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picious places, she goes out alone, neyer two and two unless occasion require. She goes about her charitable offices as a matter of daily business, quiet, quick, diligent, and active. She seems one of every family where she goes, and yet she goes merely to perform her duties.

Would you like to see her portrait ? If so you can see one now that has been taken from nature, The artist chose to take her in the act of teaching, and, I fancy in a style of teaching that does not very often fall to her lot; but I suppose he thought it picturesque to put that child's head in her lap, and make the other stand with its book before her. You would be more likely to see her in a class room with a hundred children instead of two.

Now, however, you can judge of her dress. It is, you see, a sort of jacket and skirt of strong grey blue cloth; in make it is not unlike the present fashion, yet it is two centuries and a half old. It was probably the common dress of the peasants of the day when the order was formed, or not very unlike it. The Church of Rome stamps Esto perpetuo on all her works, even on the make of a woman's dress; there it is, even to the coarse blue apron with pockets.

“What a very curious cap your's is," I said to a Sister Superior.

" It is the same St. Vincent gave us," she answered, just as if the identical cap on her head had been made more than two centuries ago.

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