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Though the dull Numbers rudely flow
And our cold Hearts but fainily glow,
Our Raptures own a less Degree,

Yet Cherubs sing, and so should we. Th’Almighty hears and gives us leave to call On him, the Judge, the Guide, and sacred Lord

of All. 7 All you that bend beneath the Stroke of Time, And you whose Cheeks confess their healthy

Your Maker and Preserver praise,
For Early and for Length of Davs;
The pious and the grateful Song,

Shall lisp upon the Infant's Tongue, Whileheav'nlyMercyfoothstheMourner'sCare, And bids the Innocent rejoice, the Sinner not


HYMN CLXI. HARK! ye Mortals, hear the Trumpet

Sounding loud the mighty Roar;
Hark! th’ Arch-angel's Voice proclaiming,
Thou, old Time, shalt be no more.

Rolling Ages, &c. &c.
Now your solemn Close appears.
2 This great moving Frame of Nature,

That huge Mass of blazing Day;
Yonder arch'd Expanse of Heav'n,
Ye must all diffolve away.

Hark! th' Arch-angel, &c. &c.
Swells the solemn Summons loud.


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See the gloomy Pris’ners rising,

Hells dark Caverns yawning wide;
Wild Confufion feize the Christiefs,
Horrors fill the spaciuus Void:

Come, ye Mountains, &c. &c.
Hide us from his dire Revenge.
4 See the purple Banner flying, ,

Hear the Judgment Chariot rolt;
Hear the Saviour's Words of Mercy;
Come ye ransom'd, heav'n-born Souls,

Judge thele Nations, &c. &c.
Now they all fhail feel my Pow'r.
5 Hurld in countless Numbers downward,

See in wild Dilorder driv'n;
Tortur'd with Despair and Anguilh,
Loft (and that for ever) Heav'n:

How tremendous, &c. &c. Sounds their last decisive Doom ! 6 See the Souls that Earth despised,

In celestial Glories move;
Hallehijah's big with Wonder,
Hymning Christ's eternal Love:

Halle ujah's, &c. &c. Echo thro' the Realms tot Light. 7 Joys'ecstatic, Hymns, harmonious,

in fott Symphony relound;
Angels, Seraphs, Harps, and Trumpets,


Swell the sweet angelic Sound;

Hail, Almighty, &c &c.
Great eternal Lord! Amen.


*HAIL, thou happy Morn fo glorious,

Come, ye Saints, your Grief give o'er ;
Sing how Jesus rose victorious,
By this own almighty Pow'r:

Hallelujah, &c. &c.

To the glorious Son of God.
2 Tell us, Seraphs, ye that wonder'd,

When ye saw the Lord arise;
When ye saw him aícend yonder,
What were then your heav'rly Joys?

Then 'twas Glory; &c. &c.

To the conqu’ring King of Kings. 3 Countless Bands of Angels glorious,

Cloath'd in brighit etherial Blue; Straight the Sound of Christ victorious, From their silver ['ruinpets flw;

Christ triumphant, &c. &c.

Rises Conqu’ror o'er the Tomb, 4 See ! my Friends, is that the Saviour.

Who was crowned with the Thorns ?
Glorious Majesty and Power,
Now his facred Head adorns :

Hallelujah, &c. &c.
That dear Head no more shall bleed.


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5 Is

is that he, who dy'd on Calvory,

That was pierced with the Spear?
Clad with countless Suns of Glory,
See he rises thro' the Air:

Hallelujah, &c. &c.

Zion's Mourners now rejoice. 6 Was the Perfon then so sacred,

Which the Jews thus marr'd and spoila? Yes, ye Saints, we own his Godhead; Tho' by some he's still revil'd :

All Creation, &c. &c.

Soon shall own him Lord of All. 7 Tremble ye, who him rejected,

Lo! he breaks thro'yonder Cloud;
Rise, ye Saints, and shout triumphant,
Victory thro' Jesu's Blood.

Hark! the Trumpet, &c. &c.
Sounds the Resurrection-Morn.
OCHARITY, divinely wise,

Thoumeek-ey'd daughter of thefkies!
From the pure fountain of eternal light,
Where fair, immutable, and ever bright,

The beatific vision shines,
And Angel with Archangel joins
In choral songs to sing his praile,
Parent of life, antient of days;



Who was ere time existed, and shall be
Thro the wide round of vast eternity:
Oh come, thy warm benevolence impart,
Enlarge my feelings, and expand my heart!

O thou, enthron’d in realms above,

Bright effluence of that boundless love
Whencejoy and peace in streams unsullied flow;
Oh ! deign to make thy lov'd abode below:

Tho'sweeter strains adorn'd my tongue
Than faint conceiv'd, or seraph fung,
And tho' my gloomy fancy caught

Whatever art, or nature taught;
Yet if this hard, unfeeling heart of mine
Ne'er felt thy force, O Charity divine !
An empty shadow science would be found,
My knowledge ignorance, my wit a sound.

Tho' my prophetic spirit knew

To bring futurity to view,
Without thy aid ev’n this wou'd nought avail,
For tongues shall cease, and prophecies shallfail:

Come then, thou sweet celestial guest,
Shed thy soft influence o'er my breast,
Bring with thee Faith, divinely bright,

And Hope, fair harbinger of light,
To clear each mist with their pervading ray,
To fit my soul for heav'n, and point the way
Where perfect happiness her sway maintains,
For there the God of peace forever, ever reigns,

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