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4. When in their lonely bed loved ones are lying; When joyful wings are spread to heaven flying; Would we to sin and pain, call back their souls

again, Weave round their hearts the chain severed in

5. No, dearest Jesus, no; to Thee, their Saviour,
Let their free spirits go, ransomed forever:

Heirs of unending joy, theirs is the victory;
Thine let the glory be, now and forever.



6s & 5s.

1. Thro' Thy protecting care kept till the dawning, Taught to draw near in prayer,

heed we the warning! O Thou great One in Three, gladly our souls

would be, Evermore praising Thec, God of the morning. 2. God of our sleeping hours ! watch o'er us waking, All our imperfect powers in Thine hands taking;

In us Thy work fulfill, be with Thy children still, Those who obey Thy will, never forsaking.


108. M.
1. Go to the grave in all thy glorious prime,

In full activity of zeal and power;
A Christian can not die before his time;

The Lord's appointment is the servant’s hour. 2. Go to the grave; at noon from labor cease;

Rest on thy sheaves; the harvest-task is done; Come from the heat of battle, and in peace,

Soldier, go home; with thee the fight is won. 3. Go to the grave; for there thy Saviour lay

In death's embrace, ere He arose on high;
And all the ransomed, by that narrow way,

Pass to eternal life beyond the sky.

4. Go to the grave;-no; take thy seat above;

Be thy pure spirit present with the Lord, Where thou for faith and hope hast perfect love,

vision for the written word.

And open



Os & 5s.

1. When shall we meet again ?

Meet ne'er to sever?
When will peace wreath her chain

Round us forever?
Our hearts will ne'er repose,
Safe from each blast that blows,
In this dark vale of woes,

Never-no, never!
2. When shall love freely flow

Pure as life's river ?
When shall sweet friendship glow

Changeless forever?
Where the joys celestial thrill,
Where bliss each heart shall fill,
And fears of parting chill

Never-no, never !
3. Up to that world of light

Take us dear Saviour;
May we all there unite,

Happy forever;
Where kindred spirits dwell,
There may our music swell,
And time our joys dispel



4. Soon shall we meet again.

Meet ne'er to sever;
Soon shall Peace wreathe her chain

Round us forever;
Our hearts will then repose
Secure from worldly woes;

of praise shall close
Never-no, never !

[blocks in formation]

1. Let me not, thou King eternal,

Enter hell's domains infernal !
Where is sorrow, where is sadness,
Where is sorrow, where is madness,
Where despair is ever sighing,
Where the worm is never dying,
Where the shameless are astounded,

Where the guilty are confounded.
2. Me may Zion welcome, saved,

Tranquil city, seat of David;
God its builder, light immortal,
Orient pearl each blazing portal,
Crystal gold its streets; the nation
of the blest its population,
Living rock the walls that bound it,

Christ the guard that dwells around it.
3. O, with what congratulations

Throng thy gates the festive nations !
What the warmth of their embracing,
What the gems thy walls enchasing !
Through that city's streets are wending
Holy throngs their anthems blending;
There may I, with myriads glorious,
Chant Thy praise in psalms victorious !



8s, 7s & 18.

1. Star of peace, to wand'rers dreary,

Bright the beams that smile on me,
Cheer the pilot's vision dreary,

Far, far at sea.
2. Star of hope! gleam on the billow,

Bless the soul that sighs for Thee,
Bless the sailor's lonely

Far, far at sea.

3. Star of faith! when winds are mocking

All his toil, he flies to Thee;
Save him, on the billows rocking,

Far, far at sea.
4. Star divine! O safely guide him,

Bring the wanderer home to Thee;
Sore temptations long have tried him,

Far, far at sea.


7s & 6s.
1. Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings,

Thy better portion trace;
Rise, from transitory things,

Toward heaven, thy native place:
Sun, and moon, and stars decay,

Time shall soon this earth remove;
Rise, my soul, and haste away

To seats prepared abov
2. Rivers to the ocean run,

Nor stay in all their course:
Fire ascending, sceks the sun,

Both speed them to their source;
So a soul that's born of God,

Pants to see His glorious face,
Upward tends to His abode,

To rest in His embrace.
3. Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to mourn,

Press onward to the prize;
Soon our Saviour will return

Triumphant in the skies;
There we'll join the heavenly train,

Welcomed to partake the bliss;
Fly from sorrow, and from pain,

To realms of endless peace. 1167.

7s & 6s.
1. Time is winging us away

To our eternal home;
Life is but a winter's day-

A journey to the tomb;


Youth and vigor soon will flee,

Blooming beauty lose its charms;
All that's mortal soon shall be

Inclosed in death's cold arms.
2. Time is bearing us away

To our eternal home;
Life is but a winter's day-

A journey to the tomb;
But the saints shall soon enjoy,

Life-immortal life above,
Where no worldly griefs annoy,

Where Jesus reigns in love.



7s & 88.
1. Lift not thou the wailing voice;

Weep not—'t is a Christian dieth:
Up, where blessed saints rejoice,

Ransomed now, the spirit flieth :
Freed from earth and earthly failing,
Lift for her no voice of wailing.
High in heaven's own light she dwelleth;

Full the song of triumph swelleth.
2. Pour not thou the bitter tear;

Heaven its book of comfort opeth ;
Bids thee sorrow not, nor fear,

But as one who always hopeth;
Humbly here in faith relying,
Peacefully in Jesus dying,
Heavenly joy her eye is flushing,

Why should thine with tears be gushing ? 3. They who die in Christ are blest;

Ours then be no thought of grieving;
Sweetly with their God they rest,

All their toils and troubles leaving;
So be ours the faith that saveth,
Hope, that every trial braveth,
Love, that to the end endureth,
And, through Christ, the crown secureth.


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