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[Wt. B. 864. 700 11 || 78–774.]

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TRAINING OF TROOPS, Regulations for, for Service in the Field, and for the Conduct of Peace Manoeuvres. Translated from the German by Captain E. Boise, R.A. Royal Syo. 84 pp., with Plans. Price os ELEMENTARY TACTICS of the Prussian Infantry. Translated from the German, by Captain E. BARING, R.A. Authorized Edition. Royal Syo, G0 pp., with Plans. 2s. RULES for the CONDUCT of the WAR GAVIE. Compiled by Captain E. Borso, R.A. The Box of Men, &c., can be had for 61.68, and ifteen Maps, mounted and coloured, for Gl. Royal 8vo, with Plans. Price 2s. MILITARY REPORTS : Addressed to the French War Minister by Colonel Boos Stortot, French Military Attaché in Prussia. 1863–1870. Translated by Lieut.-Col. Howe, C.B., R.E. Royal 8vo. Price. So REFORMS IN THE FRENICH ARMY. Part I.-The Law of Recruiting. Translated by Lieutenant-Colonel Hour, C.B., R.E. Royal 8vo, 104 pp., stiff paper cover. Price is 6d. – Part II.-General Organization. Translated by Major C. B. Bockouro, R. A. Price 2s. FRENICH ARMY, Re-organization of Speech of the Duke D'Aubirror-PAsquio. Price is. Too FRANCO-GERMAN WAR, 1870–71. Authorized Translation. First Part:-History of the War to the Downfall of the Empire. Trusated from the German Official Account by Captain F. C. H. CLARRE, R.A. Vol. I.-From the Outbreak of Hostilities to the Battle of Gravelotte. With case of Maps and Plans. Price 20s.

Also separately, in paper covers: First Section :-The Events in July. Plan. Price o Second Section :- Events to the Eve of the Battles of Wörth and Spicheron. - Three Plans. Price Third Section :-The Battles of Wörth and Spicheren. - Two Plans and Three Sketches. Price 5s. Fourth Section :-Advance of the Third Army to the Moselle, &c. - With One Plan and Seven Sketches. Price is. Fish Section:-Operations near Metz on the 15th, 16th, and 17th August. Battle of Violville Mars la Tour. Four Plans and Sketches in the Text. Price 7s 6d. CAMPAIGN OF 1866 IN GERMANY. Compiled by the Department of Military History of the Prussian Staff. Translated into English by Colonel Vox Wright, Chief of the Star VIII Prussian Corps, and Captain Hosoy M. Hozo, Assistant Controller. Price 11, 18, in 1 vol., royal Swo, cloth boards, with a Portfolio of Plans.

THE ARMED STRENGTH OF Russia authorized Trans. lation on the German. In royal Syo. 218 pp., with Plans. Price is THE ARMED STRENGTH OF AUSTRIA. By Captain o: S. Cooks, 22nd Regt. Royal Svo. Part I-180 pp., paper covers. oice in Go.

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Soo CAMPAIGNS, a Series of Lectures on. Trans

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