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---PLATTS, J. T.

Gulistan. Carefully collated with the original MS., with a full Vocabu

lary. Roy. 8vo. 128. 60. Gulistan. Translated from a revised Text, with copious Notes. 8vo.

12s. 6d. RICHARDSON – Persian, Arabic, and English Dictionary. Edition of 1852. By

F. Johnson. 4to. £4.
TOLBORT, T. W. H., Bengal Civil Service.

A Translation of Robinson Crusoe into the Persian Language.

Roman Character. Cr. 8vo. 7s.

Translation of the Anvari Soheili. Roy. 8vo. £2 28.
English-Persian Dictionary. Compiled from Original Sources.
8vo. 258.


Singhasan. Demy 8vo. 5s. FORBES, DUNCAN, LL.D.

Bengali Grammar, with Phrases and Dialogues. Roy. 8vo. 12s. 6d.

Bengali Reader, with a Translation and Vocabulary. Roy. 8vo. 12s, 6d. HAUGHTON,

Bengali, Sanscrit, and English Dictionary, adapted for Students in either language; to which is added an Index, serving as a reversed

dictionary. 4to. 30s. Nabo Nari. 12mo. 7s. Tota Itahas. Demy 8vo. 58.


Arabic Grammar, intended more especially for the use of young men

preparing for the East India Civil Service, and also for the use of self

instructing students in general. Royal 8vo., cloth. 18s. Arabic Reading Lessons, consisting of Easy Extracts from the best

Authors, with Vocabulary. Roy. 8vo., cloth. 15s. KAYAT, ASSAAD YAKOOB.

The Eastern Traveller's Interpreter; or, Arabic Without a

Teacher. Oblong. 2s. 6d.
PALMER, Prof. E. H., M.A., &c.

Arabic Grammar 8vo. 18s.
The Arabic Manual. Comprising a condensed Grammar of both
Classical and Modern Arabic; Reading Lessons and Exercises, with

Analyses and a Vocabulary of useful Words. Fcap. 7s. 6d.
Arabic, Persian, and English Dictionary. Edition of 1852. By

F. Johnson. 4to., cloth. £4.

Students' Arabic-English Dictionary. Demy 8vo. 50s.
English-Arabic Dictionary. Demy 8vo. 288.


Dictionary, reversed; with a Dictionary of the Mixed Dialects used in

Teloogoo. 3 vols. in 2. Roy. 8vo. £5. Reader. 8vo. 2 vols. 14s.

Dialogues, Teloogoo and English. 8vo. 58. 6d. CAMPBELL, -,

Dictionary. Roy. 8vo. 30s Pancha Tantra. 88. PERCIVAL,

English-Teloogoo Dictionary. 10s. 6d.


Grammar (High Dialect). 4to. 12s.

Gooroo Paramatan. Demy 4to. 88. PERCIVAL,

Tamil Dictionary. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. POPE, Rev. G. U

Tamil Handbook. In 3 Parts. 128. 6d. each. ROTTLER,

Dictionary, Tamil and English. 4to. 42s.


Spelling, Guzrattee and English. 78. 6d. SHAPUAJI EDALJI.

Dictionary, Guzrattee and English. 21s.


BALLANTYNE, JAMES R., of the Scottish Naval und Military Academy.

A Grammar of the Mahratta Language. For the use of the East

India College at Hayleybury. 4to. 58.
Esop's Fables. 12mo. 28. 6d.

Dictionary, Mahratta and English. 4to. 428.
Dictionary, English and Mahratta. 4to. 42s.

MALAY. BIKKERS, Dr. A. J. W. Malay, Achinese, French, and English Vocabulary. Alphabeti.

cally arranged under each of the four languages. With a concise Malay

Grammar. Post 8vo. 78. 6d. MARSDEN,

Grammar. 4to. £1 ls.


Clavis Sinica. A Chinese Grammar. 4to. £2 2s.

Dictionary. 6 vols., 4to.
View of China, for Philological Purposes. Containing a Sketch of

Chinese Chronology, Geography, Government, Religion, and Customs,
designed for those who study the Chinese language. 4to. 68.


RAVERTY, Major H. G., Bombay Infantry (Retired), Author of the Pus'hto

Grammar, Dictionary, Selections Prose and Poetical, Selections from the

Poetry of the Afgháns (English Translation), Æsop's Fables, &c. &c. The Pushto Manual. Comprising a Concise Grammar; Exercises

and Dialogues; Familiar Phrases, Proverbs, and Vocabulary. Fcap. 58.


Malayalam Reader. 8vo. 128. 6d.
Bsop's Fables in Carnatica. 8vo., bound. 12s. 6d.
TACKENZIE, Captain C. F., late of H.M.'s Consular Service.

A Turkish Manual. Comprising a Condensed Grammar with Idiom.

atic Phrases, Exercises and Dialogues, and Vocabulary. 6s. REEVE, -,

English-Carnatica and Carnatica-English Dictionary. 2 vols.

(Very slightly damaged.) £8.

W. H. ALLEN & Co.,

W. H. ALLEN & Co.'s Oriental Manuals. CLARKE, Captain H. W., R.E.

The Persian Manual. Containing a concise Grammar, with Ezer.

cises, Useful Phrases, Dialogues, and Subjects for Translation into Persian; also a Vocabulary of Useful Words, English and Persian.

18mo. 78.6d. GOUGH, A. E.

Key to the Exercises in Williams's Sanscrit Manual. 18mo.

4s. MACKENZIE, Captain C. F.

A Turkish Manual. Comprising a Condensed Grammar with Idiom

atic Phrases, Exercises and Dialogues, and Vocabulary. 68. PALMER, Professor E. H., M.A., &c., Author of "A Grammar of the Arabic Lan

guage.The Arabic Manual. Comprising a Condensed Grammar of both Classical and Modern Arabic; Reading Lessons and Exercises, with

Analyses and a Vocabulary of Useful Words. Fcap. 78. 6d. PINCOTT, FREDERIC, M.R.A.S., Corresponding Member of the Anjuman-i-Panjab,

Editor and Annotator of the Sakuntala in Hindi," Editor of the Urdd

Alif Laild,and Translator of the Sanskrit Hitopades'a.The Hindi Manual. Comprising a Grammar of the Hindi Language both Literary and Provincial; a Complete Syntax; Exercises in various styles of Hindi Composition; Dialogues on several subjects ;, and a

Complete Vocabulary. PLATTS, J. T.

Forbes's Hindustani Manual, Containing a Compendious Grammar,

Exercises for Translation, Dialogues, and Vocabulary, in the Roman

Character. New Edition, entirely revised. 18mo. 38. 6d. RAVERTY, Major H. G.

The Pushto Manual. Comprising a Concise Grammar Exercises and

Dialogues; Familiar Phrases, Proverbs, and Vocabulary. Fcap. 58. SCHNURMANN, J. NESTOR.

The Russian Manual. Comprising a Condensed Grammar, Exercises with Analyses, Useful Dialogues, Reading Lessons, Tables of Coins, Weights and Measures, and a Collection of Idioms and Proverbs, alpha

betically arranged. TIEN, Rev. ANTON, Ph.D., M.R.A.S. Egyptian, Syrian, and North-African Handbook. A Simple

Phrase-Book in English and Arabic for the use of the British Forces,

Civilians, and Residents in Egypt. Fcap. 4s. WILLIAMS, MONIER.

Sanscrit Manual. To which is added a Vocabulary, by A. E. Gough.

18mo. 7s. 6d.

Oriental Works in the Press. PINCOTT, FREDERIC, M.R.A.S.

An English-Hindi Dictionary.

Maps of India, &c.

Messrs. Allen & Co.'s Maps of India were revised and much improved during 1876,

with especial reference to the existing Administrative Divisions, Railways, &c.

A General Map of India. Corrected to 1876. Compiled chiefly from

Surveys executed by order of the Gevernment of India. On six sheets --size, 5ft. 3in. wide, 5ft. 4in. high, £2; or on loth, in case, £2 12s. 6d.;

or rollers, varnished, £3 3s. BRION, HENRY F.

A Relievo Map of India. In frame. 21s. District Map of India. Corrected to 1876. Divided into Collectorates

with the Telegraphs and Railways from Government Surveys. On six sheets-size, 5ft. 6in. high, 5ft. 8in. wide, £2; in a case, £2 12s. 6d. ; or

rollers, varnished, £3 3s. Handbook of Reference to the Maps of India. Giving the Latitude

and Longitude of places of note. 18mo. 3s. 6d. Map of India. Corrected to 1876. From the most recent authorities. On

two sheets-size, 2ft. 10in, wide, 3ft. 3in. high, 16s.; or on cloth, in a

case, £1 ls. Map of the Routes in India. Corrected to 1874. With Tables of Dis

tances between the principal Towns and Military Stations. On one

sheet-size, 2ft. 3in, wide, 2ft. 9in. high, 9s.; or on cloth, in a case, 12s. Map of the Western Provinces of Hindoostan—the Punjab, Cabool,

Scinde, Bhawulpore, &c.-including all the States between Candabar and
Allahabad. On four sheets-size, 4ft. 4in. wide, 4ft. 2in. high, 30s.; or

in case, £2; rollers, varnished, £2 10s. Map of India and China, Burmah, Siam, the Malay Peninsula,

and the Empire of Anam. On two sheets-size, 4ft. 3in. wide,

3ft. 4in. high, 16s.; or on cloth, in a case, £1 5s. Map of the Steam Communication and Overland Routes between

England, India, China, and Australia. In a case, 14s. on rollers, and

varnished, 18s. Map of China. From the most authentic sources of information. One

large sheet-size, 2ft. 7in. wide, 2ft. 2in. high, 6s.; or on cloth, in case,

8s. Map of the World. On Mercator's Projection, showing the Tracts of the

Early Navigators, the Currents of the Ocean, the Principal Lines of great Circle Sailing, and the most recent discoveries. On four sheets size, 6ft. 2in. wide, 4ft. 3in. high, £2; on cloth, in a case, £2 10s.; or

with rollers, and varnished, £3. Russian Official Map of Central Asia. Compiled in Accordance with

the Discoveries and Surveys of Russian Staff Officers up to the close of the year 1877. In two sheets. 10s. 6d. ; or in cloth case, 14s.

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