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com 3 Tho' in the Paths of Death I tread,

With gloomy Horrors overspread,
My stedfast Heart shall fear no III,
For thou, O Lord, art with me still;
Thy friendly Crook shall give me Aid,

And guide me thro' the dreadful Shade.
4 Tho' in a bare and rugged Way,

Thro' devious, lonely Wilds 1 stray,
Thy Bounty shall my Pains beguile :
The barren Wilderness shall smile,
With fudden Greens and Herbage crown'd,
And Streams shall murmur all around.

I FATHER of All! in ev'ry Age,

in ev'ry Clime, ador'd,
By Saint, by Savage, and by Sage,

the univerlal Lord!
2 What Conscience dictates to be done,

or warns me not to do,
This, teach me more than Hell to fhun, :

that, more than Heav'n pursue.
3 What Blessings thy free Bounty gives,

let me not cast away;
For God is paid when Man receives,

t' enjoy is to obey.
4 Yet not to Earth's contracted Span

thy Goodness let me bound;
Or think thee Lord alone of Man,

when thousand Worlds are round.

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5 Let not this weak, unknowing Hand

presume thy Bolts to throw, And deal Damnation round the Land,

on each I judge thy Foe.
6 If I am right, thy Grace impart,

still in the Right to stay;
If I am wrong, teach my Heart

to find that better Way.
7 Save me alike from foolish Pride,

or impious Discontent,
At aught thy Wifdom hath deny'd,

or aught thy Goodness lent.
8 Teach me to feel another's Woe,

to hide the Fault I fee; That Mercy I to others fhew,

that Mercy shew to me. 9 Mean tho' I am, not wholly so,

since quicken’d by thy Breath;, O lead me wberefoe'er I go,

thro' this Day's Life or Death. 10 This Day be Bread and Peace my

Lot; all else beneath the Sun, Thou know'ft if beft bestow'd or not;

and let thy Will be done.
1 To thee, whose Temple is all Space,

whose Altar, Earth, Sea, Skies !
One Chorus let all Being raife !
all Nature's Incense rife!

"SHALL loyal Nations hail the Day,

Thatcrownstheir Kingwith loud Acclaim?

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And shall not Saints their Homage pay
To their beloved Saviour's Name?
Ye Saints, resound in joyful Strains,

Jesus the King of Glory reigns!
2 Jesus who vanquilh'd all your Foes,
Who came to save, who reigns to bless,

From him your ev'ry Comfort flow's,
Life, Liberty, and Joy, and Peace,
Resound, refound in joyful Strains,

Jesus the King of Glory reigns !
3 Yes, thou art worthy, dearest Lord,
Of universal endless Praise;

With ev'ry Pow'r to be ador'd,
That Men or Angels e'er can raise,
Let Heav'n and Earth unite thek Strains,

Jesus the King of Glory reigns!
4 But Earth, nor Heav'n can e'er proclaim,
The boundless Glories of their King;

Yet must our Hearts adore his Name,
Dear Name, whence all our Blessings fpring!
Resound, resound in joyful Strains,

Jesus the King of Glory reigns!
5 How mean the Tribute Mortals pay,
How cold the Heart, how faint the Tongue;

But, Lord, thy Coronation Day
Shall tune a more exalted Song;
Resounding in immortal Strains,

Jesus the King of Glory reigns !
6 He comes, he comes with Triumph crown'd,
In dazling Robes of Light array'd,
Faith views the Splendor dawning round,


Earth's faireft Luftre Ginks in Shade.
Resound, refound in joyful Strains,
Jesus the King of Glory reigns !

I PLUNG'D in a Gulph of dark Despair,

we wretched Sinners lay, Without one cheerful Beam of Hope,

or Spark of glimm'ring Day.
2 With pitying Eye the Prince of Life,

beheld our helpless Grief;
He saw, and, O surprising Love!

he ran to our Relief.
3 Down from the shining Seats above,
with joyful Hafte he

Enter'd the Grave in mortal Flesh,

and dwelt among the Dead. 4 Oh ! for this Love, let Rocks and Hills,

their lasting Silence break,
And all harmonious human Tongues,

the Saviour's Praises speak. 5 Angels, affist our mighty Joys,

strike all your Harps of Gold;
But when you raise your highest Notes,
his Love can ne'er be told.

I WE sing the deep mysterious Plan,

Which God devis'd ere Time began;
At length disclos'd in all its Light.
We bless the wond'rous Birth of Love,

Which beams around us from above,

With Grace so free, and Hope fo bright. 2 Here has the wife eternal Mind In Christ, their common Head, conjoin'd

Gentilesand Jews, and Earth and Heav'n: Throughhim, fromthegreatFather's Throne; Rivers of Bliss come rolling down,

And endless Peace and Life are givin..
3 No more the awful Cherubs guard
The Tree of Life with flaming Sword,

To drive afar Man's trembling Race;
At Salem's pearly Gates they stand,
And smiling wait (a friendly Band!)

To welcome Strangers to the Place.
4 While we expe&t that glorious Sight,
Love shall our Hearts with theirs unite,

And ardent Hope our Boroms raise;
From Earth's vile Cottages of Clay,
To those resplendent Realms of Day,
We'll try to send the founding Praise.

GREAT God of Wonders ! all thy. Ways

Are inatchless, godlike, and divine;
But the fair Glories of thy Grace
More godlike and unrivalld shine:

Who is a pard'ning God like thee?
Or who has Grace so rich and free?

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