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4. Speak, for you feel His burning love,

What zeal it spreads through all your frame; That sacred fire dwells all above,

For we on earth have lost the name. 5. Proclaim His wonders from the skies,

Let every distant nation hear;
And while you sound His lofty praise,

Let humble mortals bow and fear.



L. M. 1. The Lord is King ! lift up thy voice, O earth, and all


heavens rejoice! From world to world the joy shall ring:

The Lord omnipotent is King !
2. The Lord is King! child of the dust,

The Judge of all the earth is just :
Holy and true are all His ways;

Let every creature speak His praise. 3. Come, make your wants, your burdens known;

The contrite soul He 'll ne'er disown;
And angel bands are waiting there

His messages of love to bear.
4. O, when His wisdom can mistake,

His might decay, His love forsake;-
Then may his children cease to sing,
The Lord omnipotent is King !



L. M.
1. LET Zion in her King rejoice,

: Though tyrants rage, and kingdoms rise,
He utters His almighty voice-

The nations melt-the tumult dies. 2. From sea to sea, through all the shores,

He makes the noise of battle cease;
When from on high His thunder roars,

He awes the trembling world to peace.

3. “Be still—and learn that I am God;

I'll be exalted o'er the lands;
I will be known and feared abroad,

. But still my throne in Zion stands." 4. O Lord of hosts, Almighty King !

While we so near Thy presence dwell,
Our faith shall sit secure, and sing
Defiance to the gates of hell.



L. M.
1. Lo, God is here! let us adore,

And humbly bow before his face;
Let all within us feel His power,

Let all within us seek His grace.
2. Lo, God is here! Him, day and night,

United choirs of angels sing;
To Him, enthroned above all height,

Heaven's host their noblest praises bring. 3. Being of beings! may our praise

Thy courts with grateful incense fill;
Still may we stand before Thy face,

Still hear and do Thy sovereign will.



L. 01.
1. INFINITE leagues beyond the sky

The great Eternal reigns alone,
Where neither wings nor souls can fly,

Nor angels climb the topless throne.
2. The Lord of glory builds His seat

Of gems insufferably bright,
And lays beneath His sacred feet

Substantial beams of gloomy night.
3. Yet, glorious Lord, Thy gracious eyes

Look through and cheer us from above;
Beyond our praise Thy grandeur flies ;

Yet we adore, and yet we love.



C. M.
1. The Lord descended from above,

And bowed the heavens most high;
And underneath His feet He cast

The darkness of the sky.
2. On cherubim and seraphim

Full royally He rode;
And on the wings of all the winds

Came flying all abroad.
3. And like a den most dark He made

His hid and secret place;
With waters black and airy clouds

Encompassed He was.
4. He sat serene upon the floods,

Their fury to restrain;
And He as sovereign Lord and King

For evermore shall reign. STERNHOLD.

1. ARISE, ye people, and adore,

Exulting strike the chord;
Let all the earth—from shore to shore,

Confess th’ Almighty Lord.
2. Glad shouts aloud-wide echoing round,

Th' ascending God proclaim;
The angelic choir respond the sound,

And shake creation's frame.
3. They sing of death and hell o'erthrown

In that triumphant hour:
And God exalts His conquering Son

To His right hand of power.
4. O shout, ye people, and adore,

Exulting strike the chord;
Let all the earth—from shore to shore,
Confess th' Almighty Lord.



C. M.
1. O Gop! we praise Thee, and confess

That Thou the only Lord
And everlasting Father art,

By all the earth adored.
2. To Thee, all angels cry aloud;

To Thee the powers on high,
Both cherubim and seraphim,

Continually do cry:
3. O holy, holy, holy Lord,

Whom heavenly hosts obey,
The world is with the glory filled

Of Thy majestic sway!
4. The apostles' glorious company,

And prophets crowned with light,
With all the martyrs' noble host,

Thy constant praise recite.
5. The holy church throughout the world,

O Lord, confesses Thee,
That Tnou the eternal Father art,

Of boundless majesty.



C. M.
1. Sing to the Lord Jehovah's name,

And in His strength rejoice;
When His salvation is our theme,

Exalted he our voice.
2. With thanks approach His awful sight,

And psalms of honor sing:
The Lord's a God of boundless might,

The whole creation's King.
3. Let princes hear, let angels know,

How mean their natures seem,
Those gods on high, and gods below,

When once compared with Him.

4. Earth, with its caverns dark and deep,

Lies in His spacious hand;
He fixed the sea what bounds to keep,

And where the hills must stand.
5. Come, and with humble souls adore,

Come, kneel before His face;

the creatures of His power
Be children of His grace!


[blocks in formation]

1. The Lord-how fearful is His name!

How wide is His command !
Nature, with all her moving frame,

Rests on His mighty hand.
2. Immortal glory forms His throne,

And light his awful robe;
While with a smile, or with a frown,

He manages the globe.
3. A word of His almighty breath

Can swell or sink the seas;
Build the vast empires of the earth,

Or break them as He please.
4. On angels, with unvailed face,

His glory beams above;
On men He looks with softest grace,

And takes His title, Love.
5. Now let the Lord forever reign,

sway us as He will;
Sick or in health, in ease or pain,

We are His favorites still.
6. No more shall peevish passion rise,

The tongue no more complain;
'T is sovereign love that lends our joys,
And love resumes again.


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