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they themselves were not to be judged of any un converted Man, 1 Cor. ii. 15.

A natural Man cannot discern spiritual Things, for they are Foolishness unto him, before he has received those breathing Winds. of God's Holy Spirit, I Cor. ii. 14. Here St. Paul by Experience could argue after the same Manner as our Lord did to Nicodemus ; and every true Believer can in his Measure confidently affirm the same: Therefore unless those Winds have breathed on thy Soul, thou art yet in the “ Gall of Bitterness, and in the Bond of Iniquity;" having no true faving Hope, and without God in the World, Eph. ii. 121 “ For no Man can call Christ Lord, but by the Holy Ghoft," i.Cor. ii. 14. If those Winds have not applied Christ unto thee, to save thee from the Guilt of Sin, thro' Faith in his Blood, thou art ignorant of the Efficacy of a Saviour: for it is written,

“ This is Lite eternal, to know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou haft fent,” John xvii. 3.

John xvii. 3. But if thou dost not know him, his Gospel is hid from thee. And the Apostle faith, “ If our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them who are loft," 2 Cor. iv. 3. A dreadful Condition, thus to be dead in the Valley of dry Bones; and not know it ! " Awake, awake thou that Deepest, and arise from the Dead, (dead by the Fall of Adam, dead in Sin) and Christ shall give thee Life,”. Ephef. v. 14. May the Lord help thee, (for thou canst not help thyself) to come out of the Grave of Nature, and like Lazarus, hear the Voice of the Son of God, when he faith, “ I am the Refurrection, and the Life; if any Man belicveth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth, and believeth in me, shall never die,” i. e. eternally, John xi, 25, 26. It is a blessed Condition thus


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to be risen by Assurance of Faith with Christ, whereby we seek the Things which are above ; for where a Man's Treasure is, there is his Heart also. A brave Condition, my Friends, to be chosen out of the World! I do not wonder that the World hateth me. “ If the World hateth you

, (saith Christ) ye know that it hated me before it' hated you, but now it hateth you on my Account." Ah! foolish World, to hate such great Love as is found in Christ and his People for precious, never-dying Souls. of the World ( faith Christ) the World would love his own, but because ye are not of the World, but I have chosen you out of the World, therefore the World hateth you.

Remember the Word that I said unto you, The Servant is not greater than his Lord: If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you: if they have kept my Saying, they will keep yours also, Jobn xv. 18, 19, 20.

Now my Beloved, (ye People of Gillingham) if ye were not asleep, sure this fingle Testimony of the Son of God, (who could not err in his Judg. ment) must, and would alarm your Consciences on Account of your Behaviour to me since I have returned among you. What Reason have you for hating and backbiting me with Lies, Slander, and Defamation ; seeing you cannot justly charge me with any Thing vile or base in my Character from my Youth up 'till I went abroad, nor since I returned Home? And during the ten Years of my Absence, all my Acquaintance can testify they saw no vile Behaviour in me in those Places where Providence cast my Lot, and where by lawful Employment and honest Industry I was enabled to support my Family; though your Friendship and Custom are both withdrawn, fince I made a Profession of Christ, and thereby you have compel;


led me to wander as a Pilgrim from my native Place, bearing his Cross. God grant that none of you may hear these Words from-him in the Day of Judgement, “ I was an hungred, and ye gave . me no Meat : thirsty, and ye gave me no Drink : naked, and ye cloathed me not, &c.” And you answer, “ When saw we thee in this Distress, and did not administer Help unto thee?” And Jesus answering, “ Forasmuch as ye did it not unto the least of my Brethren, (who bore my Image, which ye hated, ye did it not unto me.

And these shall go away into everlasting Punishment :" but they who love Christ's Image in his People, and relieve the Distressed, shall go into Life eternal, Matt. xxv. 42, &c. Now observe, this everlasting Fire, of which Christ speaks, was prepared for the Devil and bis Angels, not for you, my Neighbours; but if you join with the Devil, to hate God and persecute his People, you may thank yourselves for it, if you suffer the same Fate, for Christ has given you Warning. But why should I expect better Treatment? " he that will live godly in Christ Jesus must suffer Persecution, 2 Tim. iii. 12. “`And be hated of all (ungodly): Men for Christ's sake,” Matt. x 22. Yea, even by unteeling Preachers of the Gospel, which has been the Case with me; for (however preposterous the Conduct, and horrible to relate your Minister is turn'd a Railer from the Pulpit, against the Cause of Christ and his people. May the Lord awaken all luch to see their Error, (and you also) for they ought to be Eyes to you who are blind, Job xxix. 15. Behold!' I feel a Sympathy for my native Town; methinks I taste that Compassion for you which Jesus felt for Jerusalem, when he cry'd, “ O Jerusalem, Jerusalemn, thou that killest the Prophets, and stoneft them which are sent

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ünto thee, how often would I have gathered thy Children together, even as a Hen gathereth her Chickens under her Wings, but ye would not !” Matt. xxiii. 37- .

Even so do I find the fame Spirit cry in my Soul, o Gillingham, Gillingham, thou that hatelt God's Messengers who. warned thee to flee from the Wrath to come; how often did I exhort thee to repent and believe the blessed Gospel, and contend for the Faith of God's Elect, " which was once delivered unto the Saints?” Jude 3.

“ without which it is impossible to please God!” “ Yet the more I loved you, the less was I beloved of you," 2 Cor. xii. 15. But remember our Lord's Words,

“ If the Blind lead the Blind, both shall fall into the Ditch," Matt. xv. 14.

) Lord open your Eyes, that you like holy David thro' the Meditation of the Scriptures may become wiser than your Teachers, Pfal. cxix. 99. But the Children of the Bond-Woman will be always persecuting those of the Free, Gal, iv. 29. Even they whom the Son hath made free, and are free indeed, John viii. 36. But what faith the Scriptures? “ Cast out the Bond-Woman, (the Doctrine of Self-righteousness, the Devil's Nurse) and her Son, (the haughty Self-justifier, the Devil's. scoffing Seed) for he shall not be Heir, (or coinherit) with the Son of the Free-Woman," Gen.

For as Jerusalem which is above, is free, and is the Mother of all Believers : fo nominal Jerusalem below, thro' Unbelief, is in Bondage, which is the Mother and Fosterer of all Perfecutions, Gal. iy. 26. But Satan will roar, when he has lost a Soul from his Service, and especially one who beats up for Volunteers, and inlifts Soldiers for the King of Glory. Lost in the Devil's Scroll, is gain'd in Christ's Book ! So Satan's Sorrow, is. Heaven's Joy, and our Comfort. Come my fellow.


xxi. 10.

xix. 2.

Sinners and beloved Neighbours, seek ye the Lord, as (thro' Grace) I have done, 'till you have found him; and then, Angels shall also rejoice on Account of your Conversion. I tell you, there shall be joy in Heaven over every Soul that repenteth, Luke xv. 7. Repent therefore or every evil Habit, of every Sin in Heart and Life ; " and turn unto the Lord, and he will have Mercy upon you, and to our God (I speak from Experience, and I know) he will abundantly 'pardon,” Ifa. lv. 7:

For with our God there is plenteous Redemption. The Blood of Christ is infinitely meritorious, and unspeakably efficacious. Repent, I say, and believe, and you shall receive the Testimony of the Holy Ghost; though like those Disciples, of old, ye have not yet known him, A&t.

Even the Spirit of Truth, which shall guide you into all Truth, and bring all Things to your Remembrance, whatsoever the Lord hath said unto you in Times paft, by hearing or reading his Gospel, John xiv. 26. Which now the Devil steals away from you, and makes your Reading and Hearing become unfruitful, Luke viii. 12. I lay (happy Souls) you shall receive the Anointing, which shall abide in you, and then you need not that any Man teach you, (your Faith shall not rest on any Man's Word) for the same Anointing will teach you all Things, 1 Joln ii. 27. Thus, I say, those anointing Winds, or his overshadowing Presence who form’d the Creation, shall breathe on your nain and dead Souls, and you shall live, believe and never die, John xi. 25, 26, Then you shall know the Blessedness of the Heaven-born Soul, “ who is called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb,” Rev. xix. 9. Likewise you shall know the Meaning of the XIIIth Article of our Church, which faith, 66 Werks done before the Grace of




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