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7 O God, of Good th' unfathom'd Sea,
Who would not give his Heart to thee?

Who would not love thee with his Mighti
O Jesu, Lover of Mankind,
Who would not his whole Soul and Mind,

With all his Strength to thee unite ?


" AWAY, my unbelieving Fear!

Fear shall in me no more take Place;
My Saviour doth not yet appear,

He hides the Brightness of his Face:
But shall I therefore let him go?

And basely to the Tempter yield?
No; in the Strength of Jesus, no;

I never will give up my Shield.
2 Although the Vine its Fruit deny,

Although the Olive yield no Oil,
The with'ring Figtree droop and die,

The Field illude the Tiller's Toil,
The empty Stall no Herd afford,

And perish all the bleating Race,
Yet will I triumph in the Lord,

The God of my Salvation praise. 3 Barren although my Soul remain,

And no one Bud of Grace appear;
No Fruit of all my Toil and Pain,

But Sin, and only Sin is here;
Although my Gifts and Comforts loft,
My blooming Hopes cut off I fee,


Yet will I in my Saviour trust,

And glory that he dy'd for me. 4 In Hope believing against Hupe,

Jesus, my Lord and God I claim;
Jesus, my Strength, shall lift me up,

Salvation is in Jesu's Name:
To me he foon shall bring it nigh,

My Soul shall then outstrip the Wind,
On Wings of Love mount up on high,

And leave the World and Sin behind.


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HE Voice of my Beloved sounds,

Whileo'er the Mountain Tops he bounds,
He flies exulting o’er the Hills,
And all my Soul with Transport fills.

Gently doth he chide my Stay,

Rife, my Love, and come away.
2 The scatter'd Clouds are fled at last,

The Rain is gone, the Winter's past,
The lovely vernal Flow'rs appear,
The warbling Choir enchant our Ear;

Now with sweetly pensive Moan,

Cooes the Turtle Dove alone.
3 The Voice of my Beloved sounds,

While o'er the Mountain Tops he bounds,
He flies exulting o'er the Hills,
And all my Soul with Transport fills.


Gently doth he chide my Stay,
Rise, my Love, and come away.



Air. LAMB of God, that in the Bolom

Of the Father dwelleft high,
Deign to visit humble Sinners,

From thy Rest above the Sky.
Chorus. God incarnate, leave thy Glory,

Nor abhor the Virgin's Womb;
Spread Salvation like a River;

Jesus, let thy Kingdom come. Air. Love divine, all Love excelling,

Joy of Heaven to Earth come down; Fix in us thy humble Dwelling,

All thy faithful Mercies crown. Chorus. Jesus, thou art all Compaffion,

Pure unbounded Love thou art,
Visit us with thy Salvation,

Enter ev'ry trembling Heart.
Air. Shepherds, did you hear him coming,

Whilit you kept your Flocks by Night?
Did you see his Star in Heaven,

Blaze with new created Light?
Chorus. Hafte, ye Magi, come and worship,

See the orient Star before ;
Bring your Presents, Gold and Spices,
Bleft Arabia's balmy Store.

Air. All

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Air. All ye joyous Hofts of Heaven,

Loud v speak the Saviour's Praile;
Saints and Angels, in fuli Chorus,

Your teraphic Voices raise.
Chorus. Come, O come, your Hallelujahs

In wide echoing Songs proclaiin,
Heaven and Earth with Joy rescunding,

Praise the blest Redeemer's Name.



Nations of the Earth,
to Heav'n your Voices raise;
Awake each tuneful Instrument

to fing your Maker's Praise,
2 Jehovah reigns; his sacred Page

proclaims our happy Lot,
That we poor Children in Distress

shall never be forgot.
3 Objects of Pity we implore,

O Lord, thy guardian Care:
'Tis thine to hear the Needy cry;

'tis thine to hear their Pray’r.
4 Great Parent of Mankind, by thee

fuftam'd each Creature lives :
Helpless we ask, O blets the Hand,

the Hand that freely gives.
5 Increase their Store, prolong their Days;
richly thy Grace impart;


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Accept our Mite of Gratitude,

an humble, thankful Heart, 6 O magnity the Lord with us,

with us that God adore, Whose gracious Mercy was, is now,

and shall be evermore.


I Thou God of my Salvation,

My Redeemer from all sin; Mov'd by thy divine Compassion, Thou hast dy'd my Heart to win:

I will praise thee;
Where shall I thy Praise begin?
2 Tho' unseen I love the Saviour,

He hath brought Salvation near,
Manifests his pard'ning Favour,
And when Jesus doth appear,

Soul and Body
Shall his glorious Image bear.
3 While the Angel Choirs are vying,

Glory to the great I AM,
I, with them, will still be crying,
Glory, glory to the Lamb,

O how precious
Is the Sound of Jesu's Name?
4 Now I fee with Joy and Wonder,

Whence the gracious Spring arose; Angel Minds are lost to ponder

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