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Righteousness of God.

or the clothes



Irusting to a Better Righte

ousness than OUR OWN, Opened and Defended, in a Plain Pra

ctical Discourse upon ROM. X. 3.

By B. JENKS, late Rector of Harley in

Shropshire, and Chaplain to the Right
Honourable the Earl of Bradford.


L O N D ON: Printed for Daniel Midwinter and Aaron Ward

at the King's-Arms in Little-Britain; Berj. Motte at the Middle-Temple-Gate in Fleetstreet; and John Oswald at the Rose and Crown in the Poultry, near Stocks-Market. 1732.

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To the READER.

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HIS little Tract, which now

for several years has pass'd in the World with some Acceptance, and, for ought I know, without any.publick Contradiction, adventures again abroad in another Edition. The former Impresions being a good while since gone off, I hope to the good Satisfaction of all such as seek after that Righteousness, the work of which is Peace, and its Effect Quietness and Assurance for ever.

And if there be not such an univerSal Acquiescence among us, in this comfortable Doctrine of our Church, as there seems to be at this time, in the happy Nursing Mother of our Church, Those Prejudices and grudgings which may yet remain against it do afford Reafon, more than I could wish, for

the further Infi;ling upon it: But no Reason can I apprebend, why a Minister of the Gospel should fear to persist in Aserting the Faith of the Gospeli and such a Truth as is of the

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am apt to think That none who carnest on the part of Arminius, ver give Socinus any Thrust to the Heart. o few Pelagians think fit to own Cateful Name, even while they le for the peftilent Doctrine ; Acang to S. Jerom's observation,That gianism is the only Heresy, which Dani'd to appear for the Cause åed, which its Fautors suggest and pagate in Corners: Tet Experience is us, What Credit a prevailing 2de can give to things none of the ft. Tea, let then be never fo Indei fible, yet if smiling upon depraved ature,they'll not want for Champions zd Abetters to maintain the Cause, ven to death. full of Rebellion, I would dye, Or Fight, or Travel, or deny That thou hast ought to do with me.


So Raves the man who is in (not his Pure, but) his Corrupt Naturals. Naturam expellas furcâ licet,

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