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5. Lo! every kindred, tongue, and tribe,

Assembling round the throne,
The new creation shall ascribe

To sovereign love alone.



C. M.
1. The mighty angel, to whose hand

The word of life is given,
Waves his broad wing o'er sea and land,

And soaring, cleaves the heaven.
2. And say-shall aught oppose his flight?-

Or cloud his flaming scroll ?
No!--not till truth with holy light

Shall visit every soul;
3. Not till blest Peace shall spring to birth ;

And hatred sheathe his sword;
Not till the nations of the earth

Are subject to the Lord.



C. M.
1. Lord! send Thy servants forth

To call the Hebrews home;
From east, and west, and south, and north,

Let all the wanderers come.
2. Where'er, in lands unknown,

The fugitives remain,
Bid every creature help them on,

Thy holy mount to gain.
3. An offering to the Lord,

There let them all be seen,
Sprinkled with water and with blood,

In soul and body clean.
4. With Israel's myriads seal'd,

Let all the nations meet;
And show the mystery fulfill'd-

Thy family complete.



C. M.
1. The way is in the deep, O Lord !

E’en there we'll go with Thee;
We'll meet the tempest at Thy word,

And walk upon the sea !
2. Poor tremblers at His rougher wind,

Why do we doubt Him so ?-
Who gives the storm a path, will find

The way our feet shall go.
3. A moment may His hand be lost-

Drear moment of delay !-
We cry, “Lord, help the tempest-toss'd,"-

And safe we're borne away.
4. The Lord yields nothing to our fears,

And flies from selfish care;
But comes himself, where'er He hears

The voice of loving prayer.


C. M.
1. God's glory is a wondrous thing,

Most strange in all its ways,
And, of all things on earth, least like

What men agree to praise.
2. O blessed is he to whom is given

The instinct that can tell
That God is on the field, when He

Is most invisible!
3. Workmen of God! O lose not heart,

But learn what God is like;
And in the darkest battle-field

Thou shalt know where to strike.
4. And blessed is he who can divine

Where real right doth lie,
And dares to take the side that seems

Wrong to man's blindfold eye!

5. O learn to scorn the praise of men!

O learn to lose with God!
For Jesus won the world through shame,

And beckons thee His road.



C. M.
1. OPPRESSION shall not always reign,

There comes a brighter day,
When freedom, burst from every chain,

Shall have triumphant sway.
2. Then right shall over might prevail,

And truth, full armed in mail,
The hosts of tyrant wrong assail,

And hold eternal sway.
3. What voice shall bid the progress stay

Of truth's victorious car ?
What arm arrest the growing day,

Or quench the solar star?
4. What soul shall dare, though stout and strong,

Restore the ancient wrong;
Oppression's guilty night prolong,

And freedom's morning bar ?
5. The hour of triumph comes apace,

The fated, promised hour,
When carth upon a ransomed race

Her bounteous gifts shall shower.
6. Ring, liberty, the glorious bell,

On high thy banners swell,
Let trump on trump the triumph swell,
Of Heaven's redeeming power.

H. WARE, 972.

1. WATCHMAN! tell us of the night,

What its signs of promise are.-
Traveler! o'er yon mountain's height,

See that glory-beaming star!

Watchman! does its beauteous ray

Aught of joy or hope foretell ?--
Traveler! yes; its brings the day-

Promised day of Israel.
2. Watchman! tell us of the night,

Higher yet that star ascends-
Traveler! blessedness and light,

Peace and truth, its course portends!
Watchman! will its beams alone

Gild the spot that gave them birth?
Traveler! ages are its own,

See, it bursts o'er all the earth.
3. Watchman! tell us of the night,

For the morning seems to dawn.
Traveler! darkness takes its flight,

Doubt and terror are withdrawn.
Watchman! let thy wanderings cease;

Hie thee to thy quiet home.
Traveler! lo! the Prince of Peace,

Lo! the Son of God is come!



1. SEE how great a flame aspires,

Kindled by a spark of grace!
Jesus' love the nations fires--

Sets the kingdoms on a blaze.
2. To bring fire on earth He came;

Kindled in some heart it is:
O that all might catch the flame,

All partake the glorious bliss !
3. When He first the work begun,

Small and feeble was His day;
Now the word doth swiftly run;

Now it wins its widening way.
4. More and more it spreads and grows,

Ever mighty to prevail;
Sin's strongholds it now o’erthrows

Shakes the trembling gates of hell.

5. Saw ye not the cloud arise,

Little as a human hand ?
Now it spreads along the skies--

Hangs o’er all the thirsty land.
6. Lo! the promise of a shower

Drops already from above;
But the Lord will shortly pour

All the Spirit of His love.


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1. WAKE the song of jubilee,

Let it echo o'er the sea !
Now hath come the promised hour;

Jesus reigns with sovereign power.
2. All ye nations ! join and sing-

Christ, of lords and kings, is King !"
Let it sound from shore to shore-

“ Jesus reigns for evermore!"
3. Now the desert land rejoice,

And the islands join their voice;
Yea, the whole creation sings-
“Jesus is the King of kings!"


1. HARK! the song of jubilee,

Loud as mighty thunders roar,
Or the fullness of the sea,

When it breaks upon the shore ! 2. See, Jehovah's banner furled ;

Sheath'd His sword :—He speaks—’t is done! Now the kingdoms of this world

Are the kingdom of His Son. 3. He shall reign from pole to pole With

supreme, unbounded sway; He shall reign, when, like a scroll,

Yonder heavens have passed away.

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