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Pisc. My honest Scholer, it is now past five of the Clock, we will fish til nine,and then go to Breakfast: Go you to yonder Sycamore tree, and hide your bottle of drink under the hollow root of it; for about that time, and in that place, we wil make a brave Breakfast with a piece of powdered Bief, and a Radish or two that I have in my Fish-bag; we shall, I warrant you, make a good honest, wholsome, hungry Breaks fast,and I will give you direction for the making and using of your fly: and in the mean time, there is your Rod and line;and my advice is, that you fish as you see mee do, and lets try which can catch the first fish.

Viat. I thank you, Master, I will observe and practice your direction as far as I am able.

Pisc. Look you Scholer, you see I have hold of a good fish: I now see it is a Trout; I pray put that net under him, and touch not my line, for if you do, then wee break all. Well done, Scholer, I thank you. Now for an other. Trust me, I have another bite: Come Scholer, come lay down your Rod, and help me to land this as you did the other. So, now we shall be sure to have a good dish of fish for supper.


Viat. I am glad of that, but I have no fortune; sure Master yours is a better Rod, and better Tackling.

Pifc. Nay then, take mine and I will fish with yours. Look

you, Scholer, I have another : come, do as you did before. And now I have a bite at another. Oh me he has broke all, there's half a line and a good hook lost.

Viat. Master, I can neither catch with the first nor second Angle; I have no fortune.

Pisc. Look you, Scholer, I have yet another; and now having caught three brace of Trouts, I will tel you a short Tale as we walk towards our Breakfast. A Scholer (a Preacher Ishould say) that was to preach to procure the approbation of a Parish, that he might be their Lecturer, had

three your your ceed

got from a fellow Pupil of his the Copy of a Sermon that was first preached with a great commendation by him that composed and prechtit; and though the borrower of it preach't it word for word, as it was at first,yet it was, utterly dislik'd as it was preach'd by the second; which the Sermon Borrower complained of to the Lender of it, and was thus answered; Ilentyou indeed my Fiddle, but not my Fiddlestick; and you are to know that every one cannot make musick with my words which are fitted for my own mouth. And so


, you are to know, that as the ill pronunciation or ill accenting of a word in a Sermon spoiles it, so the ill carriage of 1

your Line, or not fishing even to a foot in a right place, makes you lose your labour: and you are to know, that though you have my Fiddle, that is,my very Rod and Tacklings with which you see I catch fish, yet you have not my Fiddle stick, that is,skill to know how to carry your hand and line ; and this must be taught you(for you are to remember I told you Angling is an Art) either by practice,or a long observation, or both.

But now lets say Grace, and fall to Breakfast; what say you Scholer, to the providence of an old Angler? Does not this meat taste well? and was not this place well chosen to eat it? for this Sycamore tree will shade us from the Suns heat.

Viat. Allexcellent good, Master, and my

stomack excellent too; I have been at many costly Dinners that have not afforded me half this content: and now good Mater,to your promised direction for making and ordering my Artificiall flye.

Pifc. My honest Scholer, I will do it, for it is a debt due unto you, by my promise: and because

you shall not think your self more engaged to me then indeed you really are, therefore I will tell you freely, I find Mr. Thomas Barker (a Gentleman that has spent much time and money in Angling) deal so judicially and freely in a little book of his ofAngling, and especially of making and Angling with a flye for a Trout, that I will give you

his very directions without much variation, which Ihal follow.

Let your

rod be light, and very gentle, I think the best are of two pieces; the line should not exceed, especially for three or four links towards the hook) I say, not ex

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