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bad fellow, Dubbley, I believe — though you Two hundred might have been all very did refuse to lend me that two hundred I well when I asked you,” said he, “ but twice wanted the last time I was down."

two hundred would n't serve me now. The “ Had n't got it, upon my soul - could n't fact is, I'm infernally dipped — let in at that have raised it without a mortgage, I 'll take cursed Spring meeting.” my solemn oath," said Mr. Dubbley, with The squire fidgeted in his chair, and glanced great warmth and some confusion; for he lied, nervously at him. Presently he rose, and, and Bagot knew it.

unlocking his writing-desk, took out some “ Pooh,” said the colonel, “I know, to a slips of paper - promissory notes of Bagot's penny, the amount of the rents you had then - and began to enumerate them. lying in Doddington bank. But never mind; “Fifty last December twelvemonth," said you 're right to be sharp. Every man for he-“ á hundred more in April — a hundred himself, and God for us all! But I've some- and seventy-five more, up to last Christmas thing more to say to her ladyship’s marriage making, with interest than my mere relationship gives me a right “ Interest, be hanged "" roared Bagot. to say. You know, if she marries without my * Put up your paper ! I vow to Heaven, you consent, she forfeits her income and the look like some infernal Jew money-lender

preparing to foreclose. As to the other five *. But it won't do you any good to say no," hundred,

Dubbley, I would n't trouble you on said the squire.

any account. Young Crackenthorpe of Rose** Won't it, indeed! If she marries without mead will lend it ine in a minute. He's my consent, part of what she forfeits comes a trump, that fellow, when he can serve a to me," said the colonel. “And you don't friend. think me such a confounded fool as to give all " Ah!" said the squire, packing up his this away to a man who looks so close after bills, much relieved, " I'm sure he will, with his own, and cares so little about his friends, pleasure. He's a rich fellow, Crackenas you !"

thorpe ; and if he says he has n't the money, l'he squire looked blank. He really did n't don't you believe him. I heard him bragging know what argument to set against these the other day that he had a loose thousand or forcible ones. Bagot helped him to one. two to invest."

“Now, on the other hand, there's this to “Yes," said Bagot, " a regular trump; 9 be said : If she never marries, I shall be no devilish creditable sort of follow, too, to be better off than I am. I may keep her single, connected with. I hear he's been casting but that will do me no good. We shall be his eyes in a certain direction lately. Her disobliging each other.”

ladyship might do worse than take a fine genMr. Dubbley, after a minute's intense tlemanly young fellow like that, with good thought, got into this new position.

expectations." " And therefore,” Bugot went on, "if I Verbum sapientibus sufficit. If Mr. Dubbley could find a man who would make it worth had been the wisest of men, a word could not my while to say yes, why, perhaps yes would have better sufficed him. He felt that Bagot be said."

had a screw on him and was turning it. “What do you call worth your while ?" “By the by," he stuttered, “now I think asked the squire.

of it, I wouldn't advise you to have any deal“Ah," said Bagot, “ that would be a point ings with Crackenthorpe. No, no, colonel, for future consideration. There are a good don't go to him for money; they say he's got many preliminaries to be gone through before cursed stingy lately - no getting a sixpence we come to that. For instance, I suppose her out of him, Why, 'pon my soul, I'd rather ladyship does n't dream of you as a suitor yet. lend you the woney myself, if I possibly What d' ye think, now? — does she ?" could, than let you go to the fellow. Just

"Why, no," said the squire, - that wait while I look at my banker's book"is, I can't say. I call there now and then. which he pretended to consult accordingly. I've sent a good deal of game.'

“ Good, by Jove !” said Bagot to himself

, " You won't get on very fast without a rolling his red eye after him, with an inward little help, I suspect," said Bagot. “ If Lady chuckle. “If he parts with five hundred so Lee was a chambermaid now — but she 's a easily, I foresee he will be a very pretty an. devilish well-bred, exclusive, superior sort of nuity to me. Good, indeed! — better than I person, with deuced high notions."

expected.” “ Yes, by George !” said the squire. "Í And as he rode homeward that night, slarknow that;'I'm as moute as a muce — I mean ping the pocket that contained Mr. Babbley's as mute as a mouse — in her company. But check for the five hundred (in exchange for I should get over that. However, give me a which another promissory note had been added lift, and and we'll see about the two hun- to the little roll of them already in the squire's dred, colonel," he added.

writing-desk), he repeated to himself, ** BetBagot shook his head.

ter than I expected.


From Household Words. bals were killed. They lost their heads. SIX YEARS AMONG CANNIBALS.

Without the least delay their bodies were

cut up, and preparations made for a feast. I an physician to a hospital in a large sea- The large bones were cut out to make fishport town. My curiosity was aroused lately hooks, spear-heads, tattoo instruments ; parhy the face of a man, which, as it lay upon ticular parts were cut off to be given as the pillow of a hospital bed, looked singularly offerings to the gods, and the rest of the savage. It was marked by a broad blue line flesh was cooked. Holes were then dug in extending from the lower level of his nose to the earth, and filled with dry wood, some an inch below the lips, and from the back of large stones being placed here and there one whisker to the back of the other. among the wood, to be heated when the pite Evidently such a tattoo-mark was not one was tired. After ignition, fresh wood was with which any white man would have been heaped on, and the fire kept up until the willingly disfigured. On the patient's re- ground had been made thoroughly hot. The covery I put some questions to him, and ashes being then raked out, the flesh was obtained the substance of the following put into the holes, and covered with the account. For several reasons I believe the stones and embers. It was so left for about tale to be a true one. It was not volunteered; half an hour, and at the end of that time the man appeared to be ashamed of his own taken out, and eaten by perhaps two hundred story, and required a steady cross-examination men. Before the feast was ready, the men before he would yield up half of what he had begun to drink an intoxicating liquor, had to say. The cross-questioning produced which resembled soap-suds in appearance, no inconsistent statements ; no published ac- and soon took effect. This was the Cava counts contradict anything that he states ; cup, of which travellers have written, and and he mentions many facts known in this Lord Byron has sung. Having no rum or country through books which it is not likely other spirits, and not understanding the way that he ever read.

to prepare any ordinary fermented liquors, David or Daniel Dash, native of the state the islanders had been led to the discovery of of Virginia, embarked on board a whaling a strange substitute. They procure a root ship, as a common seaman, at the age of nine- called Cava root (which appears, by the by, teen. His ship sailed round Cape Horn, and to be very rich in starch); they cut it up, and had been cruising about for perhaps nine-chew it thoroughly; they then wash it in teen months, when she was overtaken by a water, strain it through tappa cloth ; and, storm near the Marquesas ; there she was throwing the fibrous part away, retain the driven ashore in spite of all exertions, and washings. These are allowed to stand for a soon went to pieces. The crew consisted of short time, during which they ferment, and thirty persons. The captain and twenty-four acquire intoxicating power. This drink apmen took to the boats, and he believes pears to act as slow poison ; for indulgence in. escaped. He and four others swam to land. it reduces men often to a miserable state of As soon as they arrived on shore they were nervousness and blindness. surrounded by the natives, made prisoners, These natives seem from Daniel's account and carried å few miles into the interior. to be epicures in cannibalism ; and it is rather Being then placed in a long hut, the prince agreeable to white men to know that they do or chief came to them and arranged them in not think so much of white men as they do of a line. Without any delay the choice was black. Black men's flesh is greatly preferred offered to them - whether they would be to pork, and their fondness for it is so decided tattooed or killed. The chief easily made his that no man of that color would ever have meaning understood ; he produced first the a choice given him for his life. The whites usual tattooing implements, pointed to the on the contrary usually meet with the same marks on his own person, and then to the treatment that Dash and his companions had bodies of his prisoners. Presenting next a experienced. The feast being over, tattooing knife, he made a feint of cutting off their operations were commenced upon him. The heads.

instruments employed were pieces of bone · After this dumb-show, the chief offered to filed into the shape of very fine saws; they each man in succession, dagger or bowl, that were about three inches long and varied from is to say, knife or tattooing apparatus. Would a pen-knife's to two fingers' breadth ; these they be dead men or savages? Dash's four were set in cane handles, and when used companions, being his seniors, polled first at were placed upon the skin and struck by a this election, and they chose the knife. He sort of wooden mallet till blood spirted out. was, however, young to die, and willing to do Burnt human bones were then rubbed in anything to save his life. He chose to be over the wounds. The process was exceedingly. tattooed. As soon as the decision of the five painful, so much so that only sınall portions men had been ascertained, the four who had of the skin were painted at a sitting.' Three disdained to be made comrades by the canni- months elapsed before the whole tattooing

I may ob

go out to

and “

was compete. Dash was marked on the face, the infant. None of the people like cooked on the breast, on the back, and from the toe fish ; they all prefer it raw. Few die in inpails to the ankles. All the natives of this fancy; the great majority of children born island and the neighboring ones are tattooed. are reared. They seem almost to have an inThe process seems to be compulsory, like some stinct for the water. As soon as they can of the initiations practised by the North walk to the edge of the stream they walk into American Indians. It has to be undergone it, and they can swim as soon as or even alike hy men and women. The priests or before they have learnt to run. doctors, called“ Vahanna,” are the operators, serve that all children appear to have a parThe usual age for the operation is eighteen. ticular fondness for the water; but those only The father hands over his children to the can indulge it who go constantly either quite Operator as they reach that age, with a certain naked, or in clothes not liable to be injured, sum, either of goods, money, or land. In case who at the same time have access to water of his death before the children are suffi- mild and genial as our summer air. ciently mature he leaves some of his land for The natives of the Marquesas keep up their the same purpose.

The men

are usually swimming powers throughout their lives, and tattooed in patterns, women more plainly. attain extraordinary faculties. They have no In women the lips are marked by small spots, fear of sharks; when one appears in the bay the ears are bored, and round the hole, faint the natives singly or in numbers “ blue concentric lines are drawn. The hands attack it" in its own element with their are marked as far as the wrists, looking as if knives They have canoes, which they manage they were gloved. The feet are marked in a cleverly, and use in trading excursions to similar way as far as the ankle, and there other islands, or in fishing. extend stripes from the upper margin of this The color of the islanders is similar to tattooed shoe to the knee joint.

that of many a tawny Spaniard — a light When the process of tattooing had been mahogany. The men and women are of a properly completed, Dash was adopted by mediuin height, well made, and often very the chief into the tribe. This man "changed good-looking Their dress consists of a piece places with him," “ gave up his seat to him,'

." of tappa cloth round the loins, concerning they exchanged names ;" Dash becaine which they are as careful and proud as we Coonooai (Coonooy) or " the great chief,” are in reference to the quality and fashion of and the chief David or Daniel Dash. The our more nuinerous and costly garments. chief could pronounce Daniel better than This tappa cloth is made by beating a part of David, and so adopted that one of the two the bark of the bread-fruit tree with a sort of names which the sailor claims a right to use wooden mall, which breaks up its fibres so at option. The chief also gave him his that they may be stretched out, like the lace daughter to wise, a well-built, handsome bark of the West Indies. This is carefully woman of nineteen years of age. Ile “ had washed and bleached until it becomes as to marry.” also four-and-twenty others, who white and as fine as linen. It is never woven. espected to be treated as his lawful spouses, In disposition the islanders are, by Daniel's but who were in some degree inferior to the account, true savages. They are constantly princess.

at war with neighboring tribes. The country The brothers and friends of these wives is full of mountains and woods, the former soon built for their new associate a but of being very steep and difficult, the latter dense bamboo, in which the entire family resided. and extensive. The valleys and bays are the A small compartment was made for the parts in and about which the inhabitants are princess and her spouse a sort of state-chiefly clustered. A distance of four miles is

- to mark their superiority. He was frequently all the interspace between the in every way treated as a chief ; the brothers lands belonging to two hostile tribes. The of his wife prepared bis victuals; a pig was men are constantly at war, and have the Dyak killed every second day for the use of his fondness for heads. Scarcely a moonlight household, and they had as many boiled pota- night elapses but one man or other goes on a toes as they could eat. He had four children head-hunting excursion. They often alone, only during the time he remained on the but usually hunt in twos or threes. They island, three of whom died in their infancy. start before night-fall, so as to arrive in the He was about ten months before he could neighborhood of the intended victim shortly speak the language perfectly, but he could after dark ; they then either lie in ambush make himself understood much earlier. for a lone man, or go to a hut, disguising their

The women, he says, have, on the whole, voices, ask for shelter, or a light for their few children. They suffer scarcely anything pipes. When the door is opened, they rush at a confinement; and do not usually nurse in; and if they can succeed in overpowering their children very long; they feed them with the inmates, they kill them, cut off their cocoa-nut, bread-fruit, and raw fish, all these heads and return. The bodies are too heavy being finely chewed before they are given to to be dragged over the mountains. The


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larize any.

trophy or trophies being thus secured, are commonly savage amongst themselves, as man cut into as many parts as possible, and given to man - rather as man to woman. He had to the numerous gods to propitiate them and seen men thrashing women with the butt end to procure from them good luck. These gods of a musket, and had known limbs to be are usually uncouth figures, but by oversight broken in this way. In such cases it would I omitted to examine Daniel on this subject. be of no use for the wise to go home to her He spoke contemptuously of the people for father; he would only thrash her again and believing just what their doctor priests told send her back. It is not often that actual them — said that they told them all sorts of murder takes place ; when it does, atonement things — but did not, of his own will, particu- is made to the friends of the deceased by

presents, or the murderer is driven out into. As his account of the Taboo agreed com- another tribe. pletely with that made familiar by many The islanders have enough regard for their writers, not forgetting Herman Melville, I friends to show the delicate abstinence of not did not ask many questions about it. In eating them — whether killed in battle or by these midnight expeditions the knife is used ; chance. They never inter their dead, but in larger battles, however, the musket super- take them out to a distance in the woods, sedes all other arms. Great battles are very where a rude cane hut is built to protect each numerous ; a fortnight never elapses without corpse from the sun and rain ; a sort of one. My informant said, “He could not trough is made for the dead man's bed, in rightly tell what they fought for — he did not which his body is left. Two days afterwards think they knew themselves -- they could not a hog is killed, cooked, and deposited by the be at peace.”

In these fights, between two bedside. This is done under the impression and three hundred will engage on either side ; that the dead require food like the living, the scene of the battle is usually laid in the and the supply is continued long after the woods, and the combatants dodge to and fro fesh has cruinbled into dust; in fact, until among the trees. None like to expose them- the family of the defunct has itself become selves fully; the whiz of a bullet immediately extinct. It forms one of the chief occupafrightens them, and causes them to drop upon tions of the life of the living to convey food to the ground. In consequence of all this the dead. Unlike some other savage nations, caution, the contests are often prolonged over they keep the old people during the helplessfrom one to three days, and it rarely happens ness of age with assiduous care ; the younger that more than four or five are killed on either members of the family, or of the tribe, supply side. They sometimes, but seldom, come to them regularly with provisions. close quarters, when they fight with their The climate is warm, genial, and healthy; muskets clubbed. As soon as a few men are sickness is rare ; nevertheless, from the causes killed, the losing side withdraws, the victims before mentioned, the population is on the are then conveyed to their village by the con- decrease. Daniel was not aware that any querors, the "fancy” parts of their bodies European diseases had been introduced, nor are devoted to the gods, the rest is cooked were the people habitually given to intoxiand eaten by the men. The warriors do not cation. appear to have much senso of honor ; for the There are numerous feasts held in the strong tribes constantly make war upon the course of the year - usually one every two weak, and two or three tribes now and then months. The occasion of such a feast is suspend their own quarrels to make more most commonly the reception of some recently effective war upon a fourth. In consequence tattooed individuals, male or female, among of this spirit many tribes are now almost the adult members of a tribe. The chief enexterminated and do not include more than tertainment then is dancing. When all is twenty or thirty men. All the people speak prepared, the men of the tribe arrange themone language, so that an union inight be easily selves on one side of an open space — the effected if the temper of the people changed. women in a line opposite and parallel to them

As they are savage in their war with | - between these opposed sides there are placed hostile tribes, so they are rude and brutal in four men whose duty it is to keep time by their peace among themselves. From some beating drums. The drums are made by

or another Daniel was constantly scooping the interior from a piece of wood and attacked by the women of the tribe, who, half stretching a shark skin over it, which is tightin savage' fun and half in earnest, used to ened by cords made of cocoa-nut fibre. The seize hiin by the beard and hair and shake musicians produce on them only discordant hiin ; this they could often do without fear notes - but the rest of the people somewhat of his wrath, as more than two or three would improve the effect by clapping their hands set on hinn at once. He considered that the and singing. attention was paid chiefly in fun, but he had Near the musicians the recently tattooed often to thrash the ladies vigorously before youths are placed “yellowed off,” said Daniel, they would set himn free. The men are not l“ with curry and cocou nut, till they shine


like burnished mahogany:" They take no respect for his own safety; he never knew active part in the proceedings. The dancers what might happen.”' His wives “ thought are women, who are chosen for their good a very great deal about him, and if they looks from amongst the wives and maidens fancied he had ever thought of going out to indiscriminately; they are usually six in fight, they would have set on him, and bound number, and are dressed very handsomely; him fast in his own house.' He always told their head-dress consists of tortoiseshell, pearl, them, that if he went away, he would come and feathers ; their other clothing is a long back again ; and he believes, therefore, that robe of tappa cloth, open in front, and reach- they are still expecting him. He lived very ing to the ankles like a dressing gown. It is happily with his house-full of wives, dividing ornamented as far down as the hips, with his attentions very equally among them, and bright feathers, hair, &c. The fingers of the allowing due rank to “ the princess." lle women when they dance are ornamented with was well treated by the men. long feathers, which are fastened to them in The natives do a little trading among themsuch a way as to give to the bands some- selves; the articles of barter being chiefly what the appearance of wings. The motions pigs and tappa cloth, fish-hooks, muskets, are not by any means vivacious ; the women powder, and things of that kind. Their surmove their hands, pretending to be birds; they gical skill is small; but they have good conwriggle their bodies about also in imitation stitutions upon which to practise, and seem of eels, and approach each other gradually to have learned certain good principles. The in this way on one heel. Successive sets of chief demand for the doctor's art is in the dancers thus present themselves, and the cure of musket-wounds, in which the treatfeast is kept up usually for three days; pork ment is to keep the track of the ball as clean and potatoes being eaten, and cava drunk ; | as possible. the singing of native songs is often added to The tribe with which Daniel herded was, increase and vary the enjoyinent.

if I recollect rightly, named the Cauachas, All the natives of the Marquesas have and his residence was on the island called numerous names. Daniel himself bad thirty, by the natives Motâni. He gave me, however, which belonged, in fact, to a graver class of the names of the surrounding islands at the nicknames. His most common title (I write same time, and I am not quite sure that I it from the sound), was Touanahheematehoei, have retained the proper one ; but it was or (Tou-an-â-e-mâ-te-o-ey), which meant“ the either Mat or Magdalena. The others are

Magdalena, Fatuiva, Toowata, Domenique, There was no lack of food. The people Rahuga, and Nukuhiva. cultivated the (sweet) potato with success, In answer to a question as to the possibility and had plenty of yains and bread-fruit. of civilizing his old friends, he said that the They caught numbers of fish, and kept a French had established a settlement on Ragreat many swine.

huga (I think), where they had remained The savages were very fond of talking during five years. They built a small fort, When he knew their language, a number of European houses, and churches; but finding them would come 'to Daniel, set him in the the place too expensive, or for some other midst, and call upon him to tell them stories, reason, they then abandoned it. During the to which they would sit and listen quietly for night after their departure, all the natives hours. “ They wanted to know all about who had been friendly with the French were America, and white people ; whether he had either killed or taken prisoners, and on the a wife at home, and the like.” On one occa- next day all the houses and other edifices sion they asked whether he would take them that could be destroyed were pulled to pieces, with him to America. ** Yes," he said, " but and the prisoners were landed on another you would cry if I did." Ah, yes,” they island; so the place became again as wild as answered, " that is true; we should cry after it was before the French had it in charge. our fathers and mothers we should cry to There are some French still in Rhuiva, and come back to our lands. The whites," they soine French missionaries in Ruapo. said, “ must surely think very little of their Having in my remembrance Herman Melfathers and mothers; or must leave them ville's story of adventures in the Marquesas, when they are very young, or they never I asked iny patient about Typee or Happar. could go sailing all over the world as they do. He informed me that there was a Typee Bay If we attempted it, we should be always cry in Nukiva (Nukuhiva), where the people ing either after our parents or our children.”

were very savage, and that he had heard of Such conversations made the young white Happa in Domenique. He had heard also of chief a great favorite with his tribe, and he Hanapa Bay, where a white man named obtained such influence among them, that he Brown had been killed who had left his vessel believes he could have prevented them from there. again attacking other whites. He never went After Daniel had been on the island about to war with them, however ;" he had too much Isix years, he and another white from another

great chief."

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