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2 1 Joy to the world! the Lord will come!

1 Hark the glad sound! the Saviour comes, Let earth receive her King !

The Saviour promised long ; Let every heart prepare him room,

He comes to reign on David's throne; And heaven and nature sing.

Lift up your joyful song. 2 Joy to the world! the Lord shall reign! 2 He comes, the prisoner to release,

Let men their songs employ ; [plains, In Satan's bondage held ; While fields and floods, rocks, hills, and

The gates of brass before him burst, Repeat the sounding joy.

The iron fetters yield. 3 He'll rule the world with truth and grace, 3 He comes to usher in the morn And make the nations prove

With his celestial ray, The glories of his righteousness,

And on the eyes oppressed with night And wonders of his love.

To pour eternal day.



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So hum-ble was his place of birth, Few cared


1 When first to this polluted earth

The holy Saviour came,
So humble was his place of birth,

Few cared to know his name. 2 But lo! with clouds he comes again,

The crown upon his brow;
And every eye shall see him then,

And every knee shall bow.
3 O blessed hope! O joyful thought!

For those who know his grace,
That when the fight of faith is fought,

They shall behold his face! 4 To work and wait, to watch and pray,

With lamps kept burning clear,
Be this our service day by day,

Until the Lord appear. 4 1 He comes, the royal Conq’ror comes :

His legions fill the sky;
Angelic trumpets rend the tombs,

And loud proclaim him nigh.
2 Ye rebel hosts, how vain your rage

Against this sovereign Lord !
What madness urges to engage

The terror of his sword ? 3 O that they now would seek that face

From which they cannot flee!
And thou, my soul, adore the grace

That sweetly conquered thee!


ed earth The ho - ly

Sav - iour came,

8 음

to know his name.

1 Our Saviour Christ will quickly come,

As lightning shines on high ;
In clouds, with power and glory great,

Be seen by every eye.
2 The dead are raised, the living changed;

From every land they come ;
And thus triumphant over death,

They now are gathered home.
3 O glorious hope! if Jesus be

Our Saviour and our Friend,
For we shall then be with our Lord,

In joys that never end.
4 O may we wait, and watch, and pray,

Free from tormenting fear ;
Our life be all devotedness.

Till he our Lord appear.
1 My soul is happy when I hear

The Saviour is so nigh ;
I long to see his sign appear

Upon the opening sky.
2 I love to wait, and watch,

And trust his living word,
And feel the coming of that day

No longer is deferred.
3 Then, waiting brethren, let us sing ;

He will not tarry long;
And fill with love the hours that bring

The glory of our song.

and pray,




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1 How long, dear Lord, ere thou wilt come 3 Long, long deferred, now come at last Our lonely hearts to cheer?

The Lamb's glad wedding day; How long ere thou wilt come to reign ? The guests are gathering to the feast; 11: We long to view thee near. :||

11: How bright the new array! :|| 2 O come and cheer our sorrowing hearts, 4 Sorrow and sighing are no more; We long thy face to see ;

The weeping hours are past; O come and take thy weary bride, The joy and glory are begun ;

11: To dwell, dear Lord, with thee. :|| 11: The crown has come at last. :|| 3 We look abroad o'er earth's domain, 9 We hear thy children cry,

i The Lord our Saviour will appear; How long, O Lord, ere thou wilt come, His day is nigh at hand; 11: And bring redemption nigh? :||

The signs bespeak his coming near, 4 How long ere grief and pain shall cease, 11: And all may understand. :|| And tears be wiped away,

2 Behold, he comes ! he comes to reign And joys untold our hearts shall cheer

On earth with all his saints ; 11: 'Mid realms of endless day. :||

Jesus, the Lamb of God, once slain, 8

11: Will end our long complaints. :|| 1 Ascend, beloved, to the joy ;

3 The prince of darkness he'll destroy ; The festal day has come;

The hosts of sin o'erthrow; To-night the Lamb doth feast his own Satan shall then no more annoy, 11: In the great upper room. :ll

11: But Christ shall reign below. :|| 2 The festal lamps are lighting now

4 Then those who suffer in his name, In the glad marriage hall ;

And did obey his word,
By angel hands the board is spread ; Shall rise in glory and proclaim
H: The King his own doth call. :||

11: The goodness of their Lord. ://





1. Star of

our hope! he'll soon appear, The last loud trumpet speaks him near;

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1 Star of our hope! he'll soon appear,


1 A little while, and he will come, The last loud trumpet speaks him near ;

Then we shall wander here no more ; Hail him, all saints, from pole to pole

He comes to take us to that home How welcome to the faithful soul!

Where all our sorrows will be o'er. 2 From heaven angelic voices sound :

2 A little while, he'll come again ; Behold the Lord of glory crowned,

Let us the precious hours redeem ; Arrayed in majesty divine, And in his highest glories shine.

Our greatest grief to give him pain,

Our joy to serve and follow him. 3 The grave yields up its precious trust,

3 A little while, 't will soon be past, Which long has slumbered in the dust,

Why should we shun the shame and Resplendent forms ascending, fair,

Oh ! let us in his footsteps haste, [cross ? Now meet the Saviour in the air.

Counting for him all else as loss. 4 Descending with his azure throne,

4 A little while—come, Saviour, come! He claims the kingdom for his own; The saints rejoice, they shout, they sing,

For thee thy church has waited long ; And hail him their triumphant King.

Take thy poor, wearied people home,

To sing the new, unending song. 11

13 1 When thou shaltcome with trumpetsound, 1 Come, quickly come, great King of all ;

With countless angels hovering round, Reign all around us, and within ; O Saviour! grant me, in the air,

Let sin no more our souls enthrall, With all thy saints, to meet thee there! Let pain and sorrow die with sin. 2 Weep, O my soul! ere that great day 2 Come, quickly come ; true Life of all ;

When God shall shine in stern array ; The curse of death is on the ground; O weep thy sin, that thou may'st be On

every home his shadows fall, In that severest Judgment free!

On every heart his mark is found. 3 O Christ! forgive, remit, protect, 3 Come, quickly come ; sure Light of all ; And set thy servant with th'elect,

For gloomy night broods o'er our way; That I may hear the voice that calls And fainting souls begin to fall, The righteous to thy heavenly halls ! With weary watching for the day.


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