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He took our Nature, and sustain'd

The Mis'ries of it's finful State;
Sinless himself, for us regain'd
To Paradise an open Gate.

Cho. Worthy, &c. 4 As Adam rais'd a Life of Sin,

So Christ, the Serpent..bruising Seed,
By God's Appointment could begin

The Birth, in us, of Life indeed:
He did begin; parental Head,

As Adam feli, lo Jesus stood;
Fulfill'd all Righteousness, and said
'Tis finish'd! on the facred Wood ,

CHO. Wartby, oc. 5 Finish'd his Work, to quench the Wrath,

That Sin had brought on Adam's Race; To pave the fole, and certain Path

From Nature's Life, to that of Grace:
For Joy of this, God's only Son

Endur'd the Cross, despis'd the Shame,
And gave the Victory, so won,
For imitating Love to claim.

CHO. Worthy, &c.
ó To tread the Path that Jesus trod,

Aided by him, be our Employ; To die to Sin, and live to God,

And yield him the fair purchas'd Joy : To all the Laws that Love has made

Stedfast, unshaken to attend;

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Lo! I am with you to the End.

Cho. Worthy, &c.

Η Υ Μ Ν L.
1 YES, the Redeemer rose;

The Saviour left ihe Dead,
And o'er our hellish Fues
High rais'd his conqu'ring Head:
In wild Dilmay, the Guards around

Fell to the Ground, and sunk away.
2 Lo! The angelic Bands,
In full Afsembly meet,

To wait his high Commands,
And worship at his Feet;
Joyful they come, and wing their Way

From Realms of Day to Jesu's Tomb.
3 Then back to Heav'n they fly,
And the glad Tidings bear;

Hark! As they foar on high
What Mufic fills the Air?
Their Anthems fay, “ Jesus who bled

“Hath left the Dead;He rose To-Day.**
4 Ye Mortals, catch the Sound,
Redeem'd by him from Hell;

And send the Echo round The Globe on which you dwell: 'Transported cry, Jefus who bled “Hath left the Dead, no more to die."

5 All-hai

$ All-hail, triumphant Lord,
Who sav'st us with thy Blood !

Wide be thy Name ador'd,
Thou rising, reigning God!
With thee we rise, with thee we reigne
And Empires gain beyond the Skies.

H Y M N LI. :
E dies ! the heav'nly Lover dies!

The Tidings strike a doleful Sound

my poor Heart-Strings : deep he lies
In the cold Caverns of the Ground.
Come, Saints, and drop a Tear or two

On the dear Bosom of your God;
He shed a thousand Drops for you,

A thousand Drops of richer Blood.
2 Here's Love and Grief beyond Degrec,

The Lord of Glory dies for Men! But lo, what sudden Joys I see!

Jesus the Dead revives again. The rising God forsakes the Tomb,

Up to his Father's Court he flies; Cherubic Legions guard him Home,

And thout him welcome to the Skies. 3 Break off your Tears, ye Saints, and teli

How high our great Deliv'rer reigns ; Sing how he spoild the Hofts of Hell,

And led the Monster Death in Chains. Say, Live for ever, wond'rous King! Born to redeem, and strong to save!



Then afk the Monster, Where's his Sting?
And where's thy Vič’ry, boafting Grave?

H Y M N LII. CHRISTthe Lordisrison ToDay, Hallelujah. Sons of Men and Angels say,

Hal. Who fo lately on the Cross,

Hal Suffer'd to redeem our Loss.

Hal, 2 Hymns of Praises let us fing Hallelujah

Unto Christ our heav'nly King, Hal. Who endur'd the Cross and Grave, Hal. Sinners to redeem and save.

Hal. 3 But the Pains which he endur'd, Hallelujah,

Our Salvation have procur'd;
Now he reigns above the sky,

Hal. Where the Angels ever cry, Hallelujah.

NGELS, roll the Rock away,

Death yield up thy mighty Prey:
See! He rises from the Tomb,
Glowing with immortal Bloom.

Hallelujah, 2 'Tis the Saviour! Angels raise

Fame's eternal Trump of Praises
Let the Earth's remoteft Bound,
Hear the Joy-inspiring Sound.

Hallelujah. 3 Now, ye Saints, lift up your Eyes, Now to Glory fee him rise,


In long Triumph up the Sky,
Up to waiting Worlds on high.

Hallelujah 4 Heav'n displays her Portals wide,

Glorious Hero, through them ride;
King of Glory, mount thy Throne,
Thy great Father's and thy own.

Hallelujah. 5 Pra isehim, all ye hear'nly Choirs, Praile, and sweep your golden

Lyres; Shout, О Earth, in rapt'rous Song, Let the Strains he sweet and strong.

Hallelujah. 6

Ev'ry Note with Wonder swell,
Sin o’erthrown and captiv'd Hell;
Where is Hell's once dreaded King?
Where, O Death, thy mortal Sting?

HOSANNA to the Prince of Light,

who cluth d himself in Clay: Enter'd the iron Gates of Death, and tore the Bars

away. 2 Dea'h is no more the King of Dread,

fince our Immanuel rose; He took the Tyrant's Sting away,

and Spoil'd our hellith Foes.

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