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Beset with snares on every hand Doddridge. 254
Blessed are the sons of peace

Watts. 368
Blest are the souls that hear and know Watts. *6
Blest be the tie that binds

Fawcett. 370
* Blessed are the meek,' he said Exeter Col. 203
Bless'd be tbe everlasting God

Watts. 298
Bless'd Instructor ! from thy ways Merrick, 212
Bless the God of our salvation Exeter Col. 314
Bless, O my soul! the living God Watts. 61
Blest is the man who fears the Lord ExeterCol. 223
Blest is the man who shuns the place Watts. 228
Blest is the man whose heart is kind Watts. 323
Blest is the man who stands in awe Tate. 237
Blest hour when virtuous friends Liv.P.St. Col. 331
Bright orb, thy flaming circuit stay Butcher. 299
Broad is the road that leads to death Watts. 252

Can creatures to perfection find

Watts. 85
Canst thou, my soul ! forget that friend

Celestial worlds ! your Maker's Williams' Col. 30
Come, let us search our ways and try Watts 183
Come, said Jesus' sacred voice Barbauld, 131
Come to the house of Prayer E. Taylor. 23
Come on! ye partners in distress C. Wesley. 284
Creation's God! on tbee alone

Merrick. 46
Each morning, O my God! on thee Liv. Old. Col. 382
Eat, drink, in memory of your Birmingham Col. 315
Enough of life's vain scenes I've trod Walker. 166
Enquire, ye pilgrims, for the way Doddridge. 4
Eternal and almighty King Doddridge. 155
Eternal God! almighty Cause

Browne. 82
Eternal God ! how frail is man

Watts. 333
Eternal Power, whose high abode Walts. 43
Eternal Source of every joy Doddridge. 355
Eternal Source of light and thought Cappe's Sel. 76
Faith adds new charms to earthly SalisburyCol. 244
Far from mortal cares retreating Jn. Taylor. 22
Far from thy servants, God of grace Doddridge. 185
Far from these scenes of night

Steele. 304
Far from the world, O Lord ! I flee Cowper. 207
Father adored in worlds above


Father divine ! before thy view Jn. Taylor. 170
Father divine! thy gracious power Liv.R.St.Col. 62
Father divine, thy piercing eye. Doddridge. 362
Father! I thank thee, may no thought

N. 175
Father! and is thy table spread Doddridge. 311
Father!-how sweet the voice

Jervis. 220
Father in heaven! thy sacred Lio. Par. St. Col. 79
Father of all! omniscient mind Blacklock. 90
Father of all! whose cares extend Pope. 77
Father of my exalted Lord

Waits. 146
Father of light! conduct my feet Smart. 250
Father of lights! my footsteps guide

Scott. 256
Father of lights! we sing thy name Doddridge. 60
Father of men ! thy care we bless Doddridge. 361
Father of mercies! in thy word

Steele. 147
Father of our feeble race

Jn. Taylor. 184
Father supreme of beaven and earth

Fountain of blessing ! God of love SalisburyCol. 75
Frail life of man! bow short its stay H, Moore. 270
From all that dwell below the skies Watts. *8
From depths of sadness and distress Denham. 219
From north and south, from east and Butcher. 302
From this world's joys and senseless Bowden. 306
Give me the wings of faith, to rise Watts. 145
Give to the winds thy fears

C.Wesley. 111
Glorious in thy saints appear Salisbury Coil. *7
Glorious things of thee are spoken Olney Hymns. 138
Glory be to God on high

Jn. Taylor.

God in the gospel of his son

Beddome. 149
God is the refuge of his saints

Watts. 115
God moves in a mysterious way

Cowper, 109
God, my supporter and my hope

Watts. 168
God of eternity! from thee Doddridge. 276
God of mercy! God of love Jn. Taylor. 213
God of my life! tbro' all its days Doddridge. 68
God of my life! my thanks to thee Browne. 56
God of our lives! thy constant care Doddridge. 342
God of the morning! at the voice Watts. 377
God of the universe, whose hand W. Taylor. 42
God reigns ; events in order flow

Scott. 103
God, to correct the world

Jerois. 351
Grace! 'tís a pleasing sound Doddridge. 127

Gracious Source of every blessing

Grateful notes and numbers bring Salisbury Col. 16
Great Author of all nature's frame Scott. 163
Great Cause of all things! Source of life Dyer. 40
Greatest of Beings! Source of life Dyer. 33
Great Former of this various frame Doddridge. 269
Great Framer of unnumbered worlds Dyer. 348
Great God! at whose all-powerful Enfield's Sel. 339
Great God! how infinite art thou


Great God ! how vast is thine abode Jervis. 93
Great God! in vain man's narrow view Kippis. 84
Great God of grace! accept my Walker's Col. 191
Great God of grace, arise and shine Needham. 141
Great God! the nations of the Rippon's Col. 327
Great God ! thy peerless excellence Browne. 156
Great God! to thee my all I owe W.Boston Coll. 54
Great is the Lord, our God

Watts. 24
Great Lord of angels! we adore Doddridge. 358
Great Ruler of all nature's frame Liv. R.St. Col. 231
Great Ruler of the earth and skies Stcele. 352
Great Source of life! our souls confess Doddr. 65
Hail, great Creator, wise and good Liv Old.Col. 28
Hail the day that sees him rise Salisbury Col. 135
Happy the heart, where graces reign Watts. 182
Hark! i: is wisdom's voice

Doddridge. 367
Hark! the glad sound ! the Saviour comes Doddr. 1 20
Hark! what celestial sounds Salisbury Col. 318
Hear, Lord! the song of praise and prayerCowper. 325
Hear what God the Lord baih spoken Cowper. 139
Hear what the voice from heaven

Watts. 293
He dies, the friend of sinners dies Watts. 134
He that hath made his refuge God Watts. 329
High in the heavens, eternal God

Tate. 99
House of our God, with cheerful anthems Doddr. 340
How are thy servants blest, O Lord Addison. 105
How blest the sacred tie that binds Barbauld. 369
How hapoy is be born and taught Cotton. 372
How rich thy gifts, alnıighty King

Kippis. 354
How still and peaceful is the grave Scotch Par. 294
How vast is the tribute I owe

Jervis. 59
How vast thy works, almighty Lord Merrick. 100
How well our great Protector knows Merrick. 232

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I love thy kingdom, Lord Ev. Luth. Col. 326
Imposture shrinks from light

Scott. 151
Jesus is gone above the sky

Watts. 310
Jesus, the friend of man

Watts. 313
Keep silence, all created things

Watts. 96
Let all thy realms, 0 earth! rejoice Tate. 6
Let coward guilt with pallid fear Carter. 375
Let men of high conceit and zeal Browne. 189
Let one loud song of praise arise Roscoe. 50
Let party names no more

Beddome. 194
Let us with a joyful mind


Let songs of praise from all below

Life is a span, a fleeting hour

Steele. 334
Life is the time to serve the Lord Watts. 248
Lights of your race in ancient times Scott. 125
Like shadows gliding o'er the plain Jn. Taylor. 275
Look round, o man ! survey this Liv.Old Col. 29
Lo! God is liere ; let us adore Salisbury Col. 25
Lo! another year is gone Olney Hymns. 346
Lo ! Israel's shepherd stands Doddridge. 316
Lo! what confusion rends the mind Scott. 202
Lord, before thy presence come Jn. Taylor. 21
Lord ! dismiss us with thy blessing

Lord! I am thine ; but thou wilt prove

Watts. 282
Lord ! in the norning thou shalt bear Watts. 18
Lord ! how secure and blest is he Olney Hymns. 227
Lord ! may we live before thy face Doddridge. *3
Lord of life, all praise excelling

Lord of nature! God almighty

Calamy. *10
Lord of the Sabbath! bear our vows Doddridge. 26
Lord of the worlds above


Lord of the world's majestic frame Jervis. 31
Lord ! thou art good! all nature shows Browne. 94
Lord ! thou hast searched and seen me Watts. 92
Lord ! thro' the dubious path of life Exeter Col. 262
Lord! we adore thy vast designs Watts. 110
Lord! we have made thy word our choice Watts: 148
Lord ! what our ears have heard

Watts. 817
Lord! while my thoughts with wonder Steele."164
Lord ! who's the happy man that may Tate. 11

Mark the soft-falling snow Doddridge. 121
My Father! cheering name

Steele. 157
My Fatber and my King

Steele. 53
Dly Father! I adore

My God! all nature owns thy H.M.Williams. 160
My God! how endless is thy love Watts. 381
My God, my King ! thy various praise Watts. 47
My God! permit me not to be

Watts. 208
My God! permit my tongue

Watts. 171
My God! the steps of pious men! Watts. 229
My God! the visits of thy face

Steele. 241
My God! thy service well demands Doddridge. 373
My God, what inward grief I feel Watts. 211
My God! whose all-pervading eye Watts. 193
My God! whose all-pervading eye Doddridge. 169
My God ! thy boundless love I praise H. Moore. 67
My God! while nature speaks thy praise Steele. 39
My guardian God! I bless thy name Doddridge. 341
My heart and all my ways, o God Arbuckle. 91
My soul, praise the Lord

Park. 32
My soul reveres the page

Ev. Luth. Coll. 124
My soul shall praise thee, my God Heginbotham. 64
My soul! spring up with ardent flight Doddridge 272
My soul ! the awful hour will come Doddridge. 288
My Sovereign ! to thy throne

Scott. 374

O blest are they,who born from heaven Doddridge 162
O blest is he, divinely blest

Blacklock. 230
O come, and to th' almighty King


O Father ! though the anxious fear Barbauld. 8
O for an overcoming faith

Watts. 287
O God of Bethel ! by whose hand Doddridge. 261
O God of grace! oft has our land Exeter Coll. 349
O God of our forefathers ! hear C. Wesley. 263
O God ! my Father and my King Browne. 190
O God! our help in ages past

Watts. 278
O God! the covenant of thy love Doddridge. 238
O God ! thou just and kind

Patrick. 73
O God! thy gracious aid impart Birmingham Col. 210
O God ! to whose all-searching sight

O God! wbo, merciful as just

Barbauld. 158
O bappy is the man who hears Scotch Par. 366

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