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6 The happy Gates of Gospel-Grace

stand open Night and Day:
Lord, we are come to seek Supplies,
and drive our Wants away.

1 YE Servants of God, your Master

proclaim, And publish abroad his wonderfulName; The Name all victorious of Jesus extol;

His Kingdom is glorious, and rules over all. 2 God ruleth on high, almighty to save ; And still he is nigh, his Presence we have : ThegreatCongregationhis Triumphshallfing,

Alcribing Salvation to Jesus our King. 3 Salvation to God, who sits on the Throne;

Let all cry aloud, and honour the Son :
Our Jesus's Praites the Angels proclaim,

Falldownontheir Faces,andworshipthe Lamb. 4 Then let us adore and give him his Right,

AllGloryand Pow'r,and Wisdom and Might; All Honour and Blessing, with Angels above, AndThanksnever ceasing,and infinite Love.

H Y M N XVI. · RAISE your triumphant Songs

To an immortal Tune ;
Let the wide Earth resound the Deeds

Celestial Grace has done. 2 Sing how eternal Love

Its chief Beloved chose,


And bid him raise our wretched Race

From their Abyss of Woes. 3 His Hand no Thunder bears,

No Terror clothes his Brow; No Bolts to drive our guilty Souls

To fiercer Flames below.
4 'Twas Mercy fill'd the Throne,

And Wrath ftood filent by,
When Chrift was sent with Pardons down

To Rebels doom'd to die.
5 Now, Sinners, dry your Tears,

Let hopeless Sorrow cease; Bow to the Sceptre of his Love,

And take the offer'd Peacé. 6 May we obey the Call,

And lay an humble Claim
To the Salvation he hath brought,
And love and praife his Name!

SALVATION! O the joyful Sound !

What Pleasure to our Ears !
A sov'reign Balm for ev'ry Wound,
A Cordial for our Fears.

Blesfing, Honour, Praise and Power,
Be unto the Lamb for eyer :
Jefus Chrift is our Redeemer:
Hallelujah ; Hallelujah ; Hallelujah;

Praise the Lord.
2 Salvation ! let the Echo fly
The fpacious Earth around;


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While all the Armies of the Sky
Conipire to raise the Sound!

Blessing, Honour,Praise and Power, &c. 3 Salvation ! O thou bleeding Lamb!

To thee the Praise belongs;
Salvation thau inspire our Hearts,
And dweil upon our Tongues.
Blessing, Honour, Praise and Power, &c.

* AWAKE, our Souls, away our Fears,

Let ev'ry trembling Thought be gone; Awake, and run the heav nly Race,

And put a cheerful Courage on.
2 True, 'tis a strait and thorny Road,

And mortal Spirits tire and faint;
But they forget the mighty God,

That feeds the Strength of ev'ry Saint:
3 The mighty God whose matchless Pow'r

Is ever new and cver young;
And firm endures, while endless Years

Their everlasting Circles run. 4

From thee, the ever-flowing Spring,
Our Souls shall draw a large Supply;
While such as fi ek refreshing Draughts

From mortal Streams shall droop and die. 5 Swift as an Eagle cuts the Air,

We'll mount aloft to thy Abode;
On Wings of Love our Souls shall fly,
Nor tire amidst the heav'nly Road.



I AWAKE, my Soul, and with the Sun

Thy daily Stage of Duty run;
Shake off dull Sloth, and early rise

To pay thy morning Sacrifice.
2 Redeem thy mis-spent Time that's past,

Live this Day as if'twere thy last;
T'improve thy Talents take due Care,

'Gainst the great Day thyself prepare. 3 Let all thy Converse be fincere,

Thy Conscience as the Noon-Day clear,
Think how th'all-feeing God thy Ways,

And all thy secret Thoughts surveys. 4 Glory to God, who safe hath kept,

And hath refresh'd me while I Nept;
Grant, Lord, when Ifrom Death shall wake,

I may of endless Life partake.
5 Direct, controul, suggest this Day,

All I delign, or do, or fay;
That all my Pow'rs, with all their Might,

In thy fole Glory may unite. 6 Praise God from whom all Blessings Aow;

Praise him, all Creatures here below;
Praise him above, ye heav'nly Host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

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HY MN XX, 1 GOD OD of the Morning, at whose Voice

The cheerful Sun makes haste to rise, And like a Giant doth rejoice

To run his Journey thro' the Skies. 2 From the fair Chambers of the East

The Circuit of his Race begins,
And without Weariness or Rest

Round the whole Earth he flies and shines, 3 O like the Sun may I fulfil

Th'appointed Duties of the Day,
With ready Mind and active Will

March on and keep my heav'nly Way. 4 But I shall rove and lose the Race,

If God, my Sun, shall disappear,
And leave me in the World's wild Maze

To follow'ev'ry wand'ring Star. 5 Lord, thy Commands are clean and pure,

Enlight’ning our beclouded Eyes;
Thy Threat’nings just, thy Promite sure,

Thy Gospel makes the Simple wise. 6 Give me thy Councel for my Guide,

And then receive me to thy Bliss;
All my Defires and Hopes beside
Are faint and cold, compar'd with this.

i ONCE more, my Soul, the rising Day

falutes thy waking Eyes; Once more, my Voice, thy Tribute pay to him that rolls the Skies.

2 Night

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