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« The Lord has forsaken thee quite,

Thy God will be gracious no more.”
4 Yet, Lord, if thy love has design'd
No covenant blessing for me,
Ah, tell me, how is it I find
Some pleasure in waiting for thee?
Almighty to rescue thou art;
Thy grace is my shield and my tow'r:
Come succor and gladden my heart,
Let this be the day of thy power.

HYMN 107. L. M. [62]
LORD Jesus, when, when shall it be,
That I no more shall break with thee?
When will this war of passion cease,
And my free soul enjoy thy peace?
2 Here I repent and sin again ;
Now I revive, and now am slain :
Slain with the same unhappy dart,
Which, oh, too often wounds my heart.
3 O, Saviour, when, when shall I be
A garden seal'd to all but thee?
No more expos’d, no more undone;
But live and grow to thee alone?
4 Guide thou, O Lord, guide thou my course,
And draw me on with thy sweet force;
Still make me walk, still make me tend,
By thee, my way, to thee, my end !

HYMN 108. L. M. [63] THOU man of griefs, remember me,

Who never canst thyself forget; Thy last mysterious agony,

Thy fainting pangs and bloody sweat! 2 Father, if I may call thee so, Regard my fearful heart's desire;

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Remove this load of guilty wo,

Nor let me in my sins expire! 3 I tremble, lest the wrath divine,

Which bruises now my wretched soul, Should bruise this wretched soul of mine

Long as eternal ages roll.
4 I deprecate that death alone,

That endless banishment from thee:
O, save, and give me to thy Son,
Who trembled, wept and bled for me.

HYMN 109. L. M.
JESUS, thy far-extended fame,

My drooping soul exults to hear; Thy name, thy all-restoring name,

Is music in a sinner's ear. 2 Sinners of old thou didst receive,

With comfortable words, and kind, Their sorrows cheer, their wants relieve;

Heal the diseas'd, and cure the blind. 3 And art thou not the Saviour still,

In every płace and age the same? Hast thou forgot thy gracious skill,

Or lost the virtue of thy name? 4 Faith in thy changeless name I have,

The good, the kind Physician, thouArt able now our souls to save,

Art willing to restore them now.


HYMN 110. L. M.
THOUGH eighteen hundred years are past

Since thou didst in the flesh appear;

Tby tender mercies ever last,

And still thy healing power is here. 2 Wouldst thou the body's health restore,

And not regard the sin-sick soul?
The sin-sick soul thou lov'st much more,

And surely thou wilt make it whole. 3 All my disease, my every sin,

To thee, O Jesus, I confess :
In pardon, Lord, my cure begin,

And perfect it in holiness.
4 That token of thine utmost good,

Now, Saviour, now, on me bestow; And purge my conscience with thy blood, And wash my nature white as snow,

HYMN 111. S. M. [448] DID Christ o'er sinners weep,

And shall our cheeks be dry? Let floods of penitential grief

Burst forth from every eye. 2 The Son of God in tears,

The wondering angels see!
Be thou astonished, O my soul !

He shed those tears for thee.
3 He wept that we might weep

Each sin demands a tear;
In heaven alone no sin is found,
And there's no weeping there.

HYMN 112. S. M.
AND wilt thou yet be found,

And may I still draw near? Then listen to the plaintive sound

Of a poor sinner's prayer. 2 Jesus, thine aid afford,

If still the same thou art,

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To thee I look, to thee, my Lord !

Lift up a helpless heart. 3 Thou seest my troubled breast,

The strugglings of my will, The foes that interrupt my rest,

The agonies I feel. 4 The daily death I prove;

Saviour, to thee, is known: 'Tis worse than death my God to love,

And not my God alone. 5 O, my offended Lord,

Restore my inward peace,
I know thou canst; pronounce the word,

And bid the tempest cease! 6 I long to see thy face,

Thy Spirit I implore,
The living water of thy grace,
That I may thirst no more.

HYMN 113. C. M. [65]
O FOR that tenderness of heart

Which bows before the Lord ;
Acknowledging how just thou art,

And trembling at thy word !
O, for those humble, contrite tears,

Which from repentance flow :
That consciousness of guilt, which fears

The long-suspended blow ! 2 Saviour, to me, in pity give

The sensible distress;
The pledge, thou wilt, at last receive,

And bid me die in peace:
Wilt from the dreadful day remove,

Before the evil come;
My spirit hide with saints above,

My body in the tomb.

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HYMN 114. S. M. [65]
O THAT I could repent,

With all my idols part;
And to thy gracious eye present

An humble, contrite heart:
2 A heart with grief opprest,

For having griev'd my God:
A troubled heart that cannot rest,

Till sprinkled with thy blood. 3 Jesus, on me bestow

The penitent desire !
With true sincerity of woe,

My aching breast inspire; 4 With soft'ning pity look,

And melt my hardness down:
Strike with thy love's resistless stroke,
And break this heart of stone!

HYMN 115. C. M. [66]
LET the redeem'd give thanks and praise

To a forgiving God!
My feeble voice I cannot raise,

Till wash'd in Jesus' blood.
2 Till at thy coming from above,

My mountain sin depart,
And fear gives place to filial love,

And peace o'erflows my heart. 3 Pris'ner of hope, I still attend

Th' appearance of my Lord,
These endless doubts and fears to end,

And speak my soul restor'd:
4 Restor'd by reconciling grace,

With present pardon blest ;
And fitted by true holiness

For my eternal rest.

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