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Arrival in Servia—Belgrade—First impressions—Passports— Han—Sketches of the town—Public promenade—Costume of the inhabitants—Visit to the Pacha of Belgrade—An awkward retreat—Preparations for a tour in the Land of the Crescent . - - - - - 9


First day's journey in Servia—Miseries of the han—Sketches of the inhabitants—Their villages and hamlets—Aspect of the country—Arrival at Hassan-Pacha-Palanka—How to procure a supper—A characteristic scene—Anecdotes of the Servian War of Independence—Prince Milosh and Tzerni George— Intrigues of Russia in Servia —Tragical death of Tzerni George—Traits characteristic of the Servians—Servian warsong - - - - - - 29

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