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At what place?

appeared more gifted, than any What did he engage to resign other Indian. up into the hands of the English, as What important discovery did a pledge of his faithfulness? he make in his intercourse with the

Š Immediate cause of Philip's Indians ? That they were plotting war?

against the English. Whom had they murdered ? To whom, did he communicate

By whom, had they been excited this ? To the English. to this murder ?

What did he say, when he made By whom, had Sausaman been the communication? That the Ininstructed from his childhood ? dians would murder him, if they Mr. Eliot.

knew it. In what business, had Eliot em- Where was Sausaman murdered ployed Sausaman? In teaching a soon after ?

On Assawampset school at Natic.

pond. Why did Sausaman flee to Phil- Where is Assawampset pond? ip? In consequence of his own In Middleborough, about half way misconduct.

between Plymouth and Warren. In what office, did Philip employ What did they do with the body? Sausaman? As secretary and Put it under the ice. chief counsellor.

How were they proved guilty of What induced Sausaman to quit the murder? By an Indian, who the service of Philip? Probably a from a distant hill, had witnessed sense of guilt, in view of his con

the awful scene. duct at Natic.

$ Where did Philip first attack What did he publicly manifest, the English? when he returned to Natic ? Re- Within the limits of what colopentance


Month and day? Of what, did he then make a pro- On what occasion ? fession? The Christian religion. Under what apprehension ?

In what, was he afterwards em- How many persons were killed ! ployed ? 'In preaching to the In- Who flew to the defence of dians.

Swanzey? Character as a preacher ? He Within how many days, did 110 my indiscretion and the naughtiness engage to resign up unto the gov of my heart, violated and broken erument of New Plymouth, all my this my covenant with my friends, English arms, to be kept by them by taking arms with evil intent a- for their security, so long as they gainst them, and that groundlessly; shall see reason. For true perforI being now deeply sensible of my mance of the premises, I have hereunfaithfulness and folly, do desire unto set my hand, together with at this time, solemnly to renew my the rest of my council. covenant with my ancient friends, The mark P.

Philip, chief and my father's friends, above men

sachem of Pokanoket, tioned, and to desire this may tes- The mark Y. of Tavoser, tify to the world against me, if ev- The mark M. of Capt. Wispoke er I shall fail in my faithfulness The mark T. of Wookaponchant, towards them (whom I have now

The mark 8. of Nimrod." and at all times, found kind to me) | In presence of or any other of the English colo- William Davis, nies; and as a real pledge of my

William Hudson, true intentions, for the future, to be Thomas raitle. faithful and friendly, I do freely

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volunteers from Boston arrive at Wheeler and Hutchinson to the Bwanzey ?

Nipmucks? How soon was a vigorous attack How were they treated by the made upon Philip's men ?

Nipmucks ? Capt. H. and several From what place, was Philip con- of their men were killed. strained to flee, the same night? To what place, did the remain

With what did he mark his route ? der flee?

♡ Whose cause did the Narra- English name of Quaboag? gansets favor?

Which way is Brookfield from
What evidence was there of Worcester?
that ?

By what special providence,
With what success, did Captain were they preserved from being
Hutchinson negotiate with the Nar- | burnt by the Indians ?
ragansets ?

Who raised the siege ?
What were some of the most What towns on Čt. river, did
important articles of this treaty ? the Indians attack in Sept. ?
That there should be perpetual Which of these towns, is most
peace between the Narragansets northerly ?
and English, and that the Narra- ♡ What captain was sent to
gansets should unite in the war Deerfield in Sept. with 80 men ?
against Philip.

From what county?
How many hostages did the Nar-

For what purpose ?
ragansets deliver to the English ? In what part of Ms. is Essex

county? The N. E. Meaning of hostages?


many of Capt. Lathrop's What were the Narragansets to men were slain by the Indians ? receive, if they should deliver to At what place? the English, the body of Philip What was it then called? Bloody either dead or alive? Forty cloth Brook.

Who soon slew 96 Indians ? ♡ Where was Philip found about What other important town did the 17th of July ?

the Indians partly burn in Oct. ? How many days was that, after On what river, is Springfield ? the attack of Swanzey ?

On which side ?
Present name of Pocasset? Whence came the troops, that
Which way was Pocasset from prevented the total destruction of
Mount Hope ?

Springfield ?
What separated Pocasset from Which way is Westfield from S.?
Mount Hope? Mt. Hope bay. What eastern Indians began

In what state is Tiverton ? their depredations soon after the
R. I.

attack at Swanzey? With what success, did the Eng- In what colonies ? lish attack the Indians in Pocas. What injury had the English set swamp ?

done to Squando ? By what method, did the Eng- Who was Squando ? jish then attempt to subdue the What other injury had been done Indians.

to the eastern Indians, about that
How did Philip then avoid star- time?
vation ?

Effects of these wrongs ?
To whom, did Philip then flee? 8 Of what perfidy, were the
Where were the Nipmucks ? Narragansets guilty, about that
Which way from Boston ? time?
Ø Object of sending Captains Who led an army against them?


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What was the given name of How many towns are mentioned this Winslow ? Josiah.

as having been partly or wholly What relation was J. W. to Ed- destroyed, during the winter ? ward W. who twice visited Massa. With what success, did the soit ? Son.

Indians attack Capt. Pierce of How large was W.'s army? Scituate, and the 70 with him ? About 1150.

Who marched from Boston, with At what season of the year ? 50 men to relieve Sudbury ? The latter part of December.

What became of them? Where were the Indians, they ♡ When did the tide of Indian were going to attack? In a great prosperity turn ? fort, sometimes called Narragan- What great western tribe did set Fort.

Philip attempt to rouse against the Where was Narraganset Fort ? | English ? — How ? On an elevation in a great swamp

Result of his detection ? in what is now called Charlestown. To what part of New England,

In what part of R. I. is C.? In did Philip return? the south part, east of Westerly. Who then conducted an expedi

Where is Westerly? In the S. tion against Philip? W. corner of R. S.

What became of Philip? How thick was the hedge, that Name of the Indian that shot surrounded the fort ?

Philip through the heart ? AlderAl what time in the day, did the English arrive?

Where did Alderman belong? Success of the English, when To Pocasset. they first entered the fort ? They What reason can be offered, to were repulsed.

show, that Philip was a patriot? How did some Ct. men turn the He labored most assiduously and batule ? By unexpectedly attack- fought most valiantly, for his naing them in the rear.

tion. Success of the English, after a What reason can be offered, to desperate conflict ?

show, that he was not a genuine How many wigwams were patriot? He wickedly involved burnt ?

bis nation in a distressing and ruinHow many Indians were killed, ous war, that greatly hastened their or mortally wounded ?

destruction. Probable number of Indians in $ In what month and year, was the fort ?

Philip killed ? What can justify our ancestors What was the effect of Philip's in killing so many

death in terminating the war? How many English captains How many months had the war fell ?

continued ? How many of the troops were How much longer did the war killed, or mortally wounded ? with the Indians continue in

Effect of this defeat upon the Maine? Indians ?

How many English warriors fel To what country, did the princi- | in this war ?' pal part of the surviving Narra- How many dwelling houses were gansels soon retire ? To the Nip- | burnt? muck country.

How many towns were deWhere was that?

stroyed ? How long did they continue What part of the English houses plundering, burning and slaying? and soldiers did the Indians de

stroy? About one sixteenth part. With what Indians, were tho

What colony suffered less in this Virginians then at war? war, than any other in N. E.? Ct. What special commission did

Which colony suffered more than Berkley refuse Bacon ? all the rest ? Ms.

What did he order Bacon to do with his men ?

What illegal punishment did Berkley inflici upon Bacon ?

Meaning of illegal ?

How did Berkley attempt to conCHAPTER XXXIX - p. 70. ciliate him?

What request did Bacon then Capture of N. Y. by the Dutch, renew ? and restoration to the British. Of whom, did Bacon soon deAdministration of Andros in mand his commission, at the head N. Y. Acts of trade. Bacon's of an armed force ? rebellion.

Why did the assembly advise

Berkley to grant the commission ? To what power, was N. Y. sur- What denunciation did Berkley rendered in 1673 ?

soon publish against Bacon? How soon was N. Y. restored to Iminediate effect upon Bacon ? the British ?

Open rebellion. Why did the duke of York take Upon whom, did Bacon wreak out a new patent?

his vengeance What part of Ct. was included How did Berkley escape ? in that patent?

By whom, was Jamestown burnt? Whom did the duke of York ap- What stopped Bacon's rebellion ? point his governor?

How long had Bacon been masCharacter of Andros's adminis- ter of the colony ? Seven months. tration ?

How long did the evils of Bacon's From what most important priv- rebellion continue ? ilege, did he exclude the people ? How long was Berkley's adMeaning of legislation?

ministration ? Over what part of Ct. did An- Who succeeded William Berkdros claim jurisdiction ?

ley? Meaning of jurisdiction?

How did Culpepper compel the What fort did he attempt to assembly to pass most offensive take?

laws ? By threatening to hang the By whom, was Fort Saybrook adherents of Bacon, in case defended against Andros ?

Date of Bacon's rebellion?
In what colony was it ?
By what causes produced ?
Profession of Bacon ? Law.

What military office had Bacon CHAPTER XL. - p. 72. sustained ? Office of Colonel.

Personal appearance of Bacon? | Division and reunion of N. J. Uncommonly interesting.

Patents of Maine and N. H. Who was then governor of Va. ?

Into what parts, was N. J. divid

ed in 1676? See Morton's Memorial, edited How long did East Jersey and by Judge Davis, p. 457, 458. West Jersey continue distinci ?


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Yn what year?

By whom, were the representa- | CHAPTER XLI. - p. 75. tives chosen after the union?

Who appointed the governor and Settlements of Pennsylvania. council ?

Ms. deprived of her charter. What state was under the same Andros governor general governor as N. J. till 1738 ? N. Y.

New England. - Revolution in D. Of whom did Ms. purchase England. Maine in 1677? For how much ?

To whom, was granted the paEqual to how many dollars ? tent of Pennsylvania ? - In what Till what year, did Maine con

year ? tinue under Ms.?

By whom? How many years after the pur- In consideration of what ? chase ?

How far did this patent encroach $ To whom, did the Council of on the territory of Lord Baltimore? Plymouth grant N. H. ?

Over what colony, did it extend

on the north? How long after the patent of Ms. ? Between what colonies, did this - after the settlement of Dover ? occasion contentions ?

To whom, had they granted La- How long did these contentions conia seven years before ? To Ma- continue? son and Gorges.

Of what other territory, did Penn By what rivers, was Laconia receive deeds of the duke of York ? bounded? The Merrimac and Sag- In what year, was Delaware adahoc.

united in government with Pa. ? In what states, does the land now 1662. lie?

Meaning of Pennsylvania ? The To what colony, did the paten. wood of Penn. tees of N. H. assign its jurisdiction, In what year, did Penn send about the year 1640 ?

over a few men, to begin a settle. How long did N. H. continue ment? united to Ms. ?

In what year, did Penn come To whom, was the separation in over? In 1682. 1679, disagreeable ?

How many planters came with What high civil privilege had him ? they enjoyed under Ms. ?

Of what religious sect ? From what, had they derived Most distinguishing peculiarity great peace and harmony?

of the Quakers ? Never to make Who soon disturbed their tran

war, or to perform any act of vio. quillity after separation ?

lence, even in self-defence. From whom, had Wheelwright With whom, did Penn soon form and others been supposed to have a treaty ? purchased a large portion of N. H. What did he purchase of them! in 1629 ? +

What city did he immediately

found ? + Mr. Savage has most ably and How many houses and cottages clearly proved, that the deed, pur- did it contain within a year ? porting to have been given by four What colony had the most rapid Sagamores to Wheelwright and and prosperous settlement ? others, was a forgery, and probably To what cause, was this chiefly fabricated some years after the owing ? death of Wheelwright. See Win- How is Pa. bounded ? throp's History of New England, In what part is Philadelphia ! Vol. I. p. 405.

Between what rivers ?

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