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Mrs. Gilbert, the Lady whose memory it is intended to perpetuate in the following Poem, was a most amiable and accomplished woman. Mild, pious, charitable, and humane, she was particularly favoured by Providence in the possession of affluence, which enabled her to render the practice of those virtues more extensively useful. She was also eminently fortunate in her matrimonial connections ; she had seen much of the world, and had enjoyed either the acquaintance or correspondence of several of the most distinguished persons who have appeared during the last fifty years. Her memory was unimpaired, and, as she retained all the vigour of her youthful intellect, her conversation was peculiarly agreeable and interesting.

If any person should suppose that some parts of the Poem have received a high colouring, let him recollect, that some indulgence is due to the admiration of a writer and the regret of a friend.

I did not intend, originally, to have written more than a hundred verses ; but the heart was full, and the subject was copious, and as the thoughts flowed in rapidly, I determined to work up the whole into a regular Poem. On reconsideration, I have thought proper to divide the subject into Eight Cantos.

The Title has been suggested by the Triumphs of Petrarch, to whom I am indebted for the imitation of several passages. In a moral and religious Poem it is to be expected that Scriptural allusions should often occur.

It is not common to use the elegiac stanza for long poems, but there is no measure that is so appropriate to solemn and melancholy subjects. Dryden was so fully convinced of its beauty, that he used it in his ANNUS MIRABILIS. It is the metre which approaches nearest to the TERZETTI of Petrarch, and like him I have endeavoured to make the sound of the numbers correspond with

the sense.

The Poem was finished before last Midsummer ; but unexpected delays have prevented its publication till the present moment. No pains have been spared to revise, correct, change, add, and improve; and, if some weak. lines have still escaped, it is owing to that imperfection from which no human composition can be free.


Bodmin, Nov. 26, 1818.

The Most Noble, The Marchioness Dowager of Bute, 10 Copies.

Mrs. Joanna Baillie, London,

2 Copies,
Rev. H. Banfather, Norwich,
T. F. Barham, Esq., Penzance,
Mt. J. M. Bligh, Stone,
Bodmin Book Society,
Mr. E. Booth, Norwich,
Rev. J. Bowle, Salisbury,
Rev. C. Prideaux Brune, Place,

4 Copies,
Rev. C. Parr Burney, F. R. S.,

J. Bussell, Esq., Exeter,
Rev, Dr. Cardew, St. Erme,
Rev. P. Carlyon, Mawgan,
James Chambers, Esq., Forwood

House, Stroud, Gloucestershire,
Mrs. Chambers,
Dr. Clements, for the Book Club,
Mr. T. Clements,
Mı. Thurston Collins, Bodmin,
Rev. Vernon Collins, Trewerdale,
Mrs. Collins, Trewerdale,
Mr. Commins, Bodmin,
Mrs. Cory, Gonvena,
T. F Le Couteur, Esq., Jersey,

3 Copies.
Master E. G. Le Couteur,
Master J. F. Le Couteur,
Mr. J. Crome, Norwich,
The Rt Hon Lord de Dunstanville,

Tehidy Park, 5 Copies, Lady de Dunstanville, 5 Copies, The Very. Rev. The Dean of Ely,

Jesus College, Cambridge,

Miss Dobson, Norwich,
The Rt. Hon. The Earl Mount

Edgcumbe, Mount Edgcumbe,

4 Copies, The Hon. and Rt. Rev. The Lord

Bishop of Exeter. 4 Copies, Rer. N. Every, Bodmin, Rev. J. Fayrer, Grammar School,

Bodmin, 2 Copies, Miss Fayrer, Bodmin, George Fox, Esq., Gonvena, Wade

bridge, Davies Gilbert, Esq., M. P., F. R. S.

Eastbourne, 2 Copies, R. Gatty, Esq., Finsbury Square,

London, Rev. J. P. Gilbert, Windsor House,

Bodmin, Mrs. Gilbert, Miss Gilbert, Exmouth, Miss I. Gilbert Exmouth, Rev. R. G Grylls, Helston, Rev. R. G. Grylls, Jun., Luxulyan, Mrs. R. G. Grylls, Mrs. Hudson Gurney, Norwich, Mrs. A. Hambly, St. Kew, Rev. T. T. Hamley St. Ervan, Mr. Heard, Truro. 6 Copies, Rev. F J. Hext, Tredethy, Captain Hext, RN. Mr. W. Hicks, Bodmin, W.R Hill, Esq., Carwythenack,

Cornwall, Mrs. Hill,

Mrs Hunter, Grov. Square, London, Rev. W Phillippe. Bodmin, 4 Copies,

T. Plomer, Esq. Helston, Mr. John Johns Crantock,

Mrs Plomer, Helston, Lord R. Kerr Edinburgh,

Rev. Joseph Pomery, Bodmin, Lady R. Kerr

Charles Rashleigh, Esq., Duporth, Rev. John Kempe. Fowey 2 Copies, 4 Copies Rev J. J Kei. win, Withiel, 2 Cop. W. Rashleigh, Esq. F. R. S., Lieut King. RN, Bodmin,

Menabilly, Rev T. Kingdon, Bridgerule Devon, T Rawlings, Esq. Saunders Hill,

Padstow, 2 Copies, Mr Kingdon, Bodmin,

Mrs. J. Redgrave. Norwich, 2 Cop. Rev, H.J. Knapp St Paul's, London,

Mrs. W. Redgrave, Rev. F Leathes, Norwich,

Miss Read, Tremeere, Miss Lee Ilfracombe,

Mrs. R

gers, Penrose, Rev. Hugh Littleton, St. Germans,

Rev. 0. R-use. Tetcott, Devon, Sir A. O. Molesworth, Bart., Pen

Rev. J. Rudge. F. R. S. Limehcuse, carrow, Lady Molesworth,

Mr. Saint, N rwich, Mr. W Michell, Bodmin,

Mr. Sargent, Bedmin, John Howes Millington, Esq., Coln

J. Sawle Sawle, Esq., Penrice, St. Dennis, near Cirencester,

Miss Slater, Norwich, General Morshead. Lavethan,

Mr. W. Stark, Norwich, Rev. E. Morshead, Calstock,

Mrs Stone, Bedmin, Rev. W. Molesworth, St. Breock, Mrs Symonds, Badmin, Mr. Myers, Norwich,

T. Turner Esq., Cathedral Yard, Mr. W. K. Norway,

Exeter, 2 Copies, Lady Penrose, Ethy,

Rev. E Valpy, Grammar School,

Norwich, Rev. C. Paynter, Lower St. Columb, 2 Copies,

N. Vye, Esq., Jun., Ilfracombe,

Miss Vye,
F. Paynter, Esq., Trekenning,
F. C. Paynter, Esq., St. Columb,

Dr. Waldon, M. D., Bodmin,

Mr. Waller, Norwich,
Mr. Pearce, Bodmin,
Mrs. Pearce, Deanery, Ely,

Rev. T. B. Whitehurst, Westoning,

Bedfordshire, E. S. Pearce, Esq., Deanery, Ely,

Mrs. Woolcombe, Alphington,
Miss Peter, St. Columb,

Mrs. Baillie, 4 Copies,
Lady Campbell, 4 Copies,
Sir Everard Home, Bart., 4 Copies.
Dr. Penneck, M. D., Penzance,

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