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SPEECH ON THE NABOB OF Arcor's DEBTS, February 28,

1785; with an Appendix


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Ενταύθα τι πράττειν έχρήν άνδρα των Πλάτωνος και Αριστοτέλους ζηλωτών δογμά.
των και άρα περιοράν ανθρώπους αθλίους τους κλέπταις εκδιδομένους, ή κατά δύναμιν
αυτοίς αμύνειν, oίμαι, ώς ήδη το κύκνειον εξάδoυσι διά τό θεομισές εργαστήριον των
τοιούτων; Έμοί μέν ούν αισχρόν είναι δοκεί τους μεν χιλιάρχους, όταν λείπωσι την
τάξιν, καταδικάζειν" .... την δε υπέρ άθλίων ανθρώπων υπολείπειν τάξιν, όταν δέη
τρός κλέπτας αγωνίζεσθαι τοιούτους και ταύτα του Θεού συμμαχούντος ημίν, ώστερ
συν έταξεν.

JOLANI Epist. 17.

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WHAT the least informed reader of this speech may

be enabled to enter fully into the spirit of the transaction on occasion of which it was delivered, it may be proper to acquaint him, that, among the princes dependent on this nation in the southern part of India, the most considerable at present is commonly known by the title of the Nabob of Arcot.

This prince owed the establishment of his government, against the claims of his elder brother, as well as those of other competitors, to the arms and influ ence of the British East India Company. Being thus established in a considerable part of the dominions he now possesses, he began, about the year 1765, to form, at the instigation (as he asserts) of the servants of the East India Company, a variety of designs for the further extension of his territories. Some years after, he carried his views to certain objects of interior arrangement, of a very pernicious nature. None of these designs could be compassed without the aid of the Company's arms; nor could those arms be employed consistently with an obedience to the Company's orders. Lo was therefore advised to form & more secret, but an equally powerful, interest among the servants of that Company, and among others both at home and abroad. By engaging them in his interests, the use of the Company's power might be obtained without their ostensible

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