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Your voice, with full expression fraught,
Blends it so well with music's chords,
We thrill with all the poet thought,
When breathing his impassion'd words.

But, ah, how few have known a pleasure
Charm but an hour without alloy;
And e'en whilst listening to the measure,
Regret will mingle with the joy:

'Tis felt that notes which oft have pleased,
Will soon no power to soothe discover;
That when your syren voice has ceased,
Delight in melody is over!


COLLEGE STREET is one of the most spacious of the many noble thoroughfares of the Irish metropolis. By its intersection with Westmoreland Street, it commands a view of the far-famed College Green; and also of the Bank of Ireland; the Eastern Portico of which, exhibited in the accompanying engraving, was, in days gone by, the entrance into the Irish House of Lords. This Eastern Portico, which is connected by an ornamented screen with the grand or principal front of the Bank, in College Green, presents a beautiful colonnade, consisting of six tall, and delicately-proportioned pillars of the Corinthian order, supporting a plain entablature, from which rises a pediment of singular grace and beauty. This pediment supports the statues of Fortitude, Justice, and Liberty; emblems, surely, not unsuited to the present condition of Ireland, nor lacking a moral meaning which her children would do well to ponder.

So stand thou ever, noble Fortitude!

An Emblem thou, meet for Hibernia's land!
Patient in suffering, she; brave to endure;

Her strength by gratitude's warm breezes fann'd.

So stand, supported by two Graces more,

By Justice, with her sword and balance true;
While radiant Liberty shall calmly smile

On the stern sword, and on the balance too.

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