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They kindle-to a Flame!
And found thro' all the Worlds above,

The Naughter'd I.amb.
12 The whole triumphant Host
Hail, Father, Son, and Hoiy-Ghost,

They ever cry:
Hail, Abram's God---and mine!
I join the beav'nly Lays,
All Might and Majesty are thine,

And endless Praite.


Touse of our God with chearful anthemsring,

While allourlipsandheartshisgoodnessfing; With facred joy bis wond'rous deeds proclaim; Let ev'ry tongue be vocal with his name. The Lord is good, his mercy never-ending, His blessings in perpetual show is descending.' The heav'n of heav'ns he with his bounty fills; Ye seraphs bright, on ever-bloomirg hills, His honours found; you to whom good alone, Unmingled, ever-growing, hath been known; Thro' your immortal life with love encreasing, Proclaim your Maker's goodness never ceafing. Thou earth, enlightned by his rays divine, Pregriant with grais,and corn, andoil, and wine, Crown'd with his goodness let thy nations meet, And lay their crowns at his paternal feet; With gråteful love that lib'ral hand confefling Which thro'each heart diffuseth ev'ry blefig.

Hisgoodness never ends; the dawn, the shade,
Still see new bounties thro' newscenes display'd;
Succeeding ages bless this sure abode,
And children lean upon their father's God.
The deathless foul, thro' its immenfe daration,
Drinks from this fource immortal confolation.
Burst into praise, my soul ; all nature join;
Angels and men in harmony combine;
While human years are measur’d by the Sun,
And while eternity its course shall run,
His goodness, in perpetual show'rs descending,
Exalt in songs and raptures never-ending.

HY MN CXLIV. JEHOVAH reigns, let ev'ry nation hear, Let heav'n's high arches echo with his name, And the wide peopled earth his praise proclaim, Then fendit down to hell's deep gloomsrefound

ing, Thro'allhercavesindreadful murmurs founding, He rules with wide and absolute command O'er the broad ocean and the stedfast land, Jehovah reigns unbounded and alone, And all creation hangs beneath his throne ; He reigns alone, let no inferior nature Usurp, or share the throne of the creator. "He saw the struggling beams of infant light Shoot thro' the maffy gloom of antient night, His spirit hufh'd the elemental strife,

And Fe.

And brooded o'er the kindling feeds of lifc;
Seasons and months began their long procession,
And measur'd o'er the year in bright fucceflion.
The joyful fun sprung up th’ etherial way
Strong as a giant, as a bridegroom gay;
And the pale moon diffus'd her shadowy light
Superior o'er the dusky brow of night.
Tenthousandglittring lamps the skiesadorning,
Num'rousas dewdropsfrom the wombofmorn-

ing. Earth’sblooming facewith rising flow'rshe dreft, And spread a verdant mantle o'er her breast;

Then from the hollow of his hand he pours The circling waters round her winding shores, The new born world in their cool arms embra

cing, And with soft murmurs still her banks caressing, At length she rose complete in finish'd pride, All fair and spotless like a virgin bride, Fresh with untarnish'd lustre as she stood Her maker blest his work, and call'd it good; The morning stars with joyful aeclamation Exulting fung, and hail'd the new creation. Yet this fair world, the creature of a day, Tho'built byGod's right hand must pass away; And long oblivion creep o'er mortal things, The fate of empires, and the pride of kings; Eternal night shall veil their proudest story, And drop the curtain o'er all human glory.


The fun himself with weary clouds opprest
Shall in his Glent, dark pavilion rest,
His golden urn shall broke, and useless lie,
Amidst the common ruins of the sky :
The stars rush headlongin the wild commotion,
And bathetheirglitt'ringforeheads in the ocean.
But fix'd, O God, for ever stands thy throne,
Jehovah reigns, a universe alone,
Th' eternal fire that feeds each vital flame,
Collected, or diffus'd, is still the same,
He dwells within his own unfathom'd essence,
And fills all space with his unbounded presence.
But Oh ! our highest notes the theme debafe,
And filence is our least injurious praise;
Cease, cease your songs, the daring flight con-

Revere him in the stillness of the soul :
With filent duty meekly bend before him,
And deep within your inmost hearts adore him.

H Y MN CXLV. 1 BEGIN, my Soul, th’exalted Lay,

Let each enraptur'd Thought obey,
And praise th' Almighty's Name;
Lo! Heav'n, and Earth, and Seas, and Skies,
In one mclodious Concert rise,

To fwell th' inspiring Theme.
2 Ye Angels, catch the joyful Sound,
While all th' adoring Throngs around
His wondrous Mercy fing;


Let ev'ry liftning Saint above Wake all the tuneful Soul of Love,

And touch the sweetest String. 3 Thou Heav'n of Heav'ns, his vast Abode, Ye Clouds, proclaim your forming God;

Ye Thunders, speak his Pow'r :
Lo! on the Lightnings gleamy Wing,
In Triumph walks th' eternal King;

Th' astonish'd Worlds adore.
4 Ye Deeps, with roaring Billows rise,
To join the Thunders of the Skies;

Praise him who bid you roll;
His Praise in softer Notes declare,
Each whisp’ring Breeze of yielding Air,

And breathe it to the Soul. 5 Wake, all ye foaring Throngs, and fing; Ye cheerful Warblers of the Spring,

Harmonious Anthems raise
To him who shap'd your finer Mold,
Who tip'd your glitt'ring Wings with Gold,

And tun'd your Voice to praise.
6 Let Man, by nobler Passions sway'd,
The feeling Heart, the judging Head,

In heav'nly Praise employ;
Spread the Creator's Name around,
Till Heav'ns broadArch ring back the Sound,

The gen’ral Burst of Joy.


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