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No. 1.-Samuel Elbert, lieutenant. He commanded a gun-boat on the Southern station; he had accounts in this office which were confused and infor. mul, and were burnt in August, 1814, before they were settled.

No. 2.-P. S. Ogilvie, midshipman, commanding gun-boat No. 7 when she was lost. There were none of his papers in this office; it is probable they were lost with him.

No. 3.-George Pierce, midshipman. This sum was advanced to him on the 15th of February, 1800, for the purpose of paying off seamen to Pickering and Eagle brigs, and ship Adams. He has never been heard of since. The presumption is that he disbursed the money, because no demand whatever has been made by the officers and crew.

TreasuRY DEPARTMENT, Fourth Auditor's Office, December 1, 1835.


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