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Miss Stanley's interview with Her Majesty, Queen

Victoria—The Royal gifts.—The Queen's letter-

The Illustrated London News--Division of the Royal

gifts—Chess, dominoes, and draughts—Frequent

fires in Constantinople-An alarm of fire-Fears dis-

pelled—The palace of the Sultan's sister-Swift

destruction-A magnificent spectacle-Establish-

ment of an hospital library-Variety of the book

gifts—Bibles and Prayer-books

126 to 137


Chaplains appointed to Koulali-Arrangements res-

pecting the various services—The ward used for the

English service-Establishment of daily morning

prayers—The Sunday congregation-Singing classes

in Koulali hospital—The Presbyterian services—The

Catholic priest—Beneficial results of his exertions-

Morning sunlight on Constantinople—The religious

spirit in the British army—Its previous neglect—The

honourable cowardice of a brave man

138 to 148

[blocks in formation]


Old Byzantium—The Church of the Eternal Wisdom-

The Palace of the Cæsars-Prices of Admission to

Santa Sophia—Description of its interior-Historical

associations— Visions of the past—St. John Chry-

sostom-His life and times—The storm recommences

-Farewell and exile—Death bed—Justinian's am.

bition—Signor Fossati engaged in the restoration of

Santa Sophia-Its splendour-Imperishable Mosaics

- Pictures on the walls—The rood screen- - The

holy vessels—Former days of glory—Mahomet the

Second—The old legend— The Church of St. Irene

- Exterior of Santa Sophia Baptistery-Mons. Sal-


199 to 22


News from Balaclava--Condition of the hospital there

-The huts the Sisters lived in-Death of one of the

Sisters—The corps of civil orderlies—A few facts

concerning the Sisters—Determination to retain

Koulali barracks as a British hospital-Preparations

for departure-Final farewells—Malta—Valetta

Dress of the Maltese women-Traces of the Knights

of Malta—The church of St. John the Baptista

The chapel of the Blessed Sacrament—The Lady


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