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Thy Counsel to fulfil,

And minister thy Grace,
Freely what I receive to give,
The Life of Hear'n on Earth to live.


HAIL, source of being! universal soul

Of heaven and earth! effential presence, hail! To thee I bend the knee ; to thee my thoughts, Continual, climb; who, with a master-hand, Haft the great whole into perfection touch'd. By thee the various vegetative tribes, Wrapt in a filmy net, and clad with leaves, Draw the live æther, and imbibe the dew: By thee dispos'd into congenial foils, Stands each attractive plant and fucks andswells The juicy tide; a twining mass of tubes, At thy command the vernal sun awakes The torpid sap, detruded to the root By wint'ry winds; that now in fluent dance, And lively fermentation, mounting, spreads All this innumerous coloured scene of things.


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SOLDIER of Christ, adieu !

Thy Conflicts here are past;
Thy Lord hath brought thee througli,
And giv'n the Crown at last.


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Rejoice to wear the glorious Prize,

Rejoice with God in Paradise.
2 There all thy Suff'rings cease,

There all thy Griefs are o'er;
The Pris'ner is at Peace,

The Mourner weeps no more;
From Man's oppressive Tyranny

Thou liv'st, thou liv'st forever free. 3

Thou out of great Distress
To thy Rewardart past:
Triumphant Happiness,

And Joys that always laft:
Thanks be to God who set thee free,
And gave thee final Victory.



IVE Glory to Jesus our Head

With all that incompass his Throne! A Widow, a Widow indeed,

A Mother in Israel is gone! The Winter of Trouble is past,

The Storms of Amfiction are o'er ; Her Struggle is ended at last,

And Sorrow and Death are no more. 2 The Soul hath o'er taken her Mate,

And caught him again in the Sky; Advanc'd to her happy Estate,

And Pleasure that n shall die:


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Where glorifi'd Spirits by Sight

Converse in their holy Abode,
As Stars in the Firmament bright,

And pure as the Angels of God.
3 Inflam'd with seraphical Love,

Combin'd in a Manner unknown,
Not given in Marriage above,

Or given to Jesus alone:
The just, who admitted by Grace,

That first Resurrection attain,
With Raptures each other embrace,

And one with the Deity reign.
4 O Heaven! What a Triumph is there,

While all in his Praises agree,
His beautiful Character bear,

And shine with the Glory they see!
The Glory of God and the Lamb

(While all in the Extasy join)
Darts into their spiritual Frame,

And gives the Enjoyment divine,
5 In loud Hallelujahs they sing,

And Harmony echoes his Praise;
When lo! the celestial King,

Pours out the full Light of his Face.
The Joy neither Angel nor Saint,

Can bear so ineffably great,
But lo! the whole Company faint,

And Heaven is found at his Feet!




OW shall I then attempt to sing of him!

Who, light himself, in uncreated light Invested deep, dwells awfully retir'd From mortal eye, or angels purer ken; Whose single smile has, from the first of time, Filld, overflowing, all those lamps of heaven, That beam forever thro' the boundless sky: But should he hide his face, th’astonith'd fun, And all the extinguish'd stars, would loosening

reel Wide from their spheres,and chaos come again!



HAIL, Jesus; hail, our great High-Priest,

Enter'd into thy glorious Reit,
That holy blissful Place above!
The Conquest thou hast more than gain'd,
The heaveniy Happiness obtain'd,

For all that trust thy dying Love.
2 The Blood of Goats and Bullocks slain

Could never purge our guilty Stain,
Could never for our Sins atone:
But thou thine own most precious Blood
Haft spilt, to quench the Wrath of God,

Hast fav'd us by thy Blood alone. 3 Shed on the Altar of thy Cross, Thy Blood to God presented was,


Thro' the eternal Spirit's Pow'r:
Thou didst a spotles Victim bleed,
That we from Sin and Suff'ring freed

Might live to God and sin no more. 4 Thankful we now the Earnest take, The Pledge, thou

wilt at last come back And openly thy Servants own; To us, who long to see thee here, Thou shalt a second Time appear, And bear us to thy glorious Throne.


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YE virgin Souls arise,

With all the Dead awake!
Unto Salvation wise,

Oil in your Vessels take:
Upstarting at the midnight Cry,
Behold the heavenly Bridegroom nigh.

He comes, he comes to call
The Nations to his Bar
Anil raise to Glory all

Who fit for Glory are;
Made ready for your full Reward,

Go forth with Joy to meet your Lord. 3 Go meet him in the Sky,

Your everlasting Friend;
Your Head to glorify,
With all his Saints ascend:

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