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Onward, Christians, onward go 765 O thou, who monrnest en thy.. 465
On Wheels of light, on wings of 134 0 Thou! who rulest seas and.. 513
On wings of love the Saviour... 633 O throw away thy rod.

O, on that day, that dreadful... 182 O! to grace how great a...... 396
Open Thou the crystal fountain 533 Our beauty and our strength.. 201
Oppressed with sin and sorrow's 369 Our birth is but a starting place 674
O pray we then for Salern's.... 17 Our brother the haven Las.... 735
O precious cross! O glorious... 469 Our Captain leads us on

...... 375
Or as an eagle to the prey..... 066 Our cautioned souls prepare... 216
O render thanks to God above.. 77 Our days are numbered: let us 459
O Rest of rests! 0 Peace, serene 411 Our days run thonightlessly.... 197
O righteous Judge, if Thou wilt 364 Our dearest joys, and nearest... 493
Or, if it be the gloom that comes 779 Our eves have seen the resy.... 672
Or if on joyful wing..

545 Our eyes have seen the steps of 672
Or, if 't is v'er denied thee..... 813 Our fathers' God, our Keeper.. 607
Or round their Father's throne 654 Our fathers' God! to Tlee..... 609
O sacrest hope! O blissful hope 429 Our fathers' sepulchres are here 031
O Salem! our once happy seat. 456 | Our fathers, where are they.... 690
O saving Leader! opening wide 200 Our fellow-sufferer yet retains.. 158
O Saviour! with protecting care 156 | Our flesh, our reins, our spirits. 497
O say not so! thú spring-tide... 835 Our glad hosannas, Prince of... 128
O season of soft sounds and hues 790 Our glorious Leader claims our. 757
O see those waters streaming... 41 Our guiliy spirits dread........ 376
O, shali not warmer accents tell 557 Our barps that when with joy. 456
O'shine on this benighted...... 492 Our barvest months lave oer.. 807
O shout, ye people, ani adore.. 88 Our hearts are breaking now... 770
O show Thyself the Prince of.. 580 Our hearts havo often tuined.. 431
O sinners! in His presence bow 196 Our hearts leap ur; our... 293
O! spare me yet, I pray 69: Our journey is a thorny maze.. 540
O speak, thou voice of God.... 756 Our kindred and our fiends are 156
O Spirit of the Lord! prepare.. 575 Our labors done, securely laid.. 661
O sprenil Thy covering wings.. 419 Our lifo contains a thousand.... 500
O star untimely set..

CS5 Our life is a dream; our time.. $17
O, stay thy tears; the blest.... 660 Our life, whilst Thou preserv'st 106
O stay with us, and still.... 323 Our lives through varivus..... 62
O sweet abode of peace and love 302 Our moments fly apace.. C92
O! tell me the place where Thy 447 Our mirth is not afraid of Thee 317
0! tell ine that my worthless. 199 Our mourning is all at an end.. 734
O tell of Ilis might, and sing of 94 Our sacrifice is one..

Oth:t a dying world might 352 Our Saviour shall be still vur... 334
"O! that all the blind but

896 Ours, by the pledge of love and 679
O, that each, in the day of His. 817 Our sorrows and our sins were. 470
O that I could for ever sit.... 394 Our souls are faint, our hearts.. 324
O that I could now adore Ilim. 510 Our voices join the beavenly.. 419
( that I could, with favor d... 894 Our vows, our prayers, we now 419
O that I, like a little child. 327 Out of great distress they came 763
O that our thonglits and thanks 5 Outter but the name of God... 363
O that Thou wouldst hide me in 654 , voice of mercy ! voice of love 453
O that we now might see our. 450 wash my coul from every sin 246
O that with yonder sacred.... 333 O watch, and fight, and pray... 370
O! that worid is passing fair... 729 O wavering, wretched state.... 286
( the lost, the unforgotten .... 812 O! weak to know a Saviour's. 495
O then let wrath remove.. 501 O were I like some gentle dore 482
O then shall the rail be removed 730 O what a blessed hope is ours.. 434
(, there will be mourning..... 237 O what a glorious sight appears 752
O the rapturous height.. 415 O what ainazing joys they feel 744
Other refuge have I rone.... 607 O what a night was that which 20
O, tho rich deptlis of love... 100 O, what are all my sufferings.. 750
O, the transporting, rapturous.. 715 O what hath Jesus bought for. 750
() thon Almighty Lord. 153 0, when llis wisdom can..

O T500 eternal Ruler..

0050! when shall my fues and my 447
O Thou great Gol! whoso... 6580, when will the period appear 732
O Thou, that fill'st the heavenly 676 O! when wilt Thou, my Life 257
o Thou, who givest life and... 562 O while I breathe to Thee..... 261



O, while the soul unruMed lies. 455 Prayer makes the darkened... 417
O, who hath lock'd those 357 Pray thou, Christian, daily.... 511
0, who, in such a world as this 672 Precious is the Saviour's name. 20
o, who like Thee—so calın, so 135 Prepare us, Lord, by grace... 807
0, who like Thee so humbly... 185 Press on ! and if we inay not.. 639
0, who would bear life's stormy 471 Preserve it from the passing... 17
0! why shoul! I stray with the 417 Princes and magistrates must. 657
O! why should I wander.... 416 " Prisoner, long detained below 096
O! with the visits oť Thy love 659 Prisoners of hope, in gloom.... 213
0, with what congratulations.. 703 Proclaim abroad llis name.... 177
O'! wondros Love- to bleed.. 273 Proclaim Him King, pronounce 72
0, would le all of leaven..... 435 Proclaim llis wonders froin the S6
o, wretcherl state of deep..... 199 Proclaim the glories of your

O, ye angels, hovering round us 218 Prone to wander, Lord, I feel.. 396
Oye that love Ilis holy name..


Prostrate before the mercy seat 290
o Zion! learn to doubt no more 556 Prostrate bow; confess your... 220
" Zion, lift thy raptured eye. 13+ Prostrate I'll lie before llis.

... 255

Protect me from the furious 469

Publish-spread to all around 117
Pardon, anıl grace, and heaven 2:3 Pure as the air, wlien day's first 791
Pardon, O Lord, our childish... 833 Pure as the sum's enliv'ning... 319
Partakers of the Saviour's grace 432 Put all thy beauteous garments 574
Pass a few fleeting moments... 713 Put on the armor from above. 317
Patience, poor soul! the... 414
Patiently endnring, ever... 6-15

Pause, my soul! adore and... 524 Quick as their thoughts their.. 293
Peace and joy shall now attend 600

Peace! and no longer, from its. 613 Rage, wbile our faith the.... 783
Peace be within this sacred.... 16 Raised on devotion's lofty wing 73
Peaceful be thy silent slumber. 747 Raise thy downcast eyes, and.. 235
Peace from the bosorn of his.., 63.1 Raise your devotion, morial... 3:30
Peace is on the world abroad... 30 Ready for their glorious crown 694
* Peace on earth, good-will.... 121 Reason, I hear, her counseis. ... 263
Peace to our brethren give..... 20 Rebel ye waves, and o'er the... 74
Peo;le an: realms of every.... 310 Rebuild thy walls, thy bounds 532
Perhaps, before the morning.. ... 452 Receive, () earth, his faceii.... 658
Perhaps lle will a:lmit iny plea 255 Redeemed from earth and.... 696
" Permit them to approach," llu 563 Regard the weak and fatherless 611
Perpetual bly sings from above. 802 Rehearse IIis praise, wiili awe. 159
Physician of souls! unto ine... 134 Rejoice in glorious hope.

“Pilgrim, see that stream ..... 723 Rejoice in Lope and fear. 374
Pilgrims throigh this world and 401 ! Rejoice when care and woe.... 374
Pilgrim ih valost justly call me 723 Rejvice, ye righteous, and 82
Pillar of' tiri, tiirough watches. 43 Released from sorrow, sin and. 745
Pity and save my sin-sick svul 56) Remember all the dying pains. 831
Pity the nations, O our God!.. 557 Remember all who love thee.. $18
Pity the weeping widow's woe 55+ Remembered songs of glaciness 233
Plant Thy Heavenly kingilom. 723 | Remembering m ne affliction .. 692
Pienteo. grace with Thee is.. 513 Remember still that they are.. 561
Poor soal:! tint know not low 359 Remember Thee-Thy death.. 557
Poor thu'an-lespise l...... 455 Remember Thy pure word of.. 270
Poor tremblers at Ilis rongher. 557 Renew'd, the earth a robe of 129
Pour not tirou the bitter tear... 71 5 Repeated crimes awake our.. 319
Praise Hi 11, se celestial choirs. 165 Resign the honors of their firin 671
Praise Ilin, ya who know llis. 55 Rest for my soul I long to find. 250
Praise, my sin, the God that.. 36 Resting in this glorious hope.. 707
Praise t'ie Crop of the skies. 72 | Restraining prayer, we ciase to 413
Praise the God of our salvation 12 Rests secure the righteous man 707
Praise the Ln-fir lle hath. 12+ | Retreat beneath Ilis wings. ... 444
Praise the Lori--for lle is.... 12+Return, () holy Dove, return... 422
Prayer is the burden of a sigh.. 42: Return, () wanderer, return.... 194
Prayer i; ile Christian's vital.. 423 Return, () wand'rer, tolly. 191
Prayer is the contrite sinner's. 423 Revive our drooping fij:li 373
Prayer is the siaplest form of. 423 Rich dews of grace cone v'er us 604



Rich is the grace we sing.. 176 See, from His head, His hands 137
Ride forth, victorious.. 552 See, God is reconciled..

Ride on in Thy greatness, Thou 616 See heathen nations bending.. 604
Ride on, ride on in majesty 187 & 133 See how the Conqueror mounts 339
Righteous Judge of retribution 697 See, Jehovah's banner farled.. 590
Right thro' thy streets with . 753 See, Jesus stands with open.... 191
Ring, Liberty, thy glorious bell 593 See, low before Thy throne of.. 492
Rise, God ! judge Thou the... 611 "See, Mercy, from her golden. 134
Rise, great Redeemer, from Thy 617 See on the mountain top.. 384
Rise, my soul, the day is... 34 Sea Salem's golden spires.. 373
Rise, Saviour! help me to.. 160 See that glory, how resplendent 747
“ Rise," says the Saviour. 509 See the happy spirits waiting.. 720
Rise, touched with gratitude.. 183 See, the heaven its Lord... 166
Rivers of love and mercy, here 370 See the Jndge our nature...... 215
Rivers to the ocean run. 704 See the kind angels at the gates 500
Roar on, ye waves ; our souls.. 783 See the kinder shepherds round 827
Roll back the swelling tide of.. 626 See, the light of truth is....... 622
Room in the Saviour's bleeding 191 See the lovely Babe a-dressing. 827
Round each habitation hovering 596 See the morning sunbeams.

Round the altar priests confess 762 See the rocks and mountains 140
Rude in speech, or grim in.... 598 See the stars appearing.

See! the storm of vengeance... 217

See, the streams of living. 596
Sad be the notes, the plaintive 498 See the universe in motion.... 214
Sail to bis toil he goes..

379 See where it shines in Jesus'.. 307
Safe the dreary vale I tread.... 53 See where rebellious passions.. 316
Safe in my Saviour's love I'll.. 670 See-where the Sun of.. 797
Sages,leave your contemplations 122 See you orient streak appearing 710
Saints anil ángels, joined in.... 222 Selfish pursuits, and nature's.. 251
Saints, before the altar bending 12? Send forth Thy word, and let.. 552
Saints, begin the endless song. 764 Seraphs, with elevated strains.. 760
Saints below, with heart and.. 339 Serene, I laid me down... 809
Saints ! in fair circles, casting.. 176 Servant of all, to toil for man.. 257
Saints in glory perfect made.... 764 Shall aught beguile us on the.. 301
Salvation and immortal praise. 22 Shall break these clods, a form 647
Salvation !-let the echo fly.... 346 Shall every creature around.... 399
Salvation to God, who sits on.. 93 Shall it leave the low earth, and 771
Satan may vent his sharpest.. 334 Shall Jesus for admittance. ... 261
Save me, for none beside can.. 263 Shall love like Thine be thus.. 261
Save me, save me, O my..... 530 | Shall love, with weak embrace 685
Save us, in Thy great.

534 Shall man, the lord of nature.. 819
Saviour, hasten Thine appearing 178 Shall Nature from her couch.. 797
Saviour in glory beaming 176 Shail things withered, fashions. 622
Saviour, may our Sabbaths be. 30 Shall we, for whom that star.. 792
Saviour! shine, and cheer my. 277 Shall we, for whom the Saviour 792
Saviour, Thy love is still the.. 25+ Shall we Thy life of grief forget 470
Saviour, where'er Thy steps I. 294 Shall we, whose souls are..... 573
Saw ye not the cloud arise.... 590 Shall winds and waves their... 503
Say, hath thy heart its treasure 531 Sharing now Thy wounds, I... 276
Say-live forever, glorious..

... 138 Sher on those who in Thy.... 52
Say, O sinner, that livest at rest 223 Shepherds, in the field abiding. 121
Say, shall we yield Him in ... 163 Short is the passage, short the. 773
Say to the heathen, from Thy. 576 Should earth against my soul.. 487
Scarce morning twilight had.. 155 Should earth and hell with.... 99
Scenes of sacred peace and.... 597 Should friends and kindred....

Seal my forgiveness in the 758 Should I suppress my vital...
Searcher of hearts, in mine.... 565 Should stvrins of trouble blow. 512
Season of rest! the tranquil soul 8 Should strong temptations.... 488
Seasons and times, and moons 806 Should sudden vengeance seize 247
Secure, amidst alarms. 512 Should swift death this night.. 613
Secure from danger and from.. 494 Should worlds conspire to drive 245
See a long race thy spacious... 611 Sbout to the Lord, ye surging.. 57
See barbarons nations at thy.. 612 Shout, ye bright. angelic choir. 724
See, from a!l lands-from the.. 593 | Shout, ye little fluck, and blest. 439



Shout, ye saints, with. 140 So let our souls, benighted... 41
Shout, ye seraplis; Gabriel... 105 So let the Saviour be adored... 689
Show me wbat I have to do 4:1

So live for ever, glorious Lord.. 158
Show me Thy face, and I 'll... 352 | So, Lord, when tiiat last

Show us some token of Thy... 420 so long Thy power hath blessed 542
Sbrink not, Christians; will ye 765 So I may sing, in Jesus safe.... 311
Sick o: healthful, slave or free 519 [ So may my soul, upon the... 792
Silence, and solitude, and..... 155 Some Rose of Sharon, dyed in.. 797
Silent and slow, they glide..... 182 Sonne to their everlasting hoine 430
Silent our harps o'er Bubels.... 4,7 Son of the Father! Lord most. . 450
Since Christ and we are one 50+ Songs of praise awoke the..... 388
Since froin His bounty I receive 860 So oft my soul hath trod.. 504
Since on this fleeting hour.... 6 3 Sons of Adam, once in Eden... 709
Since Thou, the everlasting. 269 Soon as the evening shades.

Since, with pure and firm 33 Soon as the morn the light..... 260
Sinful, unworthy, trembling. 541 Soon as the morn with roses... 283
Sing how eternal love... 3-5 Soon as we draw our infant.... 290
Sing, bow He left the worlds of 156 Soon, borne on time's most.... 183
Sing of the Lainh that once was 836 Soon, for me, the light of day.. 514
Sing, on your heavenly way 33+ Soon must wo change our place 115
Sing praises to the righteous... 618 Soon night comes on with..... 279
Sing, till we feel our heart 383 Soon relentless death will come 285
Sinner! can you hate this 223 Soon shall a darker night....

Sinner! coine, ere thy doon... 228 Soon shall I pass the gloomy... 329
Sinner! coine to thy home 28 Soon shall ocean's boary deep.. 697
Sinner! come, while there. 223 Soon shall our doubts and fears 507
Sinner! haste, time fleets fast.. 223 Soon shall our doubts and fears 375
Sinner! hear your God and.... 223 Soon shall we hear Him say.... 384
Sinner! it was a heaverly..,

137 Soon shall we meet again.... 702
Sinner! perhaps, this very day 138 "Soun the days of life shall end 208
Sinners in derision crowned.. 173 Soon will the awful trumpet... 196
Sinners rejoice, and saints.... 396 Soon will our earthly race be... 761
Sinners, see your ransomn paid., 166 So pilgrims on the scorching... 13
Sinners, whose love can ne'er.. 333 Sorrow and fear are gone.. 511
Sinners, will you scorn the..... 217 Sorrow and Love go side by... 394
Sinners, wrung with true.... 122 So shall every slavery cease.... 629
Sin no more can taint thy

727 So shall it be at last, in that.... 412
Sin, o'er sense so softly stealing 602 So shall my walk be close with 423
Sin the primal charter broke... 6.1 | So shall that curse remove.... 690
Slain in the guilty sinner's 239, So shall their course more.... 195
Sleep, iny babe, thy food and... 826 So sleeps the soul, till Thou, 0. 292
Sleep shuns inine eyes-mine.. 656 So sorrow often presses. 527
"Sleep soft, beloved ! ” we .... 619 So speaks the Christian, firm.. 678
Small are the offerings we can.. 643 So thou, Eternity, so vast...... 781
So Abra'm, by divine command 457 So, though our path is steep.... 374
So before Thy presence fading. 3+ So, through the ocean-tide of... 659
So be it! let this system end... 710 So to the heart that knows Thy 411
So, cured of my folly, yet cured 716 So, trusting in Thy love, I..... 466
So deep were Ilis sorrows, so... 132 Soul, adieu! this gloomy... 723
So fades a suiner cloud away. 662 Soul, then know thy full.
So fast eternity comes on...... 195 Sounds among the vales and.. 52
Soft and easy is thy cradle..... 826 Sounds of so sweet a tone...... 126
Soft as the morning dews. 317 Source of light, Thou bid'st the. 51
Soft, my child—I did not chide 826 Source of truth, whose rays. 52
So, gracious Saviour, on my.... 162 | So, when a raging fever burns. 191
So grant me, Lord, from every: 355 So when my latest breath.... 377
So in the dreary grave confined 671 So when our mortal ties death. 700
So, in the last and dreadful day 156 So when the Christian pilgrim. 747
So in this darkness I can learn. 353 So, when that worn of endless. 794
Su Jesus looked on dying men. 633 So, when the transient storm is 415
So Jesus rose to pray.

435 So will Thy people with....... 613
So Jesus slept; God's dying... 657 Space cannot check, thought... 651
So Jesas still doth pray,
435 Spared to see another year

So let each faithful child....... 614 | Spare, Lord! the thoughtless... 638

... 532


Speak, for you feel llis burning 86 Surely, once Thy garden.... 535
Speak gently-'t is a little thing 635 Sure never, till my latest...... 190
speak gently to the aged one... 654 Sure there was ne'er a heart so 263
speak gently to the erring ones 635 Sweet as home to pilgrims... 224
speak gently to the erring ones 612 Sweet, at the dawning hour... 25
Speak gently to the young ... 634 Sweet bonds that unite all the 770
Speak of the wonders of that... 75 Sweet drops of grace, the...... 486
Speed on Thy work, Lord God. 627 Sweet fields, beyond the.... 758
Spirit of glory and of God.... 2:3 Sweet hour! for heavenly.. 791
Spirit of purity and grace 172 Sweet in the confidence of... 459
* Spread for thee the festal..... 209 Sweet is the dawn of day. 811
Spread, mighty Gospel, spread. 612 Sweet is the day of sacred rest
Spread then Thy plumes of.... 797 Sweet is the early dew. 811
Sprinkled afresh with pardoning 802 Sweet is the light of Sabbath... 8
* Sprinkled now with blood.... 208 Sweet is the vision of Thy face 245
Spurn not the call to life and... 187 Sweet majesty and awful love.. 776
Stand, then, in His great might 371 Sweet mercy to my sonl....... 504
Stand up, and bless the Lord... 60 Sweet on His faithfulness to.... 489
Star Divine! O safely guide.... 703 Sweet, on this day of rest..
Star of faith! when winds are.. 703 Sweet rose ! in air whose odors 159
Star of hope! gleam on the... 713 Sweet soul, we leave thee to.... 742
Stay with us, Lord, and with... 350 Sweet spring! of days and..... 190
Stern and awful are its tones... 390 Sweet the day of sacred rest..... 31
Still as the light of morning.... 6 Sweet to look inward, and... ... 459
Still for us lle intercedes. 167 Swift as an eagle cuts the air.... 313
Still give us grace, Almighty... 632 Swift to its close ebbs out life's 413
Still heavy is thy heart.. 509

Swiftly roll, ye lingering hours.. 721
Still let her mild rebukings.... 679 Swift through the vast......

Still let the barren fig-tree... 789
Still let the Spirit cry..


Still may their light our duties 557 Take down tlıy long-neglected 458
Still ’mid heavy mourning...... 698 Take heart !--the waster builds 780
Still near the lake, with weary 133 Take llis easy yoke, and wear it 221
Still restless nature dies and... 112 Take the rest this day is..... 35
Still, still with Theel as to each 412 Take to Theo Thy royal power 729
Still tossed on a sea of distress.. 736 Tarry with me, o my Saviour $13
Still the Spirit lingers near.... 30 Teach all the nations My.. 583
Still to a stricken brother true., 793 Teach me some melodious.... 396
Still watch and pray, and raiso 755 Teach me to live, that I may.. 783
Still we wait for Thine... 531 | Teach us, in every state...

Still will I hope for voice and.. 496 Teach us, O Lord, how frail is 63
Still would we bear Thy easy.. 750 Teach us, O Lord, to keep in... 632
Stop, thoughtless sinner, stop... 225 Teach us that not a leaf can.... 83
Strangely, my soul, art thou.... 318 Teach us to knock at heaven's.. 784
Strike, strike the harps again.. 150 Tell how He shows His smiling 85
Stripp'd of each earthly friend... 511 Tell of His wondrous... 91
Stronger His love than death or 394 Tell them, I am, Jehovah said 56
“Stronger than death Thy love 452 Tempest-tost, my failing bark 519
Strong in the Lord of hosts..... 371 Temptations fled at His rebuke 463
Strong were thy foes; but the.. 413 Tempted souls, they bring you 217
Struggle through thy latest.... 721 Tend'rer is the form it weais.. 390
Stung by the scorpion sin.... 15+ Ten thousand offices unseen.. 572
Subdued and instructed at...... 716 Ten thousand thousand precious 102
Sublime upon His azure throne 740 Ten thousand thousand voices 21
"Such a Guide? No guide.... 723 Ten thousand worlds, ten.... 260
Such blessings from Thy. 419 Thanks for mercies past receive, 275
Such is pleasure's transient.. 223 Thanks to my God for every.. 351
Such is the Christian's parting.. 792 Thanks we give, and adoration 35
Such was the lot le freely.. 133 That awful Word, that sovereign 120
Sun, moon, and stars convey..... 44 That deeper shade shall break.. 790
dun of my soul! Thou Saviour., 785 That every human word and.. 83
Sure as Thy truth shall last.... 438 That glory sits on every face.. 742
Suro I must fight, if I would.... 342 That, having all things done.. 371
Buro is Thy protection........ 547 | That'light shall shine on distant 550

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