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1060. The secular Canons of St. Frid. being expelled the Monastery on account of their having Wives, K. Edward ordered a Set of Regulars to fucceed them in their Office, at the Instance of Pope Nicholas II. He was the First Pontiff, who adjudged the Priests Wives to be Whores, and their Marriages fornicatory a.

After the Conquest the Seculars were again rejected, and an Abbot of Monks were here for fome Time, when the Priests got in once more ; but being reduced to a very few in Number, and represented as living much at their

own Will, the Monastery was conferred by K. H. I. on Roger, Bishop of Sa'isbury, to dispose of it in a better Way, as he should prefer, who therefore gave the Advowson, or Right of Patronage of this Church, now ready to fall, to Gay Mundey, alias Wyneund, a learned and religious Canon, Chaplain to the King, who had reproved the King for promoting secular and married Priests. He was the first Prior in H1, when he made it the Seat of regular Canons of the Order of St. Auftin, choosing out of the Academics who thould supply the Place of the other, and adopting such Exercises as the University at that Time used. He also repaired the Buildings, viewed, recovered, and settled the Estates belonging to the Order; and it continued greatly enriched and favoured by Kings, Bishops, and prime Men till its Difiolition, which was first begun by virtue of a Bull from Pope Clement VII. dated

3 Non. Apr. 1524, confirmed May 10, by K. H. VIII. who, by Letters Patent, dated July 1, 1525, and again confirmed 38 H. VIII. Dec. 11, 1546, granted the Scite and Lands, consisting of Messuages, Halls, Gardens, Four Cottages, a Stable, Barn, and Curtelage, in Loco vocat. Fridefwides, near S. Gate, Oxon, to Cardinal Wolsey, in Favour of his College designed. Of this see Christ Church, in Hift. of the University.

The annual Revenues of this Religious House before its Suppression were valued at 2241. 45. 8 d.-Speed. But a MS. Valuation makes them 2841. 8 s. 9d. viz. in Spiritualities 691. 175. 11d. in Temporalities 2141. 105. 10d.

There appears no Account of the Abbesses since the first St. Fridefccide, when this commenced, or was a Nunnery, nor any Thing memorable of the Priors, in Number 28. See them in Štev. Mon. V. 2. 103. The Second Rob. de Crichlade, called Canutus, was Chancellor of this University 1159 ; and Dr. J. Burton, the last of this Society, admitted Prior April 8, 1513) after Eleven Years Government of it, surrendered the same by the King's Order to the Cardinals, as before. He obtained a Salary of 20 Marks per Annum during Life, and became Abbot of Ofrey in 1531.

St. Fridiswith's Church, of its Erection, fee before. It was allotted for the Reception of the Parishioners, and a Rectory at the Time of the Restoration, and long before, of that Priory; as also free from the Archdeacon's Power therein, so pronounced on its Side, after a long Suit with the Canons b, 4. 1231. Afterwards was it reduced from the Eitate of a Rectory to a Vicarage, thereby taking away the Parochial Care that laid upon the Shoulders,

a Bale Script. 165.

b Ibid. ex Reg. Frid. p. 32.


of the Canons of the said Monastery ; for as it appears, upon their Request, John, Bishop of Lincoln, by his Confirmation a of the said Vicarage, 1309, appoints the Vicar thereof, who should always serve there, and administer Divine Service to the Parishioners, and other Servants belonging to the Priory, and have a sufficient Exhibition of Victuals, as any of the Canons besides, as also a convenient Place within the said Priory to lodge' ; moreover, that he should have 24 s. per Annum for his Livery, as also out of any Legacy left to the Church, or other Gifts (pro Decimis oblatis) exceeding the Sum of 6d. have 6d. out of it, and the Rest to be divided amongst the Canons; and Tastly, that he should have a fit Clerk to help him in all Church Duties, and .the like.

Of its Chantries.—Ric. Curteys, of Oxon, 22 H. III. gave to this Church, b and the Canons thereof, all his Land that he had in St. John Baptist Parish, conditionally, that they would insert his in the Name of his Wife Lettice, in their Martyrology, a Canon of their House should always celebrate Service for the Safety of their Souls.

Roger Burwaldefcote, Rector of Tackley Church, in Com. Oxon. 1245, + left all his Lands and Tenements that he had in All Saints Parish for the Relief of a Chaplain that should celebrate Service daily here for him, and his Parents ; and also every Year that the said Canons should, on the Day on which he died, feed 50 poor People

Reginald de Hulmo, Rector d of All Saints Parish, in 1262, gave all his Land in St. John Baptist Parish, with the Houses thereon, conditionally, that on the Day of his Death every e Year the Canons of this place should celebrate for him, his Father and Mother, Godard his Brother, Elias Breton, Maurice Arundel, and others.

W. de Dunham, Rector of the same Church in Oxon, about the Year 1255, gave an House in St. Mildred's Parish f near to the Church, that the Anniversary of his Death might be performed by the Canons of this place.

Julian, the Reliet of R. Bodyn, a Burgess of Oxon, circ. 1262, gave a House in St. Mildred's Parish for an Anniversary for her Husband, on which 5s. should be distributed among the Canons s.

Adam de Cirencestria, a Chaplain circ. 1270, gave a Messuage in St. Peter's in the East for his Anniversary also.

Tho. de Wynton, Clerk, circ. 1258, gave his Houses in St. Mildred's Parish for the Sustaining of one Canon, that should celebrate Mass pro Defunét. daily for his and his Benefactors Souls ; but on the Sabbath-Day the Mass of the Virgin Mary h.

Rob. Butt, a Burgess of Oxon, and Felicia his Wife, 105, yearly Rent out of their Messuage in St. Michael's at N. Gate, for the Anniversary of their Obits, to be duly by them performed.


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Besides these Anniversaries, many were the Gifts of the Religious towards its Altars, Ornaments, Lights, the Shrine of St. Frid. and the like; particularly I Mall relate, that the Barbers of Oxon, at their first Incorporation, at the Order of Dr. Northwede, then. Vice-Chancellor of the University, agreed that they would yearly keep and maintain a Light before our Lady in our Lady's Chapel in this Church; for the sure Continuance of which, every Man or Woman of the fame Profession, that kept a Shop, should pay 2 d. every Quarter, Two Journeymen 1 d. and to keep it always burning, under the Pain of 6s. 8 d. This continued till the Reformation.

But the Church pafling, with the Revenues of St. Frid, to the Cardinal, as before, and to Christ Church, all these Chapels ceased, and the Church now: ferves for the Cathedrala of the Bishop of Oxford, and for the Collegiate Church. But of this in Hift. Univ.

What Lanes and Halls have been standing in its Limits, or the said Parish * were, First, Ernis Lane, Venella Ernisii, so called from some of that Name who lived therein. In the Reigns of K. Stephen, H. II, and R. I. of whom Ernisius, the Son of Erniņus Carnifex, conveyed b Land therein to Jordan de Eilesury, lying, as he faith in his Charter, in Venella nostra. In another of Adam, the Son of Hernis, Cordwainer, by which he doth grant also Land to Radolph, the Miller of St. Frid, faith, that it was situated inter.Gablum meum, popimur de Petra, et Terram quam Bernardus Cocus tenet de Feodo meo in Venella mea. The: faid Tenement and Lane was situated, as in a Rubrick in St. Frid's Great: Book attesteth d, on the S. Side of the Great Gate. belonging to the Cæmitery of that Priory, and towards Peckwater's Inn. Then was there near it Peckwether's Lane, or the Little Lane, as it is elsewhere,. of R. Peckwether, who lived the latter End of H. II. of which is Mention made in the aforesaid Charter of Jordan de Eilesviry; whereby he gave to St. Frid's Priory his Land in theParish of St. Frid. in Viculo Řici Peckwether retro Molendinum Equitium proximam Mag: Port. Cæmeterii, S. Frid.Then was there another Lane called the Hamell, of which is Mention made in the Charterf of Joan Pake, Reg. H. III. whereby the leaves and confirms to Radulph Frewyn, Alluter of Oxon, a Seld. with a Solar, situated in Venella quæ vocatur Hamell, in Parochia S. Frid. So much for the Lanes that appear upon Record.— Then for the Halls that have been here are the following : First, Hare Hall, of which I find this Note, De Domo Clipston est de Ara Frideswidæ, quondam Terram Galfredi : Telar, nunc Hare Hall nuncupatur, &c. So in a Rubiick in St. Frid's Great Book s, which denotes the Tenement, said to be de Ara S. Frid. to be very ancient, having been given thereto (after it had been lost from them in that: broken Time before and at the Conquest) by the Name of De la Wose, circ.. Temp. H. II. h.

a By a Charter of Foundation, dated 4 Nov. d Lib. Parv. p. 1. Cap. 2. 37 H. VIII

e Lib. Mag. St. Frid. in Cart: Parte S. Frid.. * Two Houses only, lately in this Parish, are p. 30ş: now incorporated into St. Peter's Parish in the E, b Lib. Parv. St. Frid. p. 1. Cart. 1. .

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Then Karoll Hall, belonging 6 Ed. I. to Philip de Ewe, Burgess of Oxon, by the Marriage of his Wife, as an Inquisition taken that Year thus dediversIdem Philippus de Ewe tenet unum Mesuagium, quod vocctur Karroll Hall, Ratione Uxoris fuæ, quod dedit ei Galf. de Hengesey, in Libm Maritag. cum Filie sua et reddit. Hæredib. Henr. le Riche 3 s. et Templo de Coule 2 s. et valet 20 s. plus per Ann. et in Parochia S. Frid. dat. A. 1278.

Greek Hall, Aula Græcorum, belonging also formerly to St. Frid's Priory, in one of whose Ledger Books b I find Mention of it in a Rubrick prefixed before a Charter thus--De ista Terra subscripta, quæ fuit de Ara S. Frid. et vocabatur Presland, &c. jacet inter Tenementuin quondam W. Burnell and Greek Hall, &c. In a Dismision also of it from the Convent Reg. H. III. circ. 1240. W. being then a Prior, it is said to be in St. Frid's Parish, and in the Margin to the Charter in another Book is writ-Nota Krek Hall in Dominicum. It was given to the said Priory by Dionysia the Daughter of Lambert, the Son of Thomas, alias Thowi, circ. R. I. or before, whose Charter of Donation is this Rubrick. Carta de Domo Theford, nunc Crek Hall, juxta quam prædiét. &c. meaning Presland, as before c. Several Memorables, with the Names of the

Principals hereof, are inserted in our Registers. It had its Situation the E. Side ' of Christ Ch. Gr. Quadrangle, where the Dean's Lodgings are d; or near it. It

yielded to St. Frid 25 s. 8 d. per Ann. In the next Place appears Leberd Hall, belonging to the same Priory also; of which another e Rubrick faith thus-De Domo Bishop, nunc Leberd Hall vocat. et est de Ara S. Frid. Of its Situation, we have in a Rental of the said Priory, dated 1517, thus described: Of a Garden sometime called Lebert Hall, near Greek Hall, 35. 4d. &c. By which it appears it was then, and for several Years before, laid waste, and not unlikely, from the great Pestilence which happened at Oxon, Anno 1320, when divers other Halls also were left void. It was given to St. Frid's Priory by Laur. Kepekare, the Beginning of R. I. f. Then Black Hall, a very ancient Place for Students ; by which Name I find it in a Charter about the Beginning of H. III. when Simon was Prior of St. Frid, wherein it is said, that it was situated in this Parish, on the W. Side of a Tenement at the Corner-Sic ut itur ab Ecclefia S. Frid. Manu sinistra in Venella quæ vocatur Great Jury Lane, &c. but afterwards, as it should seem, by the Union of St. Edward and St. Frid, was in a Rental $ 1517, belonging to the said Priory, inserted among the Tenements in St. Edward's Parish, and also under the Stile of a Garden, quondam vocat. Blake Hall, &c. Near to it and Leberd Hall was another called Gup Hall, alias Gulp Hall, mentioned only in a Rubrick in the same Book thusDe Doto Christine, postea Gup Hall, nunc vacua placea, &c. Temp. R. II. It is said to be an ancient Place; because it was desolate, it was given by the


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said Laur. Kepehare to St. Frid's Priory, and confirmed after by Christian his Wife in her Widowhood a.

I have now done with St. Frid's Parish, I shall proceed next to the Remainder of St. Edward's Parish, contained in the Scite of Peckwater Inn, with the Lane on the N. Side thereof, Canterbury College, and some of the Ground belonging to the Dean's Lodgings of Christ Church; as also the Way leading from Peckwater Inn to the Great Quadrangle of the fame College.

What Halls have been on this Ground were, First, Pitance Hall, situated opposite to Jury Lane-Carta originalis de Acquisitione Tenementi vocat. Pitance Hall, &c. So a Rubrick of a Charter in St. Frid's Book ), wrote about the Beginning of H. III, in which it is said, that it was situated between the Land of David a Jew, towards the W. It assumed its Name from the Rent the of --Ad Pertinentiam Conventus, on some Anniversary Day.

Sampson Hall, sometime belonging to 7. Fettiplace, the latter End of Reg. H. III. From him it came to Hen. Swyndon, a Burgess of Oxon, then to Adam his Son. From him, by Sale, to Henry of St. Edward's, who gave a certain Rent therein to the Fridiswidians, circ. 16 Ed. II. It was situated about the N. W. Corner of Christ Church Quadrangle, called now Peckwater's Inn, and was standing, Anno 1517, the Garden thereof then yielding 6s. 8 d. per Annum, as a Rental that Year belonging to St. Frid's Priory manifefts.

Sir George's Hall Item do et lego, &c. also I give and bequeath to Alice my Wife, says one Christopher Beneyt, in his Will 1349, my Hall, which is called Sir George's Hall, with Five Shops annexed to it, in St. Edward's Parish, situated between Two Tenements of the Priory of St. Frid, &c. he the said Christopber having been one of the Executors of W. Pubbesbury, mentioned in St. Ebb's Church, had the same left to him in his Will 1348, by paying thence an annual Rent for his Chantry there ; for the Situation thereof I find in the Concession and Confirmation of the Ground whereon it stood, then a Garden, from Roger Chichester, an Apothecary of Oxon, d to Tho. Baret, 14 R. II. to have had St. Edward's Lane on the E. Side of it; a quiet Claim and Release thereof was of Rob. Gascoyn, Son and Heir of Agnes, Sister and Heir of Nic. Pubbesbury, to 7. Lodelow, Burgess, and an Apothecary of Oxon, 4 H. IV, wherein also he stileth it, Toftum Angulare ab Antiquo vocat. George Hall

. Peckwater's Inn, or Peckwether's, the House once of R. Peckwether, and Radulpb Peckwether his Son, Prætor of Oxon, Reg. H. III. the last of whom conveyed it, about the Year 1260 °, to 7. Giffard, Baron of Brimsfield, who, for the great Esteem he had for Learning, constituted and converted it into a House for Students in the Civil Law, which continued till the utter Decay thereof, Reg. H. VIII. as appears from our Registers; wherein also are several Memorables, together with the Names of the Principals.

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