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cacy. They may stand on a 'aughty trate and vice-lieutenant of the counhelévation, and may cry, in the words ty. As the troopers formed in two of Homer, the Greek poet, hodi pro- lines, by the word of command, under fanum vulgus et hareco,' which, being the windows, their horses' heads totranslated, means — the common sort wards the mob, and the major sitting may go and be banged; but we will like a statue on his charger, with his answer them with a line, found by Mr. sword drawn in front of them, Sir Layard on the left paw of the winged John said lion, during his recent exhalations “ Men, you had better go home among the ruins of Nincompoop, in at once; if an arm is raised or a stone Abyssynia. This line is in the Chinese thrown, I have the Riot Act in my language, and runs thus—' Wox po- pocket, which I shall read, and then the puli, wox Dei.' It was written by dragoons must do their duty. As for King Belshazzar, the night his palace that prating silly rascal in the gig, he was burned by Alexander the Great, shall be arrested before he leaves the when he was drunk. The story is in the village, and shall have a taste of the Bible-a book I never read, but al- treadmill in Warwick gaol,

or my ways recommend

to my friends. These name's not John Vernon. The rest words signify- Down with the peer- of you may go free. You have been age, and up with the people;' to which foolish, but I understand you had we will add, as an appendix— burrah some slight provocation, which, as for the ballot ! Men of Warwick, I Englishmen, you should have passed have done. Remember your ancestor, by. I heard to-day in Warwick that Guy, who was only an aristocratick your mill is immediately to be rebutcher, and killed his cow: and so floored and refitted by a rich master never say die till the banners of Li, from Dudley, and you will soon be at berty, Confraternity, and Equality, work again. Depart instantly, now; float over your 'appy 'omes and "ouses ; if a man among you remains here for till you have cheap beef, bread for twenty minutes longer, I shall have nothing, and beer for the asking: and him arrested on a charge of trespass, so once more I say— Wox populi, woz and heavily punished. My friend, Dei!' The hat will now go round Major -, remains with a troop of among you, gents, for a collection." dragoons here to-night; the other troop

The orator sat down exhausted ; will patrol the country for the next he was very faintly cheered by the twenty-four hours.

Now, men, I am mob, who were too tired and hungry, glad to see you are taking my advice and perhaps, if truth were told, too and breaking up." anxious about how matters would end, And they were breaking up. Tired to be tickled by mere words; and there out, dispirited, and hungry, these were men among them, too, of some sturdy mechanics had not physical education, who probably thought the strength or courage to face certain dis örator—what he was—a consummate comfiture with an armed and disciplined ass.

force ; besides, every man of them reAt this moment a cry was heard spected Sir John, his character and from the avenue gate, and a mass of his counsel. He was a thorough Eng. men, women, and children were seen lisbman-genial, honest, and sensible; running as if to join the main body of the best of landlords, and the poor the malcontents who were before the man's friend. house ; while behind them, in gleam- The orator, dreadfully chopfallen ing brass helmets and streaming and yellow in the gills, whipped his horsehair, and flashing sabres and rawny Rosenante into a trot, but was clanking scabbards, and holstered sad- arrested outside the avenue gates by dles and jingling spurs, and royal the parish constables, and in half-anscarlet, and bourding, earth-shaking, hour nothing was to be seen or heard and richly caparisoned borses, rode at before the stately façade of the house à steady but swift trot two troops of of Brockholes, save some half-dozen his Majesty's — Dragoon Guards, com- gardeners' lads, who were busy in manded by Major a young, raking the gravel, and rolling into slight, but very determined-looking pristine smoothness the smooth green officer. By his side was a full, hand- sod which had been outraged by the some man, on a strong cob horse : clod shoon of the Bellua multorum this was Sir John Vernon, a magis. capitum--the tramping multitude. A single dragoon sat on his horse at each and decisiveness contend to be the angle of the building, as immoveable occupying characteristic of her mouth. as the living statues under the arch- Her father, who had arrived through way at Whitehall. A corporal's guard the garden path, comes behind her was billeted in the offices; the major, with the Earl, and the other guests. with two or three young officers, were His lordship is now really happy ; going in to luncheon with the Pompa- and in the expression of his gratidours, and all was peace again. tude to Sir John and Major

« This has been a brief and blood. appears a degree more amiable than less campaign, Sir John," said the usual. The meal is served, the friyoung commander, as they ascended candeau is faultless, the Rhine wines, the grand staircase together, to pay which Lord Pompadour imports himtheir respects to the Earl and his fa- self specially for his luncheon, are mily.

piquant and refreshing; and in half• The rogues were hungry,” an- an hour the greater portion of the swered the Baronet ; "and no English- company have forgotten the alarming man has any stomach for fighting when scenes of the morning in the comfort that organ is empty."

and luxury of the afternoon meal. “ I am very happy, indeed,” an. Slowly and silently did the father swered Major " that it ended so and daughter pass through the gardens pacifically. I hate to draw a sword to gain their carriage on the upland against, or in any way hurt, an Eng, down. Grace, though generally cheerlishman. Nevertheless, in Notting ful, and even merry, was now in the ham, last year, we had wild work penserose vein, and gave one or two among these factory lads. I lost a cor- heavy sighs. poral

and two privates, and my charger " Why are you sad ?” said Mr. was lamed by the blow of a musket- O'Donel. “I noticed you at lunstock. Ha! what a handsome room is cheon abstracted, and scarcely giving this library. I am glad the uphappy heed to all the fine speeches of the rogues were kept out, for they would young officer who sat next you.". have spoilt more than they would have “I was thinking,” she replied, “of got. Now, Sir John, will you intro- those poor, foolish, starving men, with duce me to the ladies, whom I hear in their wives and children, and black, the corridor ?"

desolate hearths, and how different And in sailed the Countess, like a was their condition to ours, with such rich domestic argosy, laden with silks, a measure of superfluity and expendilaces, perfume, gold, and precious ture as that meal exhibited. I constones. Her hysterics had all passed fess I could not eat, of choice, at the away with the pressure from without thought of so many who could not eat which produced them, and her babi. of necessity." tual expression of lofty froideur, which “ Well,” said Mr. O'Donel, “make was in her a second nature, worse your mind easy, for I did not sit down even than her first, had come back in to my luncheon, which I certainly enall its repulsiveness. And in glided her joyed much. Anxiety,' says the two lady daughters, quite themselves learned Galen, when calmed, inagain, looking as though they had had duces appetite,'—so I made a hearty a bath of starch; excessively dressed, meal, but not until, in conjunction with. without the trace of an emotion-either that kind Sir John Vernon, I had ar fear at the past, or gratitude for the ranged with the village innkeeper that: present, to disarrange the dull and the men should have a good, substan-well-bred set of their impenetrable fea- tial meal in his stable-yard, and the tures; and between them walked a women and children plenty of tea and fair, young, and graceful creature, in bread before they went home. They her riding-habit and gloves, her hat are my parishioners, and this little act swinging

from her hand, and her dark of attention to them, after their bebair braided behind her small delicate having so very ill, will give the scoldears, revealing a cheek of classic con- ing I am preparing for them tenfold tour, and mantling with clearest vigour and point when it explodes. health. Truth sits on his ivory throne The cost was not very heavy, and Sir: in her brow. Kindness and humour John threw a ten pound-note into my alternately soften and kindle in her charity-purse to help me to pay the deep blue eye; while sweetness landlord's bill."


“ That is pleasant news to hear," you who slew the boar. Your foresaid Grace, with a smile, her whole thought and energy brought the means face brightening over with joy, “and which saved Brockholes this day from just like my dear father."

what might have proved a scene of They walked in silence on a little, riot, pillage, and bloodshed. Major when Mr. O'Donel smiled.

and Sir John may have the “ Now,” said Grace," it is my gloire and their steadiness and turn to be an inquirer, and to ask quiet determination were admirable what is it which makes you smile?" and beyond all praise--but you and

“I was thinking," said Mr. O'Do- I, dear daughter, will give the glory nel, “ when I heard my noble lay to One higher still; and I do indeed rector and kinsman thanking the offi. thank God that so peaceful an evening cers and Sir John, and passing over has set in after å red and stormy you, of an old, quaint couplet I read morning." once in • Quentin Durward'

And thus, about a twelvemonth be

fore my narrative commences, did Mr. *** The page slew the boar, The Peer had the gloire.'

O'Donel and his daughzer commune

together in their walk across the garNow, Grace, you are the page-it was dens.


[The following fragments were left at home by an eccentric young man, who had given some promise in the literary way, but volunteered the other day, to the grief of his friends, and sailed for the East. We give them to our readers as they have come into our hands, leaving them to decide whether he has as signed adequate exciting causes for the strange suspicions which seem to have taken hold of his imagination. Men know but little of the psychology of this portion of our organisation : anything, therefore, which tends to illustrate it, is interesting.-ED.)

city into this deserted avenue, and

bounded along it, I began to bear, I fled through the streets, crowded what I had only been intuitively conas they were, forcing my way, with the scious of before, the footsteps of one determination of terror; for í felt that running behind me. It may be sup I must make my escape, whatever posed that the sound added wings to came of it. The avenues of the city my flight, which was further urged actually roared with life and blazed by the knowledge that I was fast apwith light, frora a thousand voices and proaching the banks of the river. In footsteps, a thousand wheels, and a fact, the sullen rush of its black wa. thousand jets of vivid gas. Yet ters began to make itself audible, trathrough all did I speedspeed along versing at right angles the double row I know not how, I scarcely know why, of grim houses, which ranked at eitber whither, or from what ; but with some side off into shadow, and terminating vague idea of reaching the river, as the perspective before me. Here the if its bar.ks were the horns of the altar ground, or street-way, too, began to of Hope.

descend, as the bank of the river was It was down an alley


approached ; and by some fainter

lights, sparingly scattered, there came pressing, narrow at first, and partially into view the shapeless hulls of barges, obscure, but, as it opened upon & moored in masses along the shelving solitary gaslight, widening into a si- Slime of the water's edge. lent street, of which the termination

I suppose at any other period of seemed swallowed up in darkness. As my life I could not have contemplated we rushed-why do I say we? As I "casting myself into the gloomy and rushed out of the din of the raging foul uncertainties of this dark region

was now

without borror and dismay. Now the exit somewhere in a thoroughfare. the one feeling was, escape. I looked Exhausted as I was shocked, drenchforward into the blackness, as into ed, bemired I could not help feeling the face of a friend. A wide wooden proud of the feat I had accomplished; rail was about this time passed on my and a glow of exultation arising from left, with oars leaning against it. Farther this, joined with the feeling of safety, down, I brushed by a ring and rope. made me forget for an instant the What was still lower, I could not see; sorry, sad plight I was in ; and that and for an instant hesitated about as l approached the haunts and paths trusting my foot down into the darkness, of men I should become an object when one of the oars I had just left of wonder, perhaps of suspicion, perabove me I heard fallit had been haps of ridicule-of all things the hardtouched, I felt, by the Pursuer. My est to bear. Those who have dreamt mind was made up. I trod boldly for. (not a very uncommon sequel of indiward, and found footing to make a gestion) that, by some strange, whimspring on to the gunwale of a barge. I sical misadventure, they must comreached it; and passed with three mit themselves to public exposure, strides across it to another, moored either partially or wholly undressed, alongside, and then to a third, in and felt all the agonising acuteness of crossing which I could discern the re- an exaggerated moral and personal flections of the dim lights of the op- modesty penetrating their entranced posite side of the river struggling, as nature, and quivering in the vitals of it were, to hold their places against

their morbid over-consciousness, may the rush of the black stream towards understand what my sensations must the left. My terror must have been have been when I had time, as yet in extreme, enhanced by the bounding safety and solitude, to reflect upon up of the planks behind me under the what was inevitably before me, even pursuing step, for I never slackened before I could dash myself into a remy pace, nor felt an instant's hesita- luctant cab, and get, for an immenselytion, but, fevered as I was by the hot augmented fare, driven home to my speed of my course, sprung, as far as sofa, cigars, and astonished own peomy wildest strength could carry me, ple. Even my cloak was gone. I could out into the mid-stream.

not assume an incognito. I had flung

it away early in my career. Besides, Panting-wet-giddy_exhausted, it was peculiar. I could not have hidreeking with slime, which booted my den myself in it. There was somelegs up to the knees, I leaned against thing of the monk about it. It had a a damp wall to recover breath and hood, and sleeves hanging outside. consciousness after my transit. Invo- Just then I found a path crossing luntarily straining my eyes back into mine at right angles, which caused a the tide I had just crossed, I expe- break in the continuity of wall. This rienced a feeling of relief, as I saw that path led into the one I was traversing there was nothing swimming across. by a turn-stile. I glanced for the inSo I have baffled the Pursuer, I said to stant I took in passing it through the myself_put the river between it and opening to the right, behind which me! Well done! The swim was a lights, many, though distant, gleamed. tough one, and the flounder out An instant sense of suffocation seized tougher still. I have been all but me. Some object remained photosucked down - an ugly death. Bat graphed upon my eye, fixed there durhere I am - alone. The shadow of a ing its momentary transit. A figure smile stole across my features as I was approaching the turn-stile, within plashed slowly up the slope, and sought three yards of it; and on this figure for some road or avenue that might

was my cloak ! conduct me within the lights, and to- Once again ! Forward, forward, wards the habitations of men. Nor forward ! On, on! Into or out-to was I long unsuccessful. The wall, anything, so that that Form, that which I had to feel along, turned Thing, be escaped from! A hundredth abruptly to the right after a few part of the glimpse it got of me in yards, and I judged, from the differ- passing would have been enough for it. ence of the footing, that I was now For me, its identity would have been on a beaten path, which must have its revealed by the lightning's flash. It

all the way.

needed not mine inky cloak to recog- save under the glow. Oh! for the nise it. I saw how it was. The bodily heart of the city again! Shadow was up with me by the time I Walls again. The road, too, is had reached the first verge of light. narrower - the light, growing fiercer,

right a-head. Very fierce must that

light be, to throw up such a reflection. A great forge, a distillery - a foun- I cannot be far off, I thought; yet I dry a house on fire, perhaps! A hear no sound, no roaring

multitude, light before me glowed high into the no congregating crowds, no charging murky heavens, in which a canopy of engines, no stroke of the pumps. What red hung over something of deeper can it be after all? Can it be- is it red, like a curtain over a corpse mur- -is it? In short, I began to suspect dered in bed. But a minute before, I that my moth-like flight might in the had recoiled from exposure. Now, end prove not only unavailing but disthe idea of there being crowds con- astrous. Suppose an actual furnace gregated, fire-engines, police, a furious reached. I enter, face the fire, and am mob seeking for plunder, was a relief. either recognised as a bedlamite, or Among them might be safety-must be devoured by the grim Feature at my bewilderment. I made straight for the heels. glare, the fatal footfall echoing my own I was strongly inclined to take a new

line, and make for another point ; and Fleet-ileet was my footstep! The with this idea made some observations things I passed by seemed to pass on the bearings. It may be believed me by in a swift procession ; those that by this time I was tolerably well nearest me flashing across me like pro- breathed. I have said nothing of this; jectiles. With my eye upon the ruddy but I suppose human lungs and muscles sky before me, I sped for its centre, were never more desperately and feara observing such turns, where they oc- fully tasked than were mine at that curred, as would conduce to that point. moment. One by one, every encumFor intricate ways did now offer ob- brance was flung off; every garment stacles to a direct course, and I was went, until I was left with scarcely obliged to exercise a prompt but firm more than my shirt and drawers upon discretion at the several corners I en- me, streaming with perspiration, my countered. Here and there, too, a hu- veins swelled to bursting, my face all man figure might be seen passing, at of a glow, my hair hanging in tangled one side or the other; but not near mats about my ears, or floating on the enough either to obstruct or assist me. dew of my forehead, and gasping sobs Indeed, I could not bring myself issuing convulsively from my over-lato wish a closer proximity to any of boured breast. It was as I turned to these single and unknown wayfarers. examine my chance of escape by some Rather did I experience an undefined other avenue than that which led dread of league and collusion, perhaps, straight to the fire, that I percieved with the Enemy in pursuit, under which the Pursuer had insensibly gained upon impression I gave single figures a wide me, and was now almost in contact berth wherever I could. When I with me! I felt his breath hot upon could not, my passage was so instanta- my shoulder, and upon the exposed part neous, that I recognised nothing more of the throat just behind the ear; and than a startled turn of the head, or a oh, horror! just at the same instant hasty withdrawal from my path, before there came upon me the conviction the individual, whoever it was, was that escape there was really none; that gathered up with the great mass of I was caught in a cul-de-sac : in short, things I had swept behind me.

that the way was not open before me! On, on! Heavens! I hear it breath. I was confirmed in the former dread ing! Short and hurried respirations suspicion by distinctly perceiving that come from over my shoulders, at but on my essaying once or twice to draw a few yards distance.

across to one side of the road or to the We are now more in the country. other, with a view to doubling, so as to Strips of hedges alternate with walls; return by the path I had travelled, the the foot-path is edged with grass ; Thing seemed conscious of my intenthere is a freshness of smell, and less of tion, and swerved to the right or left, noise. The region lies black about me, as the case might be, with the manifest

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