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2. Forth in the flowery spring,

We see Thy beauty move;
The birds on branches sing

Thy tenderness and love;
Wide flush the hills; the air is balm;

Devotion's calm our bosom fills.
3. Then come, in robes of light,

The summer's flaming days; .
The sun Thine image bright,

Thy majesty, displays;
And oft Thy voice in thunder rolls;

But still our souls in Thee rejoice.
4. In autumn, a rich feast

Thy common bounty gives
To man, and bird, and beast,

And every thing that lives.
Thy liberal care at morn and noon,

And harvest moon, our lips declare.
5. In winter, awful Thou!

With storms around Thee cast!
The leafless forests bow

Beneath Thy northern blast.
While tempests lower, to Thee, dread King,
We homage bring, and own Thy power.

H. M.
1. Ye boundless realms of joy,

Exalt your Maker's fame;
His praise your song employ

Above the starry frame:
Your voices raise, ye cherubim

And seraphim, to sing His praise.
2. Thou moon, that rul'st the night,

And sun, that guid'st the day,
Ye glittering stars of light,

To Him your homage pay:
His praise declare, ye heavens above,
And clouds that move in liquid air.


3. Let them adore the Lord,

And praise His holy name,
By whose almighty word

They all from nothing came:
And all shall last, from changes free;

His firm decree stand ever fast.
4. United zeal be shown,

His wondrous fame to raise,
Whose glorious name alone

Deserves our endless praise :
Earth's utmost ends His power obey;

His glorious sway the sky transcends. 1353.

P. M.
1. FADING, still fading, the last beam is shining,

Father in heaven! the day is declining,
Safety and innocence fly with the light,
Temptation and danger walk forth with the night;
From the fall of the shade till the morning bells

chime, Shield me from danger, save me from crime. Father, have mercy, through Jesus Christ our

Lord, Amen.
2. Father in heaven! O hear when we call;

Hear, for Christ's sake, who is Saviour of all;
Feeble and fainting we trust in Thy might,
In doubting and darkness Thy love be our light;
Let us sleep on Thy breast while the night taper

Wake in Thy arms when morning returns,

Father, etc.


85 & 78.
1. HERE We meet to part again,
But when we meet on Canaan's plain,

There 'll be no parting there,

In that bright world above.
Shout! shout the victory, we're on our journey


2. Here we meet to part again,
But there we shall with Jesus reign,

There 'll be, etc.
3. Here we meet to part again,
. But when we join the heavenly train,

There 'll be, etc.


6s & 5s.
1. SEE the shining dew-drops

On the flowers strewed,
Proving as they sparkle

God is ever good.
2. See the morning sunbeams,

Lighting up the wood,
Silently proclaiming

God is ever good.
3. Hear the mountain streamlet

In the solitude,
With its ripple saying

God is ever good.
4. In the leafy tree-tops

Where no fears intrude,
Merry birds are singing

God is ever good.
5. Bring, my heart, thy tribute,

Songs of gratitude,
While all nature utters

God is ever good.

[blocks in formation]

1. SEE, the light is fading,

From the western sky;
Day, thou art departing,

Night is drawing'nigh.

2. Evening winds are breathing

Through the forest green,
Crimson clouds are wreathing

In the sky serene.
3. See the stars appearing

All around so bright,
Emblems ever cheering

Of eternal light.


7s, 6s & 8s.

1. How beautiful the morning,

When summer days are long;
O we will rise betimes, and hear

The wild-bird's happy song-
For when the sun pours down his ray,

The bird will cease to sing ;
She 'll seek the cool and silent shade,

And sit with folded wing.
2. Up in the morning early-

'Tis Nature's gayest hour!
While pearls of dew adorn the grass,

And fragrance fills the flowers-
Up in the morning early,

And we will bound abroad,
And fill our hearts with melody,

And raise our songs to God.


1. Young and happy while thou art,

Not a furrow on thy brow,
Not a sorrow in thy heart,

Seek the Lord thy Saviour now.
In its freshness bring the flower,

While the dew upon it lies,
In the cool and cloudless hour

Of the morning sacrifice.

2. Life will have its evil years,

When its skies are overcast,
All the present, thronged with fears,

And with vain regrets, the past.
Let him tremble, who his heart

Brings not in an hour like this,
Let Jehovah say-—" Depart,

You shall never taste my bliss."


8 & 7s.
1. O How purely, 0 how surely,

Live the innocent in heart;
Ever lightly, ever brightly,

Every hour doth joy impart.
2. Angels standing, where we're wandering,

Watch our walk and guard our way;
Like the showers on the flowers,

So fall blessings all the day.
3. Day's declining, stars are shining,

Gleaming through the tranquil night;
Eyelids closing, safe reposing,

Rest we till the morning light. 4. Father! holy, pure and lowly,

May Thy children ever be; Anthems swelling, with Thee dwelling,

Here and in cternity.


88 & 78.
1. Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear us;

Bless Thy little lambs to-night:
Through the darkness be Thou near us;

Keep us safe till morning light.
2. All this day Thy hand has led ns,

And we thank Thee for Thy care;
Thou hast clothed


us, Listen to our evening prayer!

us, warmed

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