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The tomb is built, or the rock is cleft,

Or delved is the grassy clod,
And what for mourning man is left ?

O what is left--but God !
2. The tears are shed that mourned the dead,

The flowers they wore are faded ;
The twilight dun hath vailed the sun,

And hope's sweet dreamings shaded;
The thoughts of joy that were planted deep,

From our heart of hearts are riven;
And what is left us when we weep ?

O what is left—but Heaven !

Doxology. C. M.
FATHER of mercies ! hear our cry;

Hear us, coequal Son!
Who reignest with the Holy Ghost,

While ceaseless ages run. 1220.

L. M.
1. FAREWELL, dear friends, I must be gone,

I have no home nor stay with you;
I'll take my staff and travel on,
Till I a better world shall view.

I'll march to Canaan's land,

I'll land on Canaan's shore,
Where pleasures never end,

And troubles come no more,

Farewell, my loving friends, farewell! 2. Farewell, my friends, time rolls along,

Nor waits for mortals' care or bliss;
I leave you here, and travel on,
Till I arrive where Jesus is.

I'll march to Canaan's land, etc. 3. Farewell, my brethren in the Lord,

To you I'm bound in cords of love;
Yet we believe His gracious word,
We all shall meet Him soon above.

I'll march to Canaan's land, etc.

4. Farewell, old soldiers of the cross,

You've struggled long and hard for heaven; You've counted all things here but dross, Fight on, the crown shall soon be given.

I'll march to Canaan's land, etc.


L. M.
1. FAREWELL, bright soul, a short farewell,

Till we shall meet again above;
In the sweet groves where pleasures dwell,

And trees of life bear fruits of love. 2. That glory sits on every face,

There friendship smiles in every eye;
There shall our tongues relate the grace

That led us homeward to the sky.
3. O’er all the names of Christ, our King,

Shall our harmonious voices rove;
Our harps shall sound from every string

The wonders of His bleeding love. 4. Come, sovereign Lord! dear Saviour, come!

Remove these separating days;
Send Thy bright wheels to fetch us home,

That golden hour, how long it stays ? 5. How long must we lie lingering here,

While saints around us take their flight?
Smiling, they quit this dusky sphere,

And mount the hills of heavenly light. 6. Sweet soul, we leave thee to thy rest,

Enjoy thy Jesus and thy God,
Till we, from bands of clay released,

Spring out and climb the shining road.



L. M. 1. There is a harp whose thrilling sound

Swells through the choirs of heaven above; 'Mid the blue arch the notes resound,

While angels catch the song of love.

2. 'Tis when beyond this vale of tears,

A sainted spirit wings its way;
And pure before the throne appears

In robes of bright, ethereal day.
3. Hark! the glad shout of sacred joy,

In choral numbers, loud and long;
Th' angel host their harps employ;

And hallelujahs swell the song. 1223.

L. M.
1. The ransomed spirit to her home,

The clime of cloudless beauty, flies;
No more on stormy seas to roam,

She hails her heaven in the skies;
But cheerless are those heavenly fields,
That cloudless clime no pleasure yields,
There is no bliss in bowers above,

If Thou art absent, holy Love!
2. The cherub, near the viewless throne,

Smiteth the hosts with trembling hand;
And one, with incense-fire hath flown,

To touch with flame the angel-band;
But tuneless is the quivering string;
No melody can Gabriel bring;
Mute are its arches, when, above,

The harps of heaven wake not to love!
3. Earth, sea, and sky, one language speak,

In harmony that soothes the soul;
'Tis heard when scarce the zephyrs wake,

And when on thunders thunders roll;
That voice is heard, and tumults cease;
It whispers to the bosom peace;
Speak, Thou Inspirer from above,

And cheer our hearts, celestial Love! TAPPAN. 1224.

L. M.
1. COME, O Thou universal good!

Balm of the wounded conscience, come!
Haven to take the shipwrecked in,
My everlasting rest from sin !

2. Come, O my comfort and delight!

My strength, and health, and shield, and sun,
My boast, my confidence, and might,
My joy, my glory, and my crown!


L. M.
1. DESCEND from heaven, immortal Dove;

Stoop down and take us on Thy wings;
And mount, and bear us far above

The reach of these inferior things; 2. Beyond, beyond this lower sky,

Up where eternal ages roll,
Where solid pleasures never die,

And fruits immortal feast the soul. 3. O, for a sight, a pleasing sight,

Of our Almighty Father's throne!
There sits our Saviour, crowned with light,

Clothed in a body like our own. 4. Adoring saints around Him stand,

And thrones and powers before Him fall: The God shines gracious through the Man,

And sheds sweet glories on them all. 5. O, what amazing joys they feel,

While to their golden harps they sing,
And sit on every heavenly hill,

And spread the triumph of their King! 6. When shall the day, deår Lord, appear,

That I shall mount, to dwell above;
And stand, and bow, among them there,

And view Thy face, and sing, and love!



L. M.
1. O HAPPY saints, that dwell in light,

And walk with Jesus clothed in white,
Safe landed on that peaceful shore,

Where pilgrims meet to part no more.

2. Released from sorrow, sin, and strife,

Death was the gate to endless life,
And now they range the heavenly plains,

And sing His love in melting strains. 3. They gaze upon His beauteous face,

And tell the wonders of His grace;
Or, overwhelmed with raptures sweet,

Sink down, adoring at His feet.
4. Ah, Lord! with faltering steps I creep,

And sometimes sing, and sometimes weep. When shall I wake in heaven to prove

The heights and depths of Jesus love.

[blocks in formation]

1. O for a sweet, inspiring ray,

To animate our feeble strains,
From the bright realms of endless day,

The blissful realms where Jesus reigns. 2. There, low before His glorious throne,

Adoring saints and angels fall;
And, with delightful worship, own

His smile their bliss, their heaven, their all. 3. Immortal glories crown His head,

While tuneful hallelujahs rise,
And love, and joy, and triumph spread

Through all th assemblies of the skies. 4. He smiles—and seraphs tune their songs

To boundless rapture, while they gaze;
Ten thousand thousand joyful tongues

Resourt His everlasting praise.
5. There all the followers of the Lamb,

Shall join at last the heavenly choir,
O, may the joy-inspiring theme
Awake our faith and warm desire.


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