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Nor death in bondage to the foe,

Shall cause our life to fail..
4 Wake then a song, the noblest song ;

Let heav'n and earth rejoice,
The dead thall live ; the graves shall hear
Salvation, in thy voice.

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Christ, ever liveth to make Intercesion.

E lives, the great Redeemer lives,

(What joy the blest afsurance givesg And now before his Father God,

Pleads the full merit of his blood. 2 Repeated crimes awake our fears,

And justice arm’d with frowns appears ; But in the Saviour's lovely face

Sweet mercy smiles, and all i 3 Hence then, ye black despairing thoughts,

Above our fears, above our faults,
His powerful interceffions rise,

And guilt recedes, and terror dies. 4 In ev'ry dark dilressful hour,

When lin and Satan join their pow'r ;
Let this dear hope repel the dart,

That Jesus bears us on his heart.
5 Great advocate, almighty friend ;

On him our humble hopes depend :
Our cause can never, never fail,
For Jesus pleads, and must prevail.


The founding of the seventh Trumpet. HAI

ALL! thë lart, the mighty angel,

Cloth'd apon with clouds of heav'n;
Round his head the rainbow beaming,
Peaceful sign of fin forgiv'n.
Hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah !

Lo! he comes! he comes ! he comes ! ? See the heav'ns beneath him bowing!

What the tidings which he brings?
Who's this glorious One descending?
'Tis the King, the King of Kings,
Hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah !
Welcome ! Welcome ! Saviour God!
Hear the trumpet ! hark it soundeth!
"Tis the trump of God most high,
Now the mysi’ry is completed :
Mighty vees of the ty. [kingdoms !
Shout the kingdoms! hallelujah! Shout the

Gather's home to God in Chrift.
4 Spirits ! Angels ! Elders! Creatures !

Fall before the man divine !
Glory, honor, pow'r and blessing,
Riches, strength, and might are thine.
Hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah!
Hallelujah! Lord! Amen!

The last Resurrection.
HE Ancient of eternal days,

Enthron'd in light's celestial blaze,
With shouting thousands comes.

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The archangelick trump is blown,
A voice is heard from glory's throne.
The spirit breathes on ev'ry bene;

And rends the cleaving tombs.
2 Now comes the end ; the end divine

See death, and hell, their dead resiga
To Christ, who holds the keys :
The judgment fits; the books unfold;
The actions of a world they hold ;
And there Omniscience has enroll'd,

Mysterious, high decrees. 3

These books are clos’d. Then opens wide
The book of life ; 'his book who died
For all : who rose again;
The writing in Immanuel's blood,
The fignet of the wine press trod,
Prevails for guilty man, wich God :

A world rewards his pain.
4 Salvation to the Lamb on hiyl,

Salvation is the mighty cry:
The glorious work is done.
Tears, forrow, death, and anguilh dire,
Like visions of the night retire ;
And extacy awakes the lyre
To Father, Spirit, Son !

P. M.

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Judgment brought forth unto Villory.
LO! the man of God appointed,

Judge of quick and judge of dead,
Mid his Father's throne exalted,
High in glory lifts the head.

Shout triumphare, ling rejoicing, shout trio

'Tis the Son, the Son of man. [umphanic, i He's the bringer forth of judgment,

Judgment bas'd on cruth divine :
See, before the bar arraigned,
Death and hell their pou'rs resign.
Ransom'd thousands, bappy myriads, riling
Sound th’Almighty Saviour's naře. (nations,
3 Where is fin, and death, and Satan?

Triumph they? or triumphs God?
Sin, and death, and hell, subdued,
Feel the Monarch's irón rod.

[ed, Whilft the nature, human nature, Chrift assumu

Is by him redeem'd and sav'd. 4. Hallelujah! hallelujah!

Glory be to God most high:
Hallelujah! hallelujah
Worlds below and worlds on high
Shout Redanption cry Salvation! praise the
Praise, O praise ye him; Amen. [Saviour !

HYMN CXV. c. M. [Rippon's CoLL.]

The times of Refreshing.
N Zion his most holy mount,



And Ifr'el's fons, and Gentile lands,

Shall in the banquet fbar. 2 Marrow and fatness are the food

His bounteous hand bestows : Wine on the lees, and well refin'd, lin-rich abundance flows.


See to the vilest of the vile,
A free acceptance giv'n !
See, rebels by adopting grace,

Sit with the heirs of heav'n!
4 The pain'd, the fiek, the dying now

To ease and health restord,
With eager appetites partake

The plenties of the board. 5 But O, what draughts of bliss unknown,

What dainties shall be giv'n,
When, with the myriads round the throne,

We join the feast of heav'n!
6. There joys immeafurably high,

Shall overflow the foul ;
And springs of life, that never' dry,
In thousand channels roll.


''s The Great Jubilee of Eternity. IT OUD let the tuneful trumpet sound,

And spread the joyful vidings round; Let ev'ry soul with transport hear,

And hail the Lord's accepted year. 2 Ye debtors whom he gives to know,

That you ten thousand talents owe,
When humble at his feet. you fall,

Your gracious God forgives them all.'!<!; 3 Slaves, thar have borne the heavy chain

Of fin and hell's tyrannic reign, rod
To liberty affert, your claim,
And urge the great. Redeemer's name.

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