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S. M.


Presentation in the Temple.
AI LL hail, thou great first born,

The holy head of man !
What floods of Grace roll on to view,

In mercy's glorious plan! 2 Thy fulness mankind are :

The temple, Lord, art thou :
Thy body comprehends the whole

Of Adam's tribes below. 3 In thçe, presented pure

Before the throne of God,
All nations there are made anew,

Of one life giving blood.
4. First born of Heav'n, of earth,

Of ev'ry creature, hail !
Born to redeem from death and hell,

Thy parpose cannot fail.
The skies


waste in flame ;
All fyítems melt away ;
The sun himself turn black as night;

And earth be lost to day ; 6 But thou shalt ftill remain,

Th' unchanging, Saviour God;
And as eternal ages roll,
Thy name shall be ador'd.

Baptism in Yordan.
S Jordan rolls his wave,
Around Christ Jesus' head,



Methinks I see the Saviour's grave;
And Christ


the dead.
2 Shall death confine the Lord ?

Or hold the King of men ?
He bursts the tomb, he quits the grave,

And opes the Tyrant's den. 3 All glorious, see him rife

Triumphant, o'er his foes :
Against the dwelling of tlie strong,

Ariel, Jesus goes.
4 Hail, Judah's lion, hail !

The vict'ry, Lord, is thine :
And death fubdu'd; and hell itself

The prey to thee resign. 5. O, for a fong of praise,

Immortal as thy fame :
But Heav'n in folemn Glence kneels
Before th' Almighty Lamb.

Temptation in the Wilderness.
OR forty mystic days,

Unknown to man their length, Thy foe, the foe of God with man,

Exerted all his trength. 2 No finite mind can tell,

The conflicts of hole hours :
Nor oughi but infinite conceive

Of Satan's wily pow'rs.
3 Was it to wreathe thy brow

With vi&t’ry's bright'ning wreath ?

S. M.

To give thyself a royal crown

That thus thou fought's with death 4 No; surely no. For man

The combat was begun;
For man 'twas finith'd ; 'tis complete

For man the battle's won. 5 Eternal praise await,

Thy glorious, blested name;
Thou Captain of Salvation's hosts,
All suff'ring conq’ring Lamb.

Preaching of glad tidings.
O CHRIST, what gracious words,

Are ever, ever thine ;
Thy voice is music to the soul,

And life and peace divine. 2 Geod, everlasting good,

Glad tidings full of joy,
Flow from thy lips, the lips of truth,

And flow without alloy.
3 The broken heart, the poor,

The bruis'd, the deaf, the blind;
The dumb, the dead, the captive wretch,

In thee compassion find.
4 Lord Jesus, speed the day,

The promis'd day of grace,
To all the poor, the dumb, the deaf,

The dead of Adam's race. 5 One fong shall then employ

The bleiled, bleffing whole ;

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And human nature shout thy name,
The life of ev'ry soul.

[RICHARDS.) Miracles of Christ. JESUS, we bless thy pow'r ;

Thy grace, we honor more ; Such love as thine, it must subdue

To worship, love, adore.
2 The blind, the dumb, the deaf,

A word, a touch relieves;
The wither'd arm, at thy command,

New strength, O Lord, receives. 3 Lepers, who long had groan'd

Beneath the weight of pain ;
The pallied limbs, the dying, dead,

Are all made whole again. 4 Legions of hell, obey

Thy dread, almighty word;
And Jew and Gentile dispoffeft,

Give glory to the Lord.
5 Come, great Physician, come ;

In fpirit, Chrift, display
Thy healing, cleaning, gracious powers,
And take ev’n death away.

[W] The Saviour's invitation. ! YE E scarlet color'd linners come ;

Jesus the Lord, invites you home; o whither can you go?

P. M.

What ! are your crimes of crimson hue? His promise is forever true,

He'll wash you white as snow.
2 Backsliding fouls fill'd with your ways,

Whole weeping nights and wretched days,
In bitterness are spent !
Return to Jesus he'll reveal
His lovely face, and sweetly heal


so much lament.
3 Tri'd fouls ! look up; he says 'tis I;

He loves you ftill but means to try
If faith will bear the test ;
The Lord has given the chiefest good,
He shed for you his precious blood ;.

O trust him for the rest !
4 Ye tender fouls draw hither too,

Ye grateful, highly favor'd few,
Who feel the debt you owe;
Press on, the Lord hath more to give ;
By faith upon him daily live,

shall find it so.

Transfiguration on Mount Tabor.
S Jesus stood on Tabor's mound,

Celestial glory beam'd around,
And cloth'd the man, the God,
In lucid robes of spotless white ;
Whilst splendors of primeval light,
Loos'd day's unbounded flood.

than Salmon's fleecy snow,
His whitning garments radiant flow :



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