man — and he was a huge, brawny fellow fore I can do that, I must relieve my mind of - swore dreadful oaths that he would come another scene, which I can only effect by givin ; and, as he furiously thrust open the door, ing it words, and thus insure my sleep. I I fired.”

have just witnessed the end of one of those



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