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MEMOIRS rel. to mathematics and Nelis, Abbé, his points of view

natural philosophy, vol. ix. 302. rel. to Belgic history, 530.
MERIAN, M. his investigation of North Sea, curious natural bift.

the problem of Molyneux, 503. of, 523. Its fisheries, and the
METROLOGIE, ou traité de mesures, means of improving them, 524.
&c. 460.

Nurse, remarkable instance of the
MILLY, Count de, his memoir con continued affection of one for a

cerning the aeriform emanations person whom she had reared in

from the human body, 494. infancy, 383.
Monk's stone in Northumberland,

extraordinary. story concerning, OBSERVATIONS critiques et philo.

sophiques sur le Japon, 305-
Montagu, Ed. Wortley, his man OEUVRES de M. Boled’Antic. 458.

ner of living at Venice, 139. OGDEN, Dr. memoirs of, 99. His

sermons vindicated by Dr. Hali:
MORGAN, Mr. his examination of fax against the censures of Mr.

Dr. Crawford's theory of heat Mainwaring, 100. Reply to Di.
and combustion, 351.

Halifax, 101.
MORAVIANISM, candid accountof, Oil, its use in calming the agita-

207. Vindicated from the charge tion of the sea, &c. 508. Effects
of immorality, 208. Sketch of and phenomena of, 526.
the history of the Moravian bre- OPERA, Comic, observ, on, 282.

thren, 212.
Motion. See St. Vince.

Paris, acc. of that city in its pri-
MUSCLES, observ, on the perni mitive state, in the time of Ju-

cious effects of, 527. The best Jian, 358. Curious dialogue

method of cooking them, 528. relative to, See RUSSIAN.
Music, its use, in dramatic exhi- PARLIAMENT, of England, in what
bitions, 282.

manner influenced by the crown,
- Italian, robberies commit 17. Reform. contended for, 18.
ted by, 465. Extravagant ex. PASTORAL nations, manners of.
pence of some Princes in regard

to this article of amusement, ib. PATMOS, isle of, some acc. of the

of the ancients, deficient present state of, 453.
with respect to harmony, 554. PAUCTON, M. his treatise of mea.

fures, weights, and coins, 460.
NAIRNE, Mr. his acc. of the ef- PELTZER, Count de, affecting flory

fect of electricity in shortening
wires, 273.

PEMBROKE, Henry Earl of, his
Naples, remarks on the hereditary fine alle in architecture, &c. 190.

jurisdict. of the nobles there, and PERCIVAL, Dr. his acc. of a new

in Sicily, over their vassals, 367. method of obtaining a fixed al-
NATURE, philosophical inquiries cali from putrid vegetable and
into the unities of, 513.

animal substances, 272.
NAVIGATION, inland. See AllE- Pernery, Dom. concerning bo.

dily conftitutions, 503.
Needham, Mr. concerning the Perret's differi. on lieel, 305.

contag. disorder among the cattle, PHEASANT, acc, of a hen, with the
517. His ratural hist. of the ant, feathers of a cock, 276.
526. His inquiries concerning PHILOSOPHICAL and critical obr.
ihe nature and economy of bees, on Japan, 305

PHOSPHORUS, exper, rel. to, 26€.

of, 107.


ed, 17.

there, 453:

fire, 339

for, 4.27

PILLAR of Forres described, 112. gated, 422

Various theories
Pope, Mr. his maxim with respect concerning, 423. Remedies for,
to forms of government explode 425

ROUBILIAC, his excellence in the
POPERY preferred to Methodism, execution of monuments, &c.

102. Greatly on the decline in 189.
England, 403—408.

RUSSIAN Traveller, remarkable
POPULATION, the present state conversation with, 108.

of, in England, not declining, RUTHAL, Thomas, Bishop of Dar-

ham, curious story of, 116.
Pot-Ash, new and cheap method RysBrach's monuments, &c.
of preparing, 272.

prailed, 188.
PRIESTLEY, Dr. his paraphrase on

the Lord's Prayer, 165 SAMOs, island of, antiquities
PRINCIPES d'Hydraulique, 458.
- Prison, at Moicow, anecdore of a Scheele, M. his chemical observa.

gentleman confined in, 383. tions and experiments on air and
PRUSSIA, K. of, his letter to the

late Earl Mareschal Keith, 112. SCHOOL, of agriculture, scheme
Public, advice to, relative to the

causes, characters, fymptoms, Schools, Popish, none at present,
and true remedies of blindnes, of any consequence in England,
deafness, and the princ.pal vene 407.
real symptoms, 457-

SCOTLAND, remarkable places in,

for the notice of travellers, 112.
RECHERches physiques sur le The peerage of, how degraded
feu, 300.

fince the union, 226-227.
sur les INITIATIONS SCRIPTURE, facred, various pas
anciennes et modernes, 303.

sages in our common translation
et cbf. sur les Loix Feo-

of, corrected, 87.
dales, 305.

criticisms and illustra.
REFLEXIONS sur l'etat actuel de tions of fundry texts, 164-172.
l'agriculture, 455

The truth of the Scriptures vin-
REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua, encomium dicated, against Lord Boling-

on his pictures, 130-131. Ge broke, &c. 174. Corruptions

neral imperfection of, 183. in, accounted for, 176. Tefti-
RICHARDSON, Senior, the painter, monies in support of, ib. Far.
his works commended, 135.

ther testimonies, 321.
Junior, his perform- SEA, method of calming the agi-
ances, 136. The literary pro tation of, 508.

ductions of both characterised, ib. SHEEP. See Rot.
Robin, Abbé, his inquiries con SHIPs, driven on shore, method of

cerning ancient and modern Ini removing in safety, though da-
tiations, 303

maged in their bottoms, 270.
Rochefort, Mr. de, his research SILBERSCHLAG, M. his descrip-
es concerning the symphony of

tion of the Uranometer, 505.
the ancients, 5540

SMALL-Pox. See Hunter.
Rohan, Chevalier, remarkable Soul, immortality of, philosophi.

ftory and catastrophe of, 95. cally difcuffed, 497:
Rondeau, M. du, his memoir SPIRIT of the Croisades, 456.
concerning wool, 533.

STEEL. See Perret.
ROT, in theep, cause of, invefi, ST. VINCE, M. his investigation


of, ib.

of the principles of progressive VetERINARIAN Academy, feheme and rotatory motion, 442.

for the eltablishment of, 417. SULZER, M. his considerations on VOYAGE-pittoresque de la Grece, the immortality of the Soul,

No. VI. 453: 497.

VOYAGES. See Har S-X, Earl of, his character, URANOMETER, descript. of, 505,

405. SWITZERLAND; firiking particu. WALTER, Profeffor, his letter to

lars relative to the natural hist. Dr. Hunter, on the veins of of, 541. Topographical views

the eye, &c. 193.

War, considered as a science, 553. SYNTIPAS, à manuscript lo én. WESLEY, Mr. harply assailed by

titled, in the French King's li an Irisa Roman Catholic, 237. brary, 557

WHEAT, mode of Jetting instead of

Jowing, in Norfolk, 418. Great TARTARs, their fimplicity of

atility of this improvement, 419. manners, &e: 449. Their Wilson, Bishop, memoirs of his grofs ignorance, 549.

life, 13

Remarkable epocha TELMISSUS, ruins of, 558. The in his history, 15. Character of

atre of, 559. Medals of, ib. his writings, 1h. THERMOMETER, exper, ard obs. Wilson, Mr. his account of an relative to, 277.

extraordinary degree of cold at THUMBERG, Dr. his Journal of a

Glasgow, 275 voyage to Japan, 270.

WINE. See ZELLER. TICunas, experiments made with Witry, Abbé, concerning fofils .that poison, 267,

in the district of Tournay, 533.. TIN. See MARCI.

Wool, memoir concerning the TORFnus, the Icelandic Writer, growth and culture of, in diffe. fome account of, 115.

rent countries, 533. TOURMALINE, principles of, 495: Truti, the free discusion of, dif XEHOpgox. See MAIZEROY.

Zeller's method of discovering VEGETABLES, &c. disquisition the adulteration of Rhenish

concerning the true cause of the colours of, 511.

ZINZENDORF, Count, forms, at VENICE, state of the Drama there, ten years of age, the resolution 141.

of becoming a preacher. 213. Vesuvius, account of the great ZoffanII, his comic paintings eruption of, in August 1779,

commended, 131 268.

cuffed, 495

wine, 537


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