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Sllustrations in Vol. II.


No. III. and IV. appears in usual large paper (8vo.) : the others

exclusively in illustrated 4to. 1. Waterfall on the USK

Facing title-page (from an original Photograph by Griffiths of Brecon) II. VILLAGE OF SCETUROG

Facing page xi. (from an original photograph by R. T. Crawshay, Esq., of

Cyfartha Castle). III. Fac-simile of original title-page of OLOR ISCANUS. Facing page

57. IV. Fac-simile of book-plate of OLIVER CROMWELL in a copy of “Magia Adamica"

Facing page 306. V. Fac-simile of Letter of OLIVER CROMWELL Facing page 305. VI. Three original initial-letters designed and drawn on wood by CUTHBERT BEDE

pages IX, liii, lxxv. In large paper 8vo. No. III. to face title-page of Vol. II. and No. IV. to face title-page of Vol. IV.


Essay on the Life and Writings


Henry Vaughan, Silurist.


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EE in our Memrial - Introduction all that has come down to us concerning the out

ward-life of our Worthy—and it will be found that therein a good deal (relatively) has been added to our previous knowledge of him, as well new as corrective of others. Then, in our briefer Memoir of his twinbrother in Appendix to the present Volume, certain other things clucidatory, are given, more especially a statement for the first time of what may be called the philosophy of Alchemy, sa intensely pursued by EUGENICS PHILALETI ES, and not unshared by the Silurist himself—as will appear.



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I am wishful now and here to interpret alike the Life and Life-Work and the Writings of HENRY VAUGHAN, so as to guide my fellow. lovers of our clder Literature to a clearer recognition than otherwise might result, of his genius and vitality, as one of the truest Singers of our England. Much of our reading now-a-days is of the type of our letter-writing-excluding loveletters (so called), which abide unchanged, perenially delicious (or delighting) and perenially foolish to other eyes than the two pairs, and as lengthy as ever- hurried, interrupted, frivolous, adjective. So that it seems obligatory on the part of the (comparatively) Few who sequester themselves for fellowship with the dead—who after all are the most potentially quick (as quickening) - in the books they have left us, to announce what they have gained, in the assurance that “ fit audience" will ultimately be won, while half-a-dozen influenced by a solitary reader (and thinker) may ultimately secure the allegiance of the BEST of successive generations. By the necessities of the narrow limits (self-imposed) of the impressions of our FULLER WORTHIES' LIBRARY, we can't hope to reach the Multitude directly : but suppose here and there in given centres of thought and activity, another



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