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Who brought that proclamation Meaning of nominate ? to Boston ?

Who were the council ? Men How was Winslow punished ? chosen to advise the

governor. What proclamation did Andros By whom, chosen ? By the gen immediately issue ?

eral assembly. What rumor was circulated at Who had a negative upon the the same time?

choice of counsellors? The gove Effect of these ?

In what year, was Andros cap Meaning of negative ? Power ured ? — Month and day?

to prevent any person serving How many men were captured whom he disliked. with him ?

Who had a negative upon all How long was he kept in con

laws? The governor. finement ?

Who had the command of the What was then done with him ? militia ? The governor.

How soon after the capture of Who 'had power to reject all Andros, did news arrive of the ac laws, even after admitted by the cession of King William ?

governor ?

The king of Eng. Why was not Andros tried and land. condemned for his tyranny ?

What liberty was granted by the What colonies immediately re second charter, that was not men. sumed their charters?

tioned in the first? Liberty of What other colony soon ob conscience. tained a new charter ?

Principal territories embraced by General character of the new the second charter, and not by the charter of Ms. ?

first ? Colony of Plymouth, ProvMost important respect in which ince of Maine, Nova Scotia and the new charter was worse than a great part of New Brunswick. the old ? The appointment of the Why was the second charter so governor, lieutenant governor, sec much less favorable to the colony retary and all the officers of the ad than the first ? Probably the king miralty, was vested in the crown. was afraid Ms. would revolt, and

Meaning of admiralty ? of sec wished to keep them in deep subretary?

jection. By whom, were the judges, jus What was the result? The retices and sheriffs nominated ? By volt was undoubtedly hastened. the governor, with the advice of How? The people were indig, the council.

nant under their degradation, and long and so cruelly injured. These On the following Feb. Andros noble culprits were immediately and several others were sent to committed to prison, where they England for trial. He was partly were in no danger of being as tried, but dismissed without being saulted by the muskets, or clubs, formally condemned or acquitted. or reproaches, of an enraged popu

The chief reason undoubtedly was, lace.' Andros was confined in the that many in England, and even castle, where he had an opportuni some who sat in judgment upon ty for ten months, to look back upon him, had acted the iyrant as basely his crimes, and forward to his trial. as himself, and could not be brought

On May 26, the joyful news ar. to judgment with safety to the state. rived, thai William and Mary had In times of revolution, it is often been proclaimed king and queen necessary to wink at such crimes. of England.

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ures ?

their representatives were often What relation was Milborn to

1 contending with the governor.

Leisler ? What distinguished female en Where was Dongan, when Leis deavored to procure a more favor ler assumed the command ? able charter for Ms. ? Mary, queen To what place did the council of William III,

and magistrates flee from Leisler ? Who was her father? James In whose name, did both Leisler II.

and the magistrates profess to Her character? She was prob-. rule? ably the most lovely and excellent Success of Milborn against the of all the queens of England. magistrates at Albany ? Under what name, did

Watts cel Whom did William make govebrate her virtues and graces ? ernor of N. Y. in 1691 ? Sophronia.

For what crime, were Leisler and 0 In what colony, had Andros Milborn tried and condemned ? been formerly governor ?

Why did Gov. Sloughter choose For how long a time, after 1664, to defer their execution ? had the people of N. Y. no share How was he induced to sign in the government ?

their death-warrant ? What Papist was governor of

Effect of these violent meag. N. Y.?

Of what sect, were the principal What restored the rights of Eng. officers under Dongan ?

lishmen in the colony ? Who was excited by the seizure For what purpose, did Sloughter of Andros, to take the lead in re convoke an assembly? bellion at N. Y.?

Three grand features in the conCharacter of Leisler? He was stitution ? of low birth, without education, Meaning of jury ? - of tolera and had scarcely any qualification tion? for such an enterprise.

$ What governor of N. Y. at Who directed all the counsels tempted to take command of the of Leisler? Milborn.

militia of Ct. in 1693 ? ?

was walking in front of the compa+ NOTE T.

nies, and exercising the soldiers, Fletcher and Wadsworth. Col. Fletcher ordered his commisIn the year 1693, Col. Benjamin sion to be read. Captain WadsFletcher, Gov. of 'N. Y. came to worth instantly commanded, “Beat Hartford to take command of the the drums," and there was such a militia of Ct. He had been au roaring of them, that nothing else thorized to do this, by a commis- could be heard. Col. Fletcher sion from King William.

commanded silence. But no soonThe general assembly of Ct. er had Bayard made an attempt to however refused to give up their read again, than Wadsworth commilitia, to be commanded by the mands,“ Drum, drum, I say." governor of another state; as it The drummers understood their would be giving up a most precious business, and instantly beat chartered right, and exposing the

with all the art and life, of which colony to danger and ruin. they were masters.

“Silence, siIn the mean time, the train lence,” says the colonel. No soonbands of Hartford were assembled er was there a pause, than Wadsunder command of Capt. Wads- worth speaks with great earnestworth. While this gallant officer


“Drum, drum, I say;" and,

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years ?

From whom, had Fletcher re witchcraft in Ms. within a few ceived a commission for this?

Why did the assembly refuse to Who was executed at Hartford give him the command ?

for the same offence, in 1662 ? Ann Under whose command, were Cole. Hartford train-bands assembled ? What was the state of the coun.

What did Fletcher order to be try, upon that subject, for thirty read to them ?

years after that date? There How did Wadsworth interrupt were no executions, but frequent the reading ?

instances of supposed witchcraft. Who commanded silence ?

What wonderful book was pubWhat did Wadsworth then say ? | lished upon the subject in 1685 ? A

What did Wadsworth say to very particular account of a number Fletcher, after he had twice si of supposed witchcrafts, with maJenced the drumns ? - Effect of this

ny arguments to prove them real. threat ?

What was the fate of a poor What was the condition of the Irish woman, accused of bewitching Carolinas about that time?

the children of Mr. John Goodwin? In what county, had a number Where? of French Protestants settled ?

In what counties, did the mania Principal town in Craven coun rapidly spread and increase in ty? Newbern.

1692 1 In which Carolina, is Newbern? Meaning of mania ?

How were the French Protes In whose family in Danvers, did tants in Craven county, treated by the supposed witchcraft begin in the English Episcopalians ? that year? That of Mr. Paris. Who

had the happiness to allay What was his office ? He was these difficulties?

a minister. What kindness was afterwards What minister was condemned shown to the French Protestants ? and executed for witchcraft ?

$ In what part of this country, How many were executed at has been the greatest trouble on Salem for witchcraft ? account of witchcraft? In Dan What was done to Giles Corey, vers and Salem.

for refusing to put himself on trial In what year?

How many of the 19 executed Where was the first suspicion of were church members ? witchcraft among the English, in How many persons were in this country? When ?

prison ? How long after the settlement of What ladies of distinction were Boston ? of Hartford ?

accused of witchcraft ? What characters among the In Where was Mr. Hale minister ? dians had been supposed wizards ? At Beverly. The Powahs.

Which way is Beverly from SaHow many were executed for lem? from Marblehead ? furning to his excellency, said, “ If Such numbers of people colI am interrupted again, I' will lected together, and their spirits make the sun shine through you in appeared so high, that the govern. a moment." He spoke with such or and his suite judged it expedienergy in his voice, and meaning | ent, soon to leave the town, and rein his countenance, that no further turn to New York. attempts were made to read, or to enlist men.

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Effect of these accusations ? To, The treatment that James II. re. check the delusion.

ceived from William. What probably had a still great

How had Wm. treated James ? er influence for this end? A


Had driven him from his kingdom. teman in Boston, being accused Why did Lewis sympathize so of witchcraft, prosecuted his accu

much with James? They were sers for defamation.

both Papists; and Lewis was an At what did he estimate the enemy to England, and particulardamages ? 10001.

ly to William Meaning of defamation? - of Principal French province in prosecute?

America ? Canada. What inquiry was soon anxious Who was then governor of Canly suggested ?

ada? What conviction began to How many expeditions did Fronspread ?

tenac fit out against the colonies ? What was done with 52 that In what year? 1690. were brought to trial ?

At what season of the year ? What was done with those im Against what colonies ? prisoned ?

With what, did each party mark What does Dwight say of the

their progress ? cloud, that had so long hung over What village in N. Y. did they the colony?

destroy? General opinion respecting

On what river, is Schenectady? witchcraft, at that period ? Which way is Schenectady

How were doubis concerning from Newburyport ? - from N. Y. witchcraft regarded ?

city? What did Baxter denominate the For what, is Schenectady now disbeliever in witchcraft ?

distinguished ? What most excellent English Why did the people of Schenec. judge, repeatedly tried and con tady feel entirely secure? demned persons for witchcraft? What was the condition of the

What punishment does the bible inhabitants, when the attack was denounce against witchcraft ? Ex.

made ? 22: 18.

What special care had been taken by the enemy? How many people were slain ?

Who soon conducted an expedition against the French in this


What place did Phips attack?
In what province ?

Present name of Port Royal ?
King William's war. Annapolis.

Which way is Annapolis from
With whom, did the revolation Plattsburg ? - from Bosion ?
I in England involve the colonies in Success of Phips against Port

Royal ?
What was that war called ? Ăgainst what cities, did Phips

What kindled that war ? The direct his next expedition ?
wrath of Lewis XIV.

What defeated the design?
of what country, was Lewis Which colony issued the first
XIV. king?

paper money?
What had 'kindled his wrath ? For what purpose ?


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war ?

he gove
i ere

What appellation was given to At what season of the year? the Mohawks, Oneidas, Senecas, What did they do with the inOnondagas and Delawares ? fant ?

Principal tribe of the Five Na How far did Mrs. Dustan and tions ? Mohawks.

Mrs. Teff travel with the Indians ! On and near what river, were What did the prospect of a disthese tribes settled ?

tressing indignity lead them to deIn what state, does the east vise ? branch of the Susquehannah rise ? How many Indians did they kill ? Into what bay, does it empty?

In what condition, were the InWith whạt nation were the Five dians, that enabled the women to Nations in alliance !

kill them ? Against whom, had the Five Na Did they do right, in killing tions long been a safeguard to the these Indians ? English

From whom, did they afterWhy were they dissatisfied with wards receive a reward ? the English?

How many years ago was the Whai did Major Schuyler do to captivity of Mrs. Dustan? regain their confidence ?

Length of her captivity?
Where is Lake Champlain ?
Success of Schuyler ?

$ Upon what colony did the
storm of war now fall most se-
What colonies sent troops to

CHAPTER XLV.- p. 100. their aid? What resolution were the people

Queen Ann's war. of N. H. almost ready to form ?

Why did not Nesmond and What war was next in time, to Frontenac succeed in their plan King William's ? for crushing N. E. ?

In what year, did it commence ? Duration of King William's war ? How long after the peace of In what year did it close ? Ryswick ? By what treaty ?

In what year of Ann? The first. Where is Ryswick? In Hol How long after the settlement of land, a few miles S. W. of Leyden. Jamestown? - of Plymouth ? - of

O What is said of the French Boston ?- of Hartford ? and Indian atrocities, perpetrated Upon what part of this country, during this war?

did this war principally fall ? Where did Mr. Dustan live? What two colonies bore the In what state? Ms.

chief calamities? On what river ?

What town in Ms. did the French Which way from Boston ? and Indians burn in 1704 ?

By whom, was Mr. Dustan at In what year of Queen Ann? tacked on March 5, 1697 ?

On what large river is D. ? How many of his children did Which way is Deerfield from he defend from the savages ? Salem !-- from Greenfield ?

How far did he retreat before State of the people, when the them?

enemy attacked them ? Whom did the Indians then take What minister did they capture ? captive ?

At what season of the year? Who was her nurse?

How many persons did they kill ?

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