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158. L. M.

Devout Aspirations. 10 God! who, merciful as just,

Kindly rememberest man is dust;
Thine ear be open to our cries,

Thy grace to meet our lified eyes.
2 Thou, who canst read the silent tear,

Listen to sighs from hearts sincere ;
Regard the dawn of virtuous aim,

And fan the smoking flax to flame. 3 Set us from earthly bondage free,

Still every wish that strays from thee ;
Bid, Lord, our vain disquiets cease,

And point our path to endless peace. 4. If in the vale of tears we stray,

Where wounding thorns perplex our way,
Still let our souls thy goodness see,

And with strong faith lay hold on thee. 5 With joy, my soul, thy lot receive,

Resigned alike to die or live ;
Kissing the sceptre or the rod,

See God in all, and all in God.
6 With thee in solitudes I walk,

With thee in crowded cities talk,
In every creature own thy power,

In each event thy will adore.
7 Thy hopes shall animate my soul,

Thy precepts guide, thy fear control ;
Within the temple of thine arms
I'll rest secure from all alarms.

8 Thus, when the closing hour draws nigh,

And earth recedes before mine eye,
From cares and gloomy terrors free,
I feel omnipotent in thee.

159. S. M.

Obedience to God our Father. 1 My Father ! I adore

That all-commanding name ;
may its virtue strength restore;

And raise devotion's fame! 2 I bow at thy commands,

And filial homage pay; With heart and life, with tongue and hands

I'll cheerfully obey. 3

No more will I transgress,

As I too oft have done ;
But every sinful thought suppress,

Each sinful action shun.
My Father thus I 'll claim,

And prove myself his son ;
And, while I bear the filial name,

The filial duties own.
5 Do thou the strength impart,

This purpose to fulfil :
Lord, write thy laws upon my heart,
That I may do thy will.

160. P. M.

God seen in all.
1 My God! all nature owns thy sway;

Thou giv'st the night, and thou, the day :
When all thy loved creation wakes,
When morning, rich in lustre, breaks,

And bathes in dew the opening flower,
To Thee we owe her fragrant hour ;
And when she pours her choral song,

Her melodies to Thee belong.
2 Or when, in paler tints arrayed,

The evening slowly spreads her shade ;
That soothing shade, that grateful gloom,
Can, more than day's enlivening bloom,
Still every fond and vain desire,
And calmer, purer thoughts inspire ;
From earth the pensive spirit free,

And lead the softened heart to thee.
3 In every scene thy hands have dressed,

In every form by thee impressed,
Upon the inountain's awful head,
Or where the sheltering woods are spread;
In every note that swells the gale,
Or tuneful stream that cheers the vale,
The cavern's depth, or echoing grove,

A voice is heard of praise and love. 4 As o'er thy work the seasons roll,

And soothe, with change of bliss, the soul,
O never may their smiling train
Pass o'er the human sense in vain !
But oft as on their charms we gaze,
Attune the wondering soul to praise ;
And be the joys that most we prize,
Those joys that from thy favour rise !


C. M. The Divine Blessing needful to Success in Life.

Ps. xc. 17. 1 SHINE on our souls, eternal GoD !

With rays of mercy shine :

O let thy favour crown our days,

And their whole course be thine. 2 Did we not raise our hands to thee,

Our hands might toil in vain : Small joy success itself could give,

If thou thy love restrain. 3 'T is ours the furrows to prepare,

And sow the precious grain; 'T is thine to give the sun and air,

And to command the rain.
4 With Thee let every week begin,

With Thee each day be spent,
For Thee each fleeting hour improved,

Since each by Thee is lent.
5 O cheer us through this toilsome road,

Till, where the weary rest,
Our souls a joyful entrance find,

With thee for ever blest.


C. M. Living habitually in the Fear of God. Prov.

xxiii. 17. 1 HAPPY are they, who, born from heaven,

While yet they sojourn here, Each day of life with God begin,

And spend it in his fear.
2 'Midst hourly cares, devotion brings

Its tribute to thy throne ;
And while the world the hands employs,

The heart is thine alone.
3 As sanctified to noblest ends,

Is each refreshment sought;
And by each various providence,

Some wise instruction brought

4 When to laborious duties called,

Or by temptations tried,
We'll seek the shelter of thy wings,

And in thy strength confide. 5 As different scenes of life arise,


grateful hearts would be With Thee, amidst the social band,

In solitude with Thee.
6 In purest happiness like this,

Let all our days be past;
Nor shall we then impatient wish,

Nor shall we fear the last.

163. L. M.

The Fear of God.
1 GREAT Author of all nature's frame !

Holy and reverend is thy name;
Thou Lord of life, and Lord of death!

Worlds rise and vanish at thy breath. 2 But blest are they, O gracious LORD!

Who fear thy name and keep thy word ; Thy wisdom guides, thy power defends

Their life, till life its journey ends. 3 O that my soul, with awful sense

Of thy transcendent excellence,
May close the day, the day begin,

Watchful against each darling sin! 4 Never, O never from my heart,

May this great principle depart,
But act with unabating power

to my latest hour !

Within me,

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