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Hon. WILLIAM R. DAY, Circuit Justice.....
Hon. PETER S. GROSSCUP, Circuit judge..
Hon. FRANCIS E. BAKER, Circuit Judge....
Hon. WILLIAM H. SEAMAN, Circuit Judge..
Hon. CHRISTIAN C. KOHLSAAT, Circuit Judge.....
Hon. KENESAW M. LANDIS, District.Judge, N. D. Illinois.
Hon. SOLOMON H. BETHEA, District Judge, N. D. Illinois...
Hon. FRANCIS M. WRIGHT, District Judge, E. D. Illinois..
Hon. J. OTIS HUMPHREY, District Judge, s. D. Illinois....
Hon. ALBERT B. ANDERSON, District Judge, Indiana....
Hon. JOSEPH V. QUARLES, District Judge, E. D. Wisconsin....
Hon. ARTHUR L. SANBORN, District Judge, W. D. Wisconsin.

Washington, D. O.

.... Chicago, Ill. ..Indianapolis, Ind. ..Sheboygan, Wis.

...Chicago, Ill.

.Chicago, Ill. ...Chicago, Ill. .... Urbana, Ill. ..Springfield, Ill. ..Indianapolis, Ind. .Milwaukee, Wis.

..Madison, Wis.


Hon. DAVID J. BREWER, Circuit Justice....
Hon. WALTER H. SANBORN, Circuit Judge.....
Hon. WILLIS VAN DEVANTER, Circuit Judge....
Hon. WILLIAM C. HOOK, Circuit Judge......
Hon. ELMER B. ADAMS, Circuit Judge..
Hon. JACOB TRIEBER, District Judge, E. D. Arkansas...
Hon. JOHN H. ROGERS, District Judge, W. D. Arkansas.
Hon. ROBERT E. LEWIS, District Judge, Colorado. ...
Hon. HENRY THOMAS REED, District Judge, N. D. Iowa..
Hon. SMITH MCPHERSON, District Judge, S. D. Iowa....
Hon. JOHN C. POLLOCK, District Judge, Kansas...
Hon. WM. LOCHREN, District Judge, Minnesota.
Hon. PAGE MORRIS, District Judge, Minnesota.
Hon. DAVID P. DYER, District Judge, E. D. Missouri...
Hon. JOHN F. PHILIPS, District Judge, W. D. Missouri..
Hon. W. H. MUNGER, District Judge, Nebraska......
Hon. THOMAS C. MUNGER, District Judge, Nebraska.....
Hon. CHARLES F. AMIDON, District Judge, North Dakota.
Hon. JOHN E. CARLAND, District Judge, South Dakota...
Hon. JOHN A. MARSHALL, District Judge, Utah.....
Hon. JOHN A. RINER, District Judge, Wyoming...

Washington, D. C.

..St. Paul, Minn. ...Cheyenne, Wyo. Leavenworth, Kan. ...... St. Louis, Mo. .Little Rock, Ark. .Ft. Smith, Ark. ...Denver, Colo. ...Cresco, Iowa. .Red Oak, Iowa

..Topeka, Kan. .Minneapolis, Minn.

..Duluth, Minn. ... St. Louis, Mo. .Kansas City, Mo.

..Omaha, Neb, ..Lincoln, Neb.

...Fargo, N. D. ...Sioux Falls, S. D. .Salt Lake City, Utah.

...Cheyenne, Wyo.


Hon. JOSEPH MCKENNA, Circuit Justice......

.Washington, D. C. Hon. WILLIAM B. GILBERT, Circuit Judge.

...Portland, Or. Hon. WM. W. MORROW, Circuit Judge....

. San Francisco, Cal. Hon. ERSKINE M. ROSS, Circuit Judge....

.Los Angeles, Cal. Hon. WM. C. VAN FLEET, District Judge, N. D. California. ..San Francisco, Cal. Hon. JOHN J. DE HAVEN, District Judge, N. D. California.

.San Francisco, Cal. Hon. OLIN WELLBORN, District Judge, s. D. California.

.....Los Angeles, Cal. Hon. FRANK S. DEITRICH, District Judge, Idaho.......

...Boise, Idaho. Hon. WILLIAM H. HUNT, District Judge, Montana...

..Helena, Mont. Hon. EDWARD S. FARRINGTON, District Judge, Nevada...

..Carson City, Nev. Hon. CHARLES E. WOLVERTON, District Judge, Oregon.......

...Portland, Or. Hon. EDWARD WHITSON, District Judge, E. D. Washington.... .... ..Spokane, Wash. Hon. CORNELIUS H. HANFORD, District Judge, W. D. Washington.......... Seattle, Washa


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Page laron v. United States (C. C. A.)...... 833 Bigelow v. Calumet & Hecla Min. Co. (C. 1. A. Vantine & Co. v. United States (C.


869 149 Billings Mut. Tel. Co. v. Rocky Mountain 1. O. Wilcox & Co., In re (D. C.). 704 Bell Tel. Co. (C. C.)..

207 1. D. Blowers & Co. y. Canadian Pac. R. Bittel, Tepel & Eilers, United States v. (C. Co. (C. C.)


554 Eolian Co. v. Harry H. Juelg Co. (C. C. Bitty, United States v. (C. C.).

938 A.) 119 Blake & Co., Hanson v. (D. C.).

342 jax Metal Co. v. Brady Brass Co. (C. C.) 409 Blake & Knowles Steam Pump Works v. ifred S. Campbell Art. Co., Bong v. (C. Warren Steam Pump Co. (C. O.).

285 C. A.)...

116 Blanche Hopkins, The, two cases (D. C.). . 894 Algeria, The (D. C.)..

902 Blowers & Co. v. Canadian Pac. R. Co. merican Brewing Co., Liberty Mfg. Co.

(C. C.)...

935 v. (C. C. A.).... 900 Blunt v. Southern R. Co. (C. C.).

499 Imerican-German Nat. Bank, Reed v. (C.

Blunt & Ward, Southern R. Co. v. (C. C.) 496 C. A.)...

233 | Bong v. Alfred S. Campbell Art Co. (C. merican Graphophone Co. v. Internation

C. A.)

116 al Record Co. (C. C.).

427 Boswell, The (C. C. A.),


112 merican Graphophoné Co. v. Leeds & Cat

Botts v. United States (C. C. A.):

50 lin Co. (C. C.).

Bradshaw, The Mary S. (D. C.)..

696 Imerican Knit Goods Mfg. Co., In re (D. 0.)


Brady Brass Co. Ajax Metal Co. v. (C. C.) 409 merican Lava Co. v. Kirschberger (C. C.

Brewster v. Chicago, St. P., M. & 0. R. Co. A.)

445 740 (C. C.)..

809 umerican Lava Co. v. Steward (c. C. A.) 731 Brissell v. Knapp (C. C.). ... merican Surety Co., United States v.

Brown, Diamond Stone Sawing Mach. Co. (C. C.)

v. (C. C.)..

753 Inchor Line, Lancer V. (D. C.)...

531 433 ! Brown, Prindle v. (C. C. A.). 1. Overholt & Couv. German-American Ins.

Brunswick-Balke-Coìlender Co. v. H. WagCo. (C. C.)...

ner & Adler Co. (C. C.)

120 . Santaella & Co. v. Otto F. Lange Co.

Bullock Electric & Mfg.Co., General Elec(C. C. A.)...

tric Co. v. (C. C.)..

740 tlantic Mills, River Spinning Co. v. (C. C.) 466 Burke, In re (D. Ć.).

703 tlantic Trust Co. v. Osgood (C. C.).. 700 Burt, In re (D. C.).

267 uburn, International Text-Book Co. v. (C. C.)

986 Callaghan, Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Lutomatic Fire Protection Co., Thompson Co. v. (C. C. A.). ....

397 v. (C. C.)...

548 Calumet & Hecla Min. Co., Bigelow v. (C. C.)

869 Bailey, The (D. C.).

902| Campbell Art Co., Bong v. (C. C. A.)...... 116 Baker, Philadelphia & R. R. Co. v. (C. C. Canadian Pac. R. Co., A. D. Blowers & A.) 407 Co. v. (C. C.).

935 Baltimore, The (C. C. A.).

405 Oanton Roll & Mach. Co. v. Rolling Mill Baltimore & O. R. Co. v. Hamburger (C.

Co. (C. C.)

321 C.)

849 Carle v. Chicago, R. I. & P. R. Co. (C. C.) 445 Banister Realty Co., United States v. (C. Central Improvement & Contracting Co., C.) ..


Steel Protected Concrete Co. v. (C. C.).. 279 Barrows v. Minneapolis, St. P. & S. S. M. Central of Georgia R. Co. v. McLendon R. Co. (C. C.)... 445 (C. C.)...

974 Bellinger, Sharp v. (C. C.). 139 Chapin, The Chester W. (D. C.).

854 Sell y. North American Coal & Coke Co. Chester W. Chapin, The (D. C.)..

854 (C.C. A.)...

712 | Chicago Great Western R. Co., Humbird ell Piano Co., In re (C. C.).

v. (O. C.).

445 encliff, The (D. C.).

242 Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co., Woodward v. Senjamin v. Maloney (C. C.). 494 (C. C.)

445 éren gére, The (D. C.).

439 Chicago, R. I. & P. R. Co., Carle v. (C. ick, Ex parte (C. O.) 908 C.)

445 155 F.




Chicago, St. P., M. & O. R. Co., Brewster Fanning, In re (D. C.).


v. (C. C.)..

445 Federal Gold & Copper Co., Maxwell v. (C.

Chicago & N. W. R. Co., Livingston v. (C. C. A.).



445 Federal' Sugar Refining Co., Milburn v. (D.

Christian v. First Nat. Bank (C. O. A.).. 705 C.)


Cincinnati, N. 0. & T. P. R. Co., Gwyn v. Ferry v. Latrobe Steel Co. (C. C.)... 161

(C. C. A.)..

88 Fidelity & Deposit Co. of Maryland, Unit-

City of Louisville v. Cumberland Telephone ed States v. (C. C. A.)....


& Telegraph Co. (C. C. A.)....

725 Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. v. Vehicle

City of Sacramento v. Southern Pac. Co. Equipment Co. (C. C.)..


(O. C.).

1022 First Nat. Bank, In re (C. C. A.).


Clark v. Lyster (C. C. A.).

513 First Nat. Bank, Christian v. (C. C. A.).. 705

Clearwater Timber Co. v. Nez Perce Coun- First Nat. Bank v. Holt (C. C. A.)..... 100

ty (C. C.)..

633 Fisher, Louisville & N. R. Co. v. (C. C. A.) 68

Clearwater Timber Co. v. Shoshone County Forsyth Mercantile Co., Johnston v. (D. C.) 268

(C. C.).

612 Fowler, Kenyon v. (C. C. A.)..


Clough v. Grand Trunk Western R. Co. (C. F. W. Myers & Co. v. United States (C. C.) 502

C. A.)


Collin County Nat. Bank of McKinney,

Gage, Newton v. (C. C.)....


Tex., v. Hughes (C. C. A.).


Gage, Northern Counties Iny. Trust v. (C.

Comerford, Stationary Engineer Pub. Co.



v. (C. C.)..


Gaines & Co. y. Kahn (C. C.).


Conklin v. R. P. & J. H. Staats Co. (D.

Gemmell, In re (D. C.).




General Electric Co. v. Bullock Electric &

Conroy v. Penn Electrical & Mfg. Co. (C.

Mfg. Co. (C. C.).



421 General Electric Co. v. E. B. Latham & Co.

Conroy v. Penn Electrical & Mfg. Co. (C.

(C. C.)...




Contra Costa Water Co. y. Van Rensselaer

George R. Gibson Co., Deitsch V. (C. C.).. 383

German-American Filter Co. v. Leow Filter

(C. C.)


& Mfg. Co. (C. C.)...


Co-Operative Supply Co., Dwinell-Wright

German-American Ins. Co., A. Overholt &

Co. v. (C. C.)...


Co. v. (C. C.)....


Coyne v. Southern Pac. Co. (C. C.)..... 683

Gibson Co., Deitsch v. (C. C.). .


Crenshaw, In re (D. C.)...


Gloucester Electric Co., Dover v. (C. C.).. 256

Cruchet v. Red Rover Min. Co. (C. C.)... 486 Goldstein, In re (D. C.).

Cullman Fruit & Produce Ass'n, In re (D.

Gormley & Jeffery Tire Co. v. Pennsylvania

Rubber Co. (C. C.)..

Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co.,

Grand Trunk Western R. Co., Clough v.


City of Louisville v. (C. C. A.)..

(C. C. A.)...


671 Gran United States v. (C. C.).

Davis, In re (D. C.)..



Deitsch v. George R. Gibson Co. (c. c.).: 383 Graves pewriter Co., Underwood Type-

writer Co. v. (C. C.)...


Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. v. Interstate

Commerce Commission (C. C.)...

512 Great Lakes Towing Co. v. Mill Transp.

Co. (C. C. A.).


Denver & R. G. R. Co., Hopper v. (C. C. A.) 273
Derham v. Don'olue (C. C. A.)..

385 Great Northern R. Co., James v. (C. C.). 445
Diamond Stone Sawing Mach. Co. v.

Great Northern R. Co., Kennedy v. (C. C.) 445

Brown (C. C.)..

753 Great Northern R. Co., McGuire v. C. C.) 230

Doherty v. Lynett (C. C.).

681 Great Northern R. Co. v. United States

Donohue, Derham v. (C. C. A.)...


(C. C. A.)...


Dover v. Gloucester Electric Co. (C. C.). . 256 Great Southern Gas & Oil Co. v. Logan

Dowagiac Mfg. Co. v. McSherry Mfg. Co. Natural Gas & Fuel Co. (C. C. A.). 114

(C. O. A.)....

524 Grignard Lithographic Co., In re (D. C.).. 699

Duplessis Shoe Machinery Co., United Gwyn v. Cincinnati, N. O. & T. P. R. Co.

Shoe Machinery Co. v. (C. C. A.). ... 842


(C. C. A.)

Duvall v. Sulzner (C. C.)


Dwinell-Wright Co. v. Co-operative Supply

Haase, In re (D. C.)


Co. (C. O.).

909 Hadley, St. Louis & S. F. R. Co. v. (c. C.) 220

Hall v. United States (C. C. A.)..


E. B. Latham & Co., General Electric Co. Hamburger, Baltimore & O. R. Co. v. (C.

V. (C. C.)..

293 C.)


Eldred, In re (D. C.)..

686 Hamburger, Merchants' & Miners' Transp.

Eldredge v. Ward (C. C.).

253 Co. v. (C. C.)......


Electrose Mfg. Co., Thomson-Houston Elec- Hamburger, Pennsylvania R. Co. v. (C. C.) 849
tric Co. v. (C.C.)..

543 Hanson v. W. L. Blake & Co. (D. C.).... 342

Ellen S. Jennings, The (D. C.)...

902 Harper, In re (C. C. A.).


Elwell, The James W., iC. C. A.).

112 Harris, In re (D. C.)...


Empire Electrical Instrument Co., Weston Harry H. Juelg Co., Æolian Co. v. (C. C.

Electrical Instrument Co. v. (C. C.).... 301 A.)


Entwisle v. Seidt (D. C.)....

864 Harton v. Howley (C. C.)..


Erie R. Co. v. Kane (C. C. A.).

118 | Havana Commercial Co. v. Nichols (O. C) 309
702 V. (C. C. A.).


H. B. Moore, Jr., The (D. C.)
380 Lady Palmerston, The (D. O.).

Heathdene, The (D. C.)

368 Lake Shore Novelty Co., Potter v. (C. C. A.) 278
Hendey Mach. Co. v. Prentice Bros. Co. Lancer v. Anchor Line (D. C.)..


(C. C.)

133 Lange Co., A. Santaella & Co. v. (C. C.

Herrman, Kelly v. (C. C.)..

887 A.)


Holt, First Nat. Bank v. (C. C. A.). 100 Latham & Co., General Electric Co. v. (C.

Home Telephone & Telegraph Co. v. Los



Angeles (C. C.)....

554 Latrobe Steel Co., Ferry v. (C. C.)..


Hopkins, The Blanche, two cases (D. C.).: 894 Lebensburger v. Scofield (C. C. A.).. 85

Hopper v. Denver & R. G. R. Co. (C. C. Leeds & Catlin Co., American Graphophone


273 Co. v. (C. C.)...


Hore, National Steel Co. v. (C. C. A.).... 62 Leerburger v. Únited States (C. C.)...... 146
Hornstein v. United States (C. C. A.). 48 Leslie E. Keeley Co., Memphis Keeley In-
Hotel Security Checking Co. v. Lorraine Co. stitute v. (C. 0. A.).


(C. C.)

298 Leverton, In re (D. C.)


Howley, Harton v. (C. C.).

491 Leverton, In re D. C.)


Hughes, Collin County Nat. Bank of Mc- Levi & Picard, In re (D. C.).

Kinney, Tex. v. (C. C. A.).
389 Lewin, In re (D. C.)..


Humbird v. Chicago Great Western R. Co. Liberty Mfg. Co. v. American Brewing Co.

(C. C.)......


(C. C.)


2. Wagner & Adler Co., Brunswick-Balke- Lima Locomotive & Mach. Co. v. National

Collender Co. V.....

.. 120 Steel Castings Co. (C. C. A.)..


Littlefield, In re (C. C. A.).

laeger's Adm'r, Ulman v. (C. C.). ....1011 Livingston v. Chicago & N. W. R. Co. (C.
Iarussi v. Missouri Pac. R. Co. (C. C.).. 654 C.)


Illinois Cent. R. Co., Payne v. (C. C. A.) 73 Leow Filter & Mfg. Co., German-American

International Mercantile Marine Co. v. Filter Co. v. (C. C.)..


Stranahan (C. C.). ...

428 Logan Natural Gas & Fuel Co., Great

International Record Co., American Graph- Southern Gas & Oil Co. v. (C. C. A.). ... 114
ophone Co. v. (C. C.)..

427 Lorraine Co., Hotel Security Checking Co.
International Text-Book Co. v. Auburn V. (C. C.)...


986 Los Angeles, Home Telephone & Telegraph

Interstate Commerce Commission, Dela-

Co. v. (C. C.)..


ware, L. & W. R. Co. v. (C. C.)..

512 Louisville & N. R. Co. v. Fisher (C. C. A.) 68

(owa, The (C. C. A.).

112 Louisville & N. R. Co., Scott v. (C. C. A.) 68

Iowa Cent. R. Co., Poor v. (C. C.).

226 Loveland, In re (C. C. A.).


Loveland, Putnam v. (C. C. A.)....

James v. Great Northern R. Co. (C. C.)... 445 Luby, In re (D. C.).


James McCaulley, The, two cases (D. C.)., 894 Lynett, Doherty v. (C. C.).


James Shewan & Sons V. New England

Lyster, Clark v. (C. C. A.).

Navigation Co. (D. C.)...
James Spear Stove & Heating Co., Kelsey
Heating Co. v. (C. C.).


McCaulley, The James, two cases (D. C.).. 894
James W. Elwell, The (C. C. A.).

McGuire v. Great Northern R. Co. (C. C.) 230


McKane, In re (D. C.)..


J. C. Pushee & Sons v. United States

(C. C.)


McLendon, Central of Georgia R. Co. v.

(C. C.)


Jennings, The Ellen S. (D. C.)


Jetton, University of The South (C. C.) 182 McSherry Mfg. Co., Dowagiac Mfg. Co. v.

McNeill, Southern R. Co. v. (C. C.). .. 756

Johns-Pratt Co. v. Sachs Co. (C. C.).

(C. C. A.).

Johnston v. Forsyth Mercantile Co. (D. C.) 268 Majestic, The (D. C.)


J. S. Warden, The (D. C.)..

Malcomson, Whittmore v. (C. C.).

Juelg Co., Æolian Co. v. (C. C. A.).... 119

Maloney, Benjamin v. (C. Č.)...


Kahn, W. A. Gaines & Co. v. (C. C.)... 639 Marie Palmer, The, two cases (D. C.). 894

Kane, Erie R. Co. v. (C. C. A.).

118 Martin, United States v. (C. C.).


Keeley Co., Memphis Keeley Institute v.

Martin v. Wilson (C. C. A.).


(C. C. A.)..


964 Mary S. Bradshaw, The (D. C.)..

Kelly v. Herrman (C. C.).

887 Maunula v. Sunell' (C. C.)..


Kelsey Heating Co. v. James Spear Stove

Maxwell v. Federal Gold & Copper Co. (C.

& Heating Co. (C. C.)


C. A.)


Kennedy v. Great Northern R. Co. (c. c.) 445 Meehan, Nelson v. (C. C. A.).



Kenyon v. Fowler (C. C. A.).

107 Meissner, Richards v. (C. C.).

Ketterer Mfg. Co., In re (D. C.).

987 Memphis Keeley Institute v. Leslie E. Kee-

Kirschberger, American Lava Co. v. (C. C.

ley Co. (C. C. A.).


A.) ....

740 Merchants & Miners' Transp. Co. v. Ham-

Knapp, Brissell v. (C. C.).
809 burger (C. C.)......


Knauth, Nachod & Kuhne v. United States Milburn v. Federal Sugar Refining Co.

(C. C.)

144 (D. C.)


Koplik, United States v. (C. C.).

919 Mill Transp. Co., Great Lakes Towing Co.

Krause, In re (D. C.).

Kuffler, In re (D. C.)


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