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of Henry VII. one degree further removed him ; but which might be said, to have than the royal personage whose remains grown with his manly growth, and to have were committed to the tomb. The blood strengthened with his advancing years. of Henry VII. intermingled with that of the same influence of a superior nature, the house of Stuart, flows in the veins of that was felt by his early connexions and nearly all the old legitimate Royal families associates, was felt ever after, in future of Europe, excepting the Russian dynasty. life, by all who approached him. Those The present Empress of France, Ferdi who obtain dominion over the youthful nand VII. the King of Denmark, and mind through fear, could never succeed Gustavus IV. are all descendants of Henry in debasing his ; but many undue advanVII. in the eleventh or twelfth degrees of tages were obtained through the medium consanguinity

of his affections. It was a pre-eminent

excellence, and it distinguished him from DEATHS,

his cradle to his grave, that to a 'Roman 1809, T St. Germain en Laye, spirit he united the most affectionate sen

Oct. 18. verre, a celebrated Maitre des Ballets on instances, bave merited that observation the Opera stages of Paris, London, and which is made by Fielding respecting AllVienna. He was born in Paris April 29, worthy, “That the best of heads was mis. 1727; and in 1767, while in the service of led by the best of hearts !” The phlegthe Duke of Wirtemberg, published at Vi- matic and cold may consider this as cenenna, in 8vo, “Lettres sur la Danse & sure-such censure is distinguished praise. fur les Ballets." "He had acquired a con -Mr. G. was never known to have lost siderable property by his profession; but the affections of a friend. The regard he the greater part of it was lost in the French had once excited, was a feeling deeply esRevolution.

tablished in the heart; and the boy who. 1810, Jan. 3. In camp at Tendoova, had been attached to him, however early Lieat. Glenholme, of the first battalion the period, became so, imperceptibly, ninth regiment of Native Infantry.

more and more as life advanced. Nor was June 5. At Malta, in his 27th year, Mr. he remembered with indifference, even Theodore Galton, second son of Samuel by those who had not seen or heard of G. esq. of Dudson, near Birmingham. him, during long periods of time; he was " }é was returning from a long voyage, un- thought of with regret, for scarcely was dertaken from a classical taste and in his equal to be expected in future life ! search of knowledge, to the coasts of the --He never had a personal enemy; Mediterranean - and, particularly, to though upon one or two occasions of his Asia Minor and Greece. He had been life he had been ill used, from motives of daily, and impatiently, expected by his interest, by designing and sordid minds. anxious friends, and was actually supposed He was, however, not capable of a maligto be on board the vessel, that brought nant feeling; he was never known to have the account of his decease. This young harboured a resentment; he was often man is deeply and most deservedly re known to have entirely forgotten that he gretted. Few persons have been so had been injured. He was capable of strikingly distinguished, for those attractive being made angry, but his anger was not qualities and graces of the mind, that ex the retaliation of low passions ; it was the cite regard ; and for those disinterested indignation of a noble mind, that spurned and generous perfections that retain it.- at a meanness; or at any injurious suspiA school may be considered the epitome cion, that cast a shade over the open of the world; where the future character day-light of his own conduct. His comis first unfolded and made known. A na- manding figure, and the Grecian contour tive dignity, that scorned a meanness, or a of his features, might bave been considered misrepresentation, or any plausible du- by the sculptor as inodels for his art. The plicity, soon distinguished him. A high dark shade of his hair and eyes, and the sense of honour, and all the magnanimous mauly red and white of his complexion, virtues that stamp the mind with true no gave a brilliant effect and added a rich bility, excited in his equals, at school, a lustre to his face. These personal advane kiod of idoiatry towards him. Even his tages were kowever forgotten, and, as it preceptors felt the force of his character ; were, lost, in the captivatiug influence of his superiors learnt to respect aud honour bis inanners and countenance, No human him, communicating to his parents, ex features were ever lighted up with more ultiugly, from time to time, extraordinary beaming splendours, with more intelliInstances of his great and feeling mind; geuce, or with finer sensibilities, always and of that sacred observance of truth, in awakened to the occasion. His mind was its unperverted simplicity, which raised seen in its emanations--it shone forth exhim, in after-life, above little designing men. ternally, and in its brightness seemed, like Such was the basis of his future charac- light, to surround him.--In every society ter a character which uerer abandoned he was a distinguished object; and his



superiors in age, in class, and even in bined with the energies of such a characattainments, felt themselves flattered by ter. But he possessed very opposite per his notice. This influence was fections, and such as are not often brought weakened by habit ; it was felt by those together, in a bright assemblage, in one who lived with him, equally, as by others. mind. ---Those who habitually resided with Almost every person who had accidentally Mr. G. were well aware how great he was met him as a stranger, left him with the upon small, as well as upon the more ima feelings of a friend. This was exemplified portant occasions of life; they saw, and in the following fact. A gentleman, wbo. felt, the sublime in all his actions, in his had never before seen Mr. G. spent one minute actions, even in his errors; for he morning with him, by chance, not long never committed a fault, but it was in. before he left England. When the same stantly repaired with such a noble eangentleman afterwards saw, in the public dour as established him more firmly in papers, the account of his death, he burst the affections of the person inadvertently into tears Those who possessed a con offended.-His heart was warmed towards genial nobility of mind, felt the influence every friend; it was a heart that exulted of his character pecaliarly. Mr. Simmons, in their joys, and that met their sorrows. a merchant froni Smyrna, and a stranger To his parents he exhibited a very unto Mr. G. embarked in the same Tuvisian common and sublime example of filial vessel for Malta. When Mr. G. was: love! But he is seen no more! May he given over by the physicians, and the fe- still be contemplated in his character, like ver declared highly infectious, Mr. Sim- a fine model, for imitation !-Should this mons (who was performing quarantine in inadequate sketch meet the eyes of any the same apartment) was offered another,' of his juvenile friends, from whom time for his own preservation -- but ,Mr. Sim- and events may long have divided hims: mons refused to abandon him; and he the heart of that friend will acknowledge continued to sleep where he was, and to the likeness, and the influence be revived attend him as he had done throughout, of such feelings as probably no other with an assiduous care, until the last : individual has since excited. He will being fixed to the spot by his anxieties; dwell with a mournful satisfaction upon although Mr. G's invaluable friend and the past; and, recalling the image of bis travelling companion, Dr. Sacheveral bright associate, will embalm his memory Darwin, was there; and watched him un

with tears. remittingly, night and day, at the hazard Sept. 19. At the Cape of Good Hope, , of his own hfe. This short account flows the wife of James Collier, esq. paymaster from a heart warmed by the virtues of of the 21st regiment of Light Dragoons ; no cominon character ; and also from a and also, her infant son. wish, inspired by a sense of justice, that Oct. 6. At her brother's house at Mom such a character should not pass away, gadore, on the coast of Barbary, after unknown and unnoticed, merely because few days' illness, aged 43, Miss Charlotte coincident events are wanting to bring it Court. Her numerous friends in England more publicly forth! Eut the publick and elsewhere with whom she was in the can never fully know or appreciate - Mr. habit of corresponding, and many others, G. as he appeared in private life; bring will learn with deep concern the unfortu. ing joy and animation, and diffusing nate issue of ber visit to a Foreign Coun, brightness round in a circle of friends, at try, undertaken only two years and a balf home; where he was an ornament and a since, on the first summons from an af. pride to his family. He rarely sought“ dicted Brother, then deploring the loss of pleasures in public, or spent an evening the Mother of his infapt children. In from home; but passed his leisure hours her, his little girls hare to lament the loss in the attaioment of knowledge, and in of a second mother, to whom they had the delights of elegant Literature. He become greatly attached ; and her brohad been led to a love of study, after bis ther, that of one of the kindest and most school-education was over, by some affectionate of sisters. The fine climate of events of his life ; but principally by a Mogadore seemed to promise a long conmind' which had acquired a viscerning tinuance of health to one already seasoned taste, and tbat was capable of the richest to the change from that of England; but cultivation. It was necessary to have re an obstinate diarrhea, which immediate sided under the same roof, in order to good medical aid, and the watchful attenhave seen how deeply bis deportinent bad tion of ber family and friends, could not interested every class throughout a large remove, soon Badeher exchange this family. For his heart and bebaviour were world for a better. To sum up her chagoverned by sympathies that were in ac tacter in a few words : she was an accom) cordance with the feelings of those who plished woman, a sincere friend, an affecwanted protection, or who wanted support. tionate relative, and a pious Christian, Every friend and every domestic felt his She died fult of the hopes of a blessed ingentle kindness, a kindpess rarely contain mortality; and, from her happiness in her


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last moments, gave a striking proof of the Necrology." He married Frances-Elpurity of her life.

A. W.C. zabeth, the third daughter of the late Sir Oct. 13. In his command at Antigua, Francis Berpard, Bart. Governor of Mas. Brigadier-gen. Robert Nicholson, senior saehusets Bay, lieut.-colonel of the Royal Foot. From Oct. 30. At Plymouth, of consumption, his entering the army, until the day of his aged 19, Miss Meredith, daughter of the death, he had never been absent from the late Col. M. of the Artillery." The acute duties of his profession ; and he appears

sorrow felt by a fond niother, who was to have fallen a sacrifice to a long resi ber unremitting attendant during her illdence in foreign climates, especially in ness, is much increased by the loss of an the West Indies. In him his King and only son, a cadet at Woolwich, a youth Country have sustained the loss of a loyal of great promise, who died after a short and faithful servant; his relations and ac illness, on the 24th September last quaintance that of a generous, an affeca which grievous afliction Mrs. M. had not tionate, and a liberal friend.

only to contend with, with all the feelings Oct. 14. Aged 21, Lieut. M. Mildridge, of a tender mother, but had to conceal it. first lieutenant of the Emerald. This from ber daughter, who, till her death, young officer lost his life by the falling of was ignorant of the fate of her brother. one of the Emerald's guns, whilst cruising Mrs. Stubbs, relict of the late Mr. Wile, on the coast of Ireland. He was a native liam S. of Cannon-street, of Portsea,

Samuel Dendy, esq. of Dorking, Surrey., Oct. 16. After a long illness, Mrs. Ca At Masham, Jeremiah Batley, esq. thariue-Charlotte Tokely, wife of Joseph of Lamb's Conduit-street, London, and T. esq. R. N. and eldest daughter of the formerly of Bull close, near Halifax. In late Thomas Butler, esq. of His Majesty's 1780, he was the author of a Letter to Dock-yard, Portsmouth.

Mr. Wyville, on the subject of parliaOct. 19. At Falmouth, in his ssd year, mentary reform, afterwards published; William-Camden Neild, esq. of the island and several other political tracts. of Antigua, one of the King's Counsel for In Park-street, Camberwell, aged 74, that and all the Leeward Islands, the Mrs. Priest, eldest son of James Nield, esq. of Chelsea, Lately. In an expedition against the . well known as the benevolent Treasurer of French privateers, &c. at Malaga, and to the Society for the Relief of Small Deuts. harass their posts in that neighbourhood,

Oct. 30. At Steeple Morden, Cain- Major Grant, of the 89lh reg. bridgeshire, aged 61, the Rev. Rich, King, At Norfolk, Virginia, of an apoplectie vicar of that parish, and rector of Worthin, fit, Commodore Barron, the late conce Salop. He was formerly fellow of New mander of the Chesapeake frigate.

College, Oxford ; B. A. 1771 ; M. A. 1774. In Lisbon, in consequence of a fall from á His principles in Church and State were a balcony, whose banister had been re

eminently orthodox and loyal : he was a nioved, Major-general Richard Stewart, strenuous assertor of the rights of the es of the 43d light infantry. tablishment of which he was a member, Nov. 2. Aged 51, Mr. Thomas Adams, He was a sound scholar, and frequently many years partner with Mr. John Munty employed his pen in the respectable pe. hatmaker, Leadenhall-street. riodical works of the day in defence of the At his apartments in St. James's Palace, religion and good order of his country. Henry Compton, esq. principal page to He was the author of a tract “On the In the Queen. spiratiou of the Holy Scriptures ;” also of At Epping, aged 78, the wife Sir a traet "On the Alliance between Church Thomas Coxhead, knight. and State ;” and uf.“ An Answer to the At Welling, Kent, aged 41, Miss SoLetters of Peter Plywley,” under the sig- phia Homersham, daughter of Mr. Thos. nature of Brother Abraham.” His friend. H. late of the Borough. ship-was duly appreciated by a respectable Aged 52, Mary, the wife of Wm. Smalllist of contemporaries at school, at college, bone, esq. of Walworth-common. and, in later life, among whom may be Mrs. Kesiah-Frances Rawlins, relict of named the present pious and learned Bishop Mr. John R. late an apothecary of Oxford. of Gloucester, who dedicated one of the In his 21st year, Mr. Sextus-Patricius volumes of his Sermons to him. His be- Goodall, eldest son of Mr. P. G. of Not nevolence was extensive and unostenta. tingham. tious. He was the early friend and pa At Corby, aged 81, Mrs, Collingwood, tron of the late George Anderson, ac mother of Mr. C, senior, of that place. comptant to the East India Board of Con At Witney, Oxfordshire, aged 72, Ketroul : an interesting account of his fos. ' siah, wife of Mr. Richard Lardner, blanket tering kindness to that eminent young manufacturer, man, and of the distinguished talents of Drowned, in the Aune, of North Shields, his protegé, may be found in a work pub- on Mounsey Beach, Mr. William Cranlished a few years ago under the title of ston, master, aged 50 ; Mr John John

son, mate; Billy Mil; Wm. Reeve, car Noo. 5. In the Precincts, Canterbury, penter, aged 27; Wm. Carolina, aged 18, aged 60, Mrs. Stretch, widow of Major North Shields; Wm. Sinclair, aged 17, of S. and daughter of the late Admiral Ward. the Orkney Isles ; Robert Kitcherman, At Witney, Oxon, in his 46th year, aged 15; Francis Gell, in his 16th year, Mr. William Osman). and on his trial voyage; with 11 more, At Peterborough, aged 83, John Hej.' and either three or four passengers.

therington, gent. At Halifax, Nova Scotia, in his 16th At Kingsclere, Hants, aged 70, John year, George-Wentworth Moody, R. N. Carter, esq. second son of Mrs. Charles Nevinsou, of Near Exeter, Col. J. Brunton, 3d reg. Somerset-street. In returning to his ship, N. I. on the Madras establishment, and Atala.ta, the boat was overset, and this late military anditor-general at the presiyoung officer was drowned.

dency of Port St. George. Nov. 3. ·At Massy-park, the seat of the Nov. 6. At Fulwell Lodge, Twickenham Hon. J. Massy, Robert Ryves, esq. late common, the infant daughter of Jamesof Lisanure, co. Tipperary.

Temple Bowdoin, esq. At his father's in Padiham, of a rapid At Derby, aged 78, Mrs. Hannah consumption, aged 23, Mr. Hugh Bald. Wright, eldest sister of Richard W. M. D. win, jun, late Professor of Music at Li and of the late eminent painter, Joseph verpool. He had been, like his father, W. esq. of Derby. completely blind for several years; and Aged 75, Mrs. Dean, widow of the late was edit

ed at the Blind Asylum in Li Mr. Charles D. of Boston. verpool. He was of an amiable disposi Aged 69, Mrs. Watson, widow of the tion; highly accomplished; and had con late Mr. Francis W. sloop-owner, of ciliated to himself a numerous, valuable, Gainsborough. and highly-respectable acquaintance. 'A At Gainsborough, in her 80th year, provincial paper contains the following the wife of Mr. Farmery, late miller, verses to his memory :

&c. Ah, then! the vital spark at length is filed, At Paisley, Mr. James Brown, sen. And Baldwin's number'd with the silent merchant, formerly of St. Angusta, Prodead!

vince of Georgia. His modest, amiable, That aching heart, that beat within bis and inoffensive manners, juined to a clear breast,

[rest. judgment and strict integrity in his transWith all its griefs and pains, is lullid to actions, endeared him to all. Gladly his soul leaves this confiu'd abode, Nov. 7. At Battersea, aged 66, John And joyful soars on high to meet its God. Perry, esq. of Moor Hall, Essex. Unshackled — rapid--free-- it wings its At Pentonville, aged 60, George Ser

way To blissful realms of everlasting day, Wm. Shippery, esq. of Childrey, Berks Cold are those hands, that, with celestial At a very advanced age, Mrs. Green, fire,

[lyre! many years nurse at the Radcliffe Iufir. Harmonious swept the soul-enrapturing mary. Ah, no! those hands, from striking earthly At Newbury, on her way to London, the strings,

[kings. wife of Richard Wroughton, esq. late of High-sounding celebrate the King of Mount Beacon, near Bath. Those eyes, which Heaven had clos'd On St. James's parade, Bath, at a very

while here below, (know, advanced age, Mrs. Dennis, a maiden For sonje wise purpose which we cannot lady, who had been bedridden for many Wraptin astonish'd gaze ot bliss are now! years. Rais'd in a moment from the shades of Nou, 9. The three oldest inhabitants of night,

[light ! Carrickfergus, whose united ages make To view transcendant realms of everlasiing 280, viz. John Connor, aged 101; Mar.

Nov. 4. Mr. Thomas Hemmans, of the garet AJ Gill, 99; Agnes Addison, 80. Bank of England.

Nov. 11. At Blandsfort, in Queen's In Waterford, the Rev. B. Dickenson, County, J. Bland, esg. minister of the congregation of Ana Mr. William-Freke Williams, baptists in that city. This respectable the late W. W. esq. of Peniarthuchaf, man died while discharging, with his ac Merionethshire. customed energy, the sacred functions of Nov. 13. At her bouse in Magdalen Pa. his office: he had taken for his text, “We rish, Oxford, aged 86, Mrs. Joyce Corbet. must all appear before the judgment-seat Nov. 14. At Hill-top, West Bromwich, of Christ," and had advanced but a short Staffordshire, Mr. Thos. Stevens, third son way in his discourse, when he suddenly of the late Rev. Dr. S. of Papfield, Essex. fell down in his pulpit, and instantly ex In Charles-street, Francis Baring, esq. pired. Medical aid, though promptly second son of John B. esq. of Mount Rad. procured, was totally unavailing. He has ford, near Exeter. He had for several Jeft a widow and live children.

years eeoluded himself from society, which


vice, esq:

son of

at length brought upon him a sort of me Mr. Thos, Hall, merchant, of Lincoln lancholy, bordering on mental derange In consequence of her clothes taking ment. Early in September last, he lost a fire, the wife of E.-P. Smith, esq. of Great very particular friend, and, immediately Britain-street, Dublin. after, his uncle Sir Francis B. which so dis Nov. 17. The Rev. J.-W. Askew, M. A. ordered his affectionate mind as to pro fellow of University-college, Oxford. duce his premature death by his own Ai Camberwell, aged 81, Mr. Richard hand. It appeared, by the evidence at Ladyman. the coroper's inquest, that, having sent The wife of Mr. Walter Sheppard, of out his valet to order dinner, Mr. B. Jocked New Ranelagh, Millbank. himself in his dressing-room ; anil shortly Aged 58, Mr. Edward Castleton; the after the report of a pistol alarmed two last lineal descendant of Sir William C. of female servants in the house. The neig). Hugham, Norfolk, who was created a babours broke into the room, and found the ronet in 16+1: the family and title are deceased lying on his face dead; a ball therefore now extinct. He died a bache. having entered his forehead, and shot lor, and never assumed the title. For away part of his head. He had a pistol many years he followed a very humble in each hand, one of which was found employment in Lynn, but latterly lived on loaded. Proofs of his derangement were a small patrimonial inheritance, given by two witnesses, and the Jury re

Nov. 18. At Brighton, in his 10th year, turned a verdict of Insanity.

William-Henry, eldest son of Mr. H. RoSuddenly, in Dublin, Lieut-col. Con- binson, surgeon, London. He was a boy aell, of the Limerick County Militia. of uncommon promise.

In his 720 year, the Rev. Robert Miller, At Tuxford, aged 87, Valentine Stocks, B. C. L. rector of Rimcote, Leicestershire, bricklayer. In the Rebellion in 1745, he vicar of St. Nicholas, Warwick, chaplain volunteered his services in the Duke of to the Right Hon. the Earl of Warwick, Cumberland's regiment of Light Horse, and late of St. Mary-hall, Oxford. and performed extraordinary feats of ra

Aged 38, Mr. W. Porter, gardener, of lour at the battle of Culloden. He was Gainsborough.

supposed to be the only survivor of that The wife of Mr. N. Tanner, of West honourable regiment. square.

In his 60th year, William Handley, esq, Nov. 15. At May-place, Kent, aged of Newark. 73, the Right Hon. Mary Verney, Baroness Nov, 19. At Windsor, J.-B. Parkhurst, Fermanagh.

esq. In Portland-street, M. Franks, esq. At Brighton, after a few days illnesi, many years Chief Justice of the Bahamas. Charles Tessier, esq.

In his 80th year, the Rev. William Nes Aged 74, Joseph Allen, esq. of Upper field, rector of Dalham, and vicar of Thornhaugh-street, Bedford-square, the Wickhambrook, Suffolk.

oldest liveryman of the Plumbers' comAt Minster Lovell, Oxford, aged 73, pany. Mr. Richard Coppin, a respectable farmer. In Doctors' Commons, Henry Stevens,

The wife of Jonathan Morgan, esq. of esq. senior proctor, and registrar of the Upper Wimpole-street.

Arches Court of Canterbury. Aged 75, Mrs. Jackson, of Llanfigael, Mr. James Wilde, of Mincing-lane. Anglesea, relict of J. J. esq. formerly of The infant son of Richard Arkwright, Holyhead.

jun. esq. of Cavendish-square. Suddenly, in South-street, aged 84, At Candlesby, aged 88, Benj. Grantham. Mrs. Charlotte Staples.

Nov. 20. Drowned in the SerpentineAged 77, the Rev. Robert Bickars, vi river, the wife of Mr. Eminerson, a mas. car of Llantrissent, Glainorganshire, and ter carpenter, of Union-street, Berkeleyformerly a Minor Canon in Gloucester ca. square. Verdict Insanity. thedral.

At Tottenham, of a rapid decline, in Nov. 16. Suddenly, of apoplexy, at his her 20th year, Hannah, daughter of Mr. brother's, Upper Wimpole-street, aged 57, J. Sykes, of Bishopsgate-street. Bernard Shirley, esq.

At his chambers in the Temple, aged At Courtier-ball, co. Northampton, aged 91, Charles-Henry Runnington, esq. Bar| 16, Louisa, eldest daughter of Sir William rister at Law, a Commissioner of BankWake, bart.

rupts, and only son of Mr. Serjeant RunThe only daughter of Mr. Cartnach, nington. He fell a victim to a fever of bookseller, of Newgate-street, Newcastle, but five days' continuance, which seized a fine girl of twelve years of age. She was him in the midst of robust health (for burnt so dreadfully, in consequence of her which he was singularly remarkable), at a clothes taking fire, as to occasion her time when his profession had opened to death in a few hours.

him the fairest prospects of future emi. At Bromyard, Herefordshire, aged 73,

The possession of all the princiMr, T.-C, Jeoks.

ples of the most perfect honour, and the


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