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5. Thy scene each vision brings

Of beauty in decay;
Of fair and early-faded things,

Too exquisite to stay ;
6. Of joys that come no more;

Of flowers whose bloom is fled;
Of farewells wept upon the shore;

Of friends estranged or dead ;-
vy. Of all that now may seem,

To memory's tearful eye,
The vanished beauty of a dream,

O’er which we gaze and sigh.


S. M.
1. Sweet is the time of spring,

When nature's charms appear;
The birds with ceaseless pleasure sing,

And hail the opening year;
But sweeter far the spring
Of wisdom and of

When children bless and praise their King,

Who loves the youthful race.
2. Sweet is the dawn of day,

When light just streaks the sky;
When shades and darkness pass away,

And morning's beams are nigh;
But sweeter far the dawn

Of piety in youth;
When doubt and darkness are withdrawn

Before the light of truth.
3. Sweet is the early dew,

Which gilds the mountain tops,
And decks each plant and flower we view

With pearly, glittering drops;
But sweeter far the scene

On Zion's holy hill,
When there the dew of youth is seen

Its freshness to distill.


88 & 7s.
1. SILENTLY the shades of evening,

Gather round my lowly door;
Silently they bring before me

Faces I shall see no more.
2. O! the lost, the unforgotten,

Though the world be oft forgot; 0! the shrouded and the lonely

In our hearts they perish not.
3. Living in the silent hours,

Where our spirits only blend,
They unlinked with earthly trouble,

We, still hoping for its end.
4. How such holy memories cluster,

Like the stars when storms are past;
Pointing up to that far heaven

We may hope to gain at last.


88 & 7s.
1. Tarry with me, O my Saviour,

For the day is passing by;
See! the shades of evening gather,

And the night is drawing nigh.
2. Many friends were gathered round me

In the bright days of the past;
But the grave has closed above them,

And I linger here at last.
3. Deeper, deeper grow the shadows;

Paler now the glowing West;
Swift the night of death advances;

Shall it be the night of rest?
4. Feeble, trembling, fainting, dying,

Lord, I cast myself on Thee;
Tarry with me through the darkness!

While I sleep, still watch by me.

5. Tarry with me, O my Saviour!

Lay my head upon Thy breast
Till the morning; then awake me-

Morning of eternal rest!


8s & 7s.
1. Saviour ! breathe an evening blessing,

repose our eyelids seal;
Sin and want we come confessing ;

Thou canst save, and Thou canst heal. 2. Though destruction walk around us,

Though the arrows past us fly,
Angel-guards from Thee surround us-

We are safe, if Thou art nigh.
3. Though the night be dark and dreary,

Darkness can not hide from Thee :
Thou art He who, never weary,

Watcheth where Thy people be.
4. Should swift death this night o’ertake us,

And our couch become our tomb,
May the morn in heaven awake us,

Clad in bright and deathless bloom.



8s & 7s.
1. On the dewy breath of even

Thousand odors mingling rise,
Borne like incense up to heaven-

Nature's evening sacrifice.
2. Thou, whose favors without number

All our days with gladness bless,
Let Thine eye, that knows no slumber,

Guard our hours of helplessness,
3. Then, though conscious we are sleeping

In the outer courts of death,
Safe beneath a Father's keeping,
Calm we rest in perfect faith.


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1. Sortly glides the stream of life

Oft along the flowery vale;
Or impetuous down the cliff

Rustling roams when storms assail.
2. 'Tis an ever-varied flood,

Always rolling to its sea,
Slow, or quick, or mild, or rude,

Tending to Eternity.
3. Mortal, what has life for thee,

Like the visions faith can see?
Is thy path of fading flowers,

Half so bright, so sweet as ours?
4. Doth a skillful, healing Friend

On thy daily path attend,
And, where thorns and stings abound,

Shed a balm on every wound ?
5. When the tempest rolls on high,

Hast thou still a refuge nigh?
Can, O can thy dying breath

Summon one more strong than death ? 6. Canst thou, in that awful day,

Fearless tread the gloomy way,
Plead a glorious ransom given,
Burst from earth, and soar to heaven?


1. Slowly, by God's hand unfurled,

Down around the weary world
Falls the darkness; 0, how still

Is the working of His will !
2. Mighty Spirit, ever nigh!

Work in me as silently;
Vail the day's distracting sights,
Show me heaven's eternal lights.

3. Living stars to view be brought

In the boundless realms of thought;
High and infinite desires,

Flaming like those upper fires !
4. Holy Truth! Eternal Right,

Let them break upon my sight!
Let them shine serene and still,
And with light my being fill.



1. Thou that dost my life prolong,

Kindly aid my morning song;
Thankful from my couch I rise,
To the God that rules the skies.

2. Gently, with the dawning ray,

On my soul Thy beams display;
Sweeter than the smiling morn,
Let Thy cheering light return.



1. In a land of strange delight

My transported spirit strayed :
I awake—where all is night,

Silence, solitude, and shade.
2. Is the dream of nature flown ?

Is the universe destroyed ?-
Man extinct, and I alone

Breathing through the formless void ?
3. No; my soul, in God rejoice;

Through the gloom IIis light I see,
In the silence hear His voice,

And His hand is over me.
4. When I slumber in the tomb,

He will guard my resting-place;
Fearless, in the day of doom,

May I see Him face to face.


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