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Retrospect of French Literature....Voyages and Travels, &c. 549 Persepolis, and notes; by L. LANGLES; countries above mentioned, with the manners 2 vols. 16to. These volumes form part of and customs of their inhabitants, observaa collection. They contain a journey from tions on the Polish revolution, the articles India to Mecca by Abdoul Kerym, favou- of treaties, by which different powers enrite of Nadir-Shah, translated from the gaged to expel the French emigrants, English; a journey from Persia to India; with the names of many emigrants who in the years 1442, 3, and 4; by Abd Ul. have undergone remarkable fortune. rizaq, embassador from Shah Rokh to the Voyage à Bourdiaux, &c. Journey to king of Bisnagor, extracted from a Persian Bourdeaux, and in les Landes, in which manuscript; and a journey from Bengal to are described the Manners and Customs of Shiraz, in 1787 and 8; by W. FRANK- the Country ; 8vo. LIN; translated from the English.

Voyage dans l'Interieur de la Chine, &C Voyage du ci-devant Duc du Cba:elet en Travels into the interior of China and Portugal, &c. Travels of the late Duke Tartary, by Lord MACARTNEY, &c. du Chatelet in Portugal, published from &c. Translated from the English of Sir his MS. and augmented with notes by J. F. GEORGE STAUNTON, by J. CASTERA. BOURGOING; 2 vols. 8vo. This work Second edition ; 5 vols. 8vo. The fifth contains many curious details on the soil volume of this new edition contains a and productions of Portugal, the manners new preface, an abridgment of the history of its people, its agriculture, commerce;

of China, and of the life of the einperor colonies, &c. the earthquake of Lisbon, Tchien-Long, Hüttner's travels into Chithe ministry of Pombal, and other interest na and Tartary, translated from the Gering topics, which render it the best ac man, and thirty-two new plates, designed count probably extant of this kingdom. in London. Several new notes to the whole

Tableau de Cayenne, &C. A View of work are added. Cayenne, or French Guaiana containing AGRICULTURE AND ECONOMY. exact Account of its Climates, Productions, L'Art du Taupier, &c. The Art of the native People, &c. rogether with nautical Mole-catcher, according to the Methods Observations made by the Author ; 8vo. of Citizen AUBIGNAC; by Citizen DRAThe writer of this work is a military offi. tet; with figures. In this pamphlet the cer, and man of letters, who has made natural history of the mole is given, with three voyages to Guaiana, employed by the principles of the art of destroying this government to collect every informa- deftructive little quadruped, in a very tion respecting this valuable colony that curious and precise detail. could be of use. He appears to have been Description Topographique, &c. A topowell fitted for the task ; and his observa- graphical Description of the ci-devant Dir tions, which are detailed with fimplicity, trict of Boulogne-sur-mer, the State of may be relied on for their truth and accu its Agriculture, and Means of amelioratracy.

ing it; by HENRÝ and DELPORTE; 8vo. Voyage pittoresque de la France, &c. This very useful undertaking. is executed Picturesque Tour through France, with a in a manner highly creditable to the auDescription of its Departments. This grand thors. national work, published in numbers, each Météorologie des Cultivateurs, &c. Mecontaining fix plates, with their explana. teorology for the Use of Agriculturists ; rions, is now arrived at the 78th 'num- by Citizen D. C. 12mo. This small work ber.

contains an account of meteorological inLe Prisonnier en Espagne, &c. The struments, the manner of employing them, Prisoner in Spain, with a philosophical and the use that may be made of them by and sentimental Survey of the Provinces farmers; also signs of the weather, drawn of Catalonia and Grenada ; by N. MAS- from natural phenomena; concluding with $IAS; i8vo. This little work, written advice respecting health. in the style of Sterne and Mercier, des Compte rendu, &c. Account delivered scribes, with much vivacity and nature, the to the Society of Agriculture at Paris of manners of the Spanish nation, the places its Labours concluded, commenced, and visited by the author, and his own sensa- projected, from its Institution in 1788, to tions at every scene.

the 30th of September, 1793, with the Voyages et Avantures des Emigrés, &c. Application of its Funds during that PaTravels and Adventures of the French riod; by J. L. LEFEBRE, its AgentEmigrants in Volhynia, the Government general ; 7 vols. 8vo. of Archangel, Siberia, Samojedia, Kamt Traité sur les Bêtes à Laine, &c. Treaskatka, the Canary Iands, Majorca, Mi- tise on Spanish Sheep, their Rearing, Jousa norca, Canada, &c.; 2 vols. 8vo. In this neys, Shearing, Washing, and the Woolwork are contained descriptions of all the trade, &c. ; by the C. P. LAŞTERIE ; MONTHLY MAG. XLVII.



8vo. This appears to be a very complete pographical Chart of the Country, and and faithful account of an important mat. fifty-four Plates, engraved by the best ter in rural economy. The writer hias de- Artists; by B. FAUJAS-St.-FOND; large rived much of his knowledge from enqui- 40. The mountain of St. Peter, famous ty upon the spot.

for its fofli/s, has furnished a very intereft.

ing and curious work, the fruit of much Flora Atlantica, Sr. The Flora of labour and attention, which the name of Mount Atlas ; by DESFONTAINES; fol. the author will, doubtless, recommend to of this manificent and very valuable the notice of mineralogists. The work work, the first volume is now finished. appears in numbers, but the whole is en.

Methode analytique des Fofiles, &c. An tirely finished. analytic Arrangeinent of Fossils, founded

CHEMISTRY. on their externa! Characters ; by H. Cours Elementaire, &c. An Elementary STRUVE ; 8vo. This work, built upon Course of Chemistry, theoretical and the principles of Werner, is a very useful practical, according to the new Nomenintroduction to mineralogy, according to clature, in which are given most of the the system adopted.

useful and agreeable Processes belonging Leltre sur l'Histoire Physique de la Terre, to this Science; by Citizen ALYON; &c. A Letter on :he Phytical History cf 2. vols. Svo. This is an excellent work the Earth, addressed to Profeffor Blu of the kind, not only for ftudents, but for MENBACH, containing new geological praëlised chemists, on account of its proand hiftorical Proofs of the Million of ceffes, and a number of particular prepaMoses; by A. DELUC, Citizen of Gene rations, not before made public. va, &c. &c. Professor of Geology in the Manuel d'un Cours de Cbymie, &c. Ma. University of Gorringen; '8vo. A dif nuel of a Course of Chemistry, or a Secourse is prefixed rulative to the universal ries of Experiments and Demonstrations, principle of inoral obligation. The au which should compose a complete Course thor's geological observations are interest on this Science; by E. J. B. BOUILLON ing, and some of them new ; and he does LAGRANGE, Professor in the Central ampie justice to the discoveries of Saul Schools of Paris, and the School of Phar. sure, Dolomieu, and other late writers on macy; 2 vols. 8vo. The plan of this the subject. This publication is well wor work is that lately adopted by Fourcroy. thy of the high character he has acquired. It is accompanied with the new figns as a philofophical observer.

or marks adopted by the French chemists, Colle Elion Complete, 86. A complete and with plates representing the apparaCollection of all the Parts hitherto fi. tus of different operations. Many new exnished of the Mineralogic Atlas of France; periments are described ; and, on the published by A. G. MONNET, Inspecwhole, this manual may rank with the ior of the Mines; i vol. 40. This is most useful elementary works. another of the grand national desigos now Arnoles de Chymie. Annals of Chemir.. carrying on in France, in the midst of lo try; by GUYTON, MORVEAU, MONGE, many political difficulties, which should &c. Of this very useful work, the 27th firve as a model and stimulus to all other volume has appeared, containing several civilized nations.

curious articles. Hifloire Naturelle abrégée cha Ciel, &c. Opuscules Chymiques, &c. Chemical Abridgment of the Natural History of the Tracts of Peter Bayen; 2 vols. 8vo. Heavens, the Air, and the Earth, or This collection of the works of a late very Noticns en general Phyfics ; by Phili: eminent chemist is made by PARMEN. BERT; 8vo. Though this is only a TIer and MALATRET. keich of the subject, it is drawn up MEDICINE AND SURGERY. with skill and intelligence, and contains Nolegrupie Philofopbique, &c. Philo. all the fundamentai information that is sophical Norographs, or the Analytic Me. wanted by rcaders in general.

thod applied to Medicine, by P. H. Pi. Plantarum Sucudeatarım Historia ; or, NEL, . Prof. of Medicine at Paris. 2 vols, a History of Succulent Plants; by A. P. 810. In this work a new classification of DECANDOLLE, with coloured Places ; diseases is attı.mpted, free from the thco. folio. This work is to appear in rumbers rctical deductions of other fyftematists, and

cf fix plates each, with explanations, con- grounded upon distinctions discovered by , taining a phyfiological, botanical, and eco- analysis. Thus ferers are arranged under nomical account of the subjects.

fix orders, bearing the names of Angiotea · Hiffoire Naturelle de la Montagne de St. nic, in which an irritstion sublists in the Pierie, &c. Natural History of the Moun- counts of the blood-yeffois; Meningo-8aftric, rain of St. Peter at Macftricht, with a to. the fca: of which is in the coats of the



As anatomy

Retrospect of French Literature... Medicine, Surgery, &C. 551 ftomach and duodenum ; Adeno-meningic, lic Preservation of Health; by F. E. Foin which there is an irritatiou of the niu DERE: 3 vols, 8vo. This work is the cous membranes of cavities; Adunanic, in result of many years' labour, and may be which the muscular fibres are affected regarded as completely answering its prowith atony; Ataxic, in which the nervous poled end. It will be found very useful fyftem is directly attacked; and Adeno to all magistrates, civil and criminal offinervous, in which the nerves and glands cers, and the administrators of all departare subjected to the induence of a delete ments in which the public health is conrious contagion. Probably few readers cerned. will discover more fimplicity or less hypo

VETERINARY ART. thesis in this classification than in the more Inflructions et Obfervations, &c. In. usual ones.

structions and Remarks on the Diseases of L'Ami des Orphelins, &c. The Orphan's domestic Animals, with the curative and Friend, or Nurse's Manual, by J. M. preservative Means, and the Methods of LAMBIN, 8vo. An useful family work multiplying them, rearing them to Advanon the rearing of children.

tage, and purchasing them without being Traité des Maludies des Voies Urinaires, defrauded. Tncre is added an analysis of &C. A Treatise on the Diseases of the ancient and modern veterinary works, as Urinary Passages, by P. J. DESAULT. a substiture for all that has been written This work is extracted from Defaoit's on the subject. By citizens CHABERT, Journal, with the addition of many FLANDRIN, and Huzard. Of this usecases and observations.

ful work fix volumes have been printed, Medicine preservative et curative, &c. and it is still going on, A Treatise on preservative and curative Tableaux Comparatifs, &c. ComparaMedicine, general and particular, for the tive Views of the Anatomy of those do. Use of young Practitioners, and Persons mestic Animals which are the most effencareful of their Health"; by N. F. Roug- tial to Agriculture, arranged according to NON; 2 vols, 8vo. This is a plain prac an uniform Plan of Classification"; by J. tical work, the result of experience, pare GIRARD, ProfefTor of Anatomy at the ticularly valuable for the nieans it points veterinary school of Alfort. out of preservation from each particular is the groundwork of the veterinary art, disease.

this publication will be very useful as an Discours sur la Douleur, &c. A Discourse elementary work to the students of that on Pain, by MARK ANTONY PETIT, branch the healing art. M.D. 850. In this piece the external and

BELLES LETTRES. internal causes of pain, its effects on the Ocuvres diulas de 7. 7. Baribelemy. solids and Auids, the nature of irritability Miscellaneous Works of J. J. BARTHEand sensibility, &c. are discussed, and a va LEMY, 2 vols. 8vo. This collection of riety of curious facts relative to the lubject the smaller pieces of the celebrated author are introduced.

of Anachartis is preceded by a well-writ. Traité de Medicine clinique, &c. A Trea teu eulogy of this eminent man, containtise on clinical Practice in the principal ing excellent remarks on his writings. Army-diseases which have reigned in the The collection ifelf consists of a short hospitals during the late years of war, by treatise on morals; the romance of Cha. P.J. ROUCHER, 2 vols, Svo.

rite and Polycore; the burlesque poem, Bibliotheque Germanique Medico-Chirur.entitled, La Chanteloupe, or the war of the gicale, &c. An Extract from the best feas; extracts from works on antiquities, Works in Physic and Surgery publithed in medals, &c. originally inserted in the Germany, by BREWER, No. 1. The Journal des Savaos; reply to a letter from first number of this work contains methods Hans Stanley, on the division of booty of treating the small-pox. It is to be con among ancient nations; fragments of a litinued monthly.

terary tour in Italy and the south of Axtes de la Société, Esc. Transactions of France; several papers on subjects of anthe Medical, Chirurgical, and Pharma cient art, and the study of medals; and a ceutical Society at Brussels, vol. 1st. 8vo. selection of letters to different persons. This volume contains, besides the history Loties Originales de J.J Rzau, &'c. of the society, twenty-nine memoirs on · Original Letters of ). J. Rousseau, to Madifferent practical subjects.

dumne de *:**, Madame la Marechale de MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE. Luxemburgh, M. de Malcherbes, d'A. Les Lois clairées, 66. The Laws en lembert, and o:hers. A fac-simile enlightened by the Physical Sciences; or, a graving of a letter in the hand of Rousstas Treatise on Legal Medicine, and the Pub. is prefixed, and lix plates of music are fube

4 B 2




joined. These letters are of no great im- d'Argens, renders their correspondence portance, but will serve to add to the very interesting: Of these letters, the knowledge of the life and sentiments of greater number are printed in the pofthutheir eminent and extraordinary author. inous works of Frederic; but 59 are addThe editor is Charles Pougens.

ed in this collection, of unsuspected au: Mélanges Extraits des Manuscrits de Mad. thenticity. Necker. Miscellanies extracted from the Manuscripts of Madame Necker; 3 vols. Le Nouveau Diable Boiteaux, &c. The 8vo. The celebrated husband of this lady, new Devil upon Two Sticks (or Lame Dewho is the editor of these volumes, informs vil), a philosophical and moral Picture of us, that Mad. Necker had early adopted Paris ; 2 vols. 8vo. Borrowing the plan, the custom of committing to paper the rather than the manners and spirit of Le thoughts suggested to her by meditating Sage, this writer makes his fiation fub, upon the characters and events of the servient to a great mass of reflections, poworld. The quickness of her understand. liucal, literary, moral, &c. rather of the ing, and her turn for reflexion, made her grave, sarcastic, and philosophical caft, journal very voluminous, and it has af. than of the lighe and humourous. Public forded the editor a feleet mifcellany of institutions of all sorts pass in review be. observations, maxims, critiques, &c. which fore him, from those of the important de. he has given in the unconnected form in partments in administration, down to coAvhich they were written, They display mic operas and ballers. He displays con. an excellent heart, much sagacity and in- fiderable reading and knowledge of the genuity, and a profound knowledge of world; but his principles are, in

many remankind. Perhaps the passion for saying spects, objectionable, and he betrays much new and friking things has, in some in- of the arrogance and self-conceit which stances, led her to over-refinement; but characterise the modern school of reformon the whole, her sentiments are as just as her style is elegant.

GRAMMAR. Correspondunce de Voltaire, &c. Corre. Nouveau Dictionnaire portatif, &c. A spondence between Voltaire and the Car- new portable Dictionary of the French dinal de Bernis, from 1761 to 1777, Tongue, composed from the last Edition published from their original Letters ; of Wailly's Abridgment of Richelet, the with notes ; by Cit. BoyRGOING; 8vo. Dictionary of Grammar and Literature in There are no doubts of the authenticity the Methodical Encyclopædia, &c; of these letters, which were communica- which are joined, 1. An Extract of French ted by the chevalier Azara, the intimate Synonymes, from Girard, &c; 2. A Me. friend of the cardinal, and at present am- thod of Pronunciation; 3. The new Words bassador from Spain to the French repub- and other Alterations introduced by the lic. The letters are 99 in number. Most French Revolution ; 4. A Geographical of them relate to subjects of literature; Vocabulary, with the Latin Names of fome to the public topics and events of the Places; by C. M. GATTEL ; 2 vols. 8vo. time. Voltaire in his, attacks religion This is characterised as the most copious, without reserve; yet he sends to the pope complete, and useful dictionary of the a formal attestation, signed by the neigh- kind. bouring clergy, of his regularity in per.

THEOLOGY. forining the duties of a catholic at the Lettre du Citoyen Gregoire, &c. A Letchurch of Ferney. Bernis carefully avoids ter from Cit. GREGOIRE, Bishop of Blois, giving his sentiments on these subjects, Representative of the French People, to and preserves throughout the decorum be. RAMON-JOSEPH DE ARCE, Archbishop Jonging to his character. His letters fhow of Burgos, Inquifitor-general of Spain, an amiable spirit, and a cultivated mind, This reply of Gregoire to the Spanish and he frequently gives good advice to archbishop's letter to him in favour of the Voltaire, which the latter was not very inquisition, is full of sense, and solidity of ready to take. This correspondence is ą argument. valuable addition to the works of either of thele distinguished persons.

Reveries, &c. Reveries on the primitive Correspondance entre Frederic II. & 4. Nature of Man, on his Sensations, on the Correspondence between Frederic II. King Means of Happiness indicared by them, on of Prussia and the Marquis d'Argens, with the State of Society which would preserve the Epistles of the King to the Marquis. most of his primordial Forms, by P. SE2 vols, 8vo. The peculiar intimacy be- NANCOUR. First Part. 8vo. The leading, tween the king of Prusia and the marquis ideas of this author may be in part gai




Retrospect of German Literature.

553 thered from his title-page. They are un- gonometric Chart, serving to reduce the folded with considerable ingenuity in this apparent Distance between the Moon and introductory part of his fyftem.

the Sun or another Star, to a true Dil. MATHEMATICS AND ASTRONOMY. tance, and to resolve other Questions of

Esai sur la Theorie les Nombres, &c. An Navigation; by MAINGON, lieutenant of Essay on the Theory of Numbers, by A. a vesel, 4to. This is mentioned by La. M. Le Gendre, of the National Insti- lande as an ingenious, easy, and exact mecute; 4to. with very extensive tables. thod of reducing distances by rule and

De la Resolution des Equations numeriques, compass with a single chart. &c. On the Resolution of numerical Traité de l'Installation, Gr. Treatise on Equations of all Degrees; by J. L. LA- the Inttallation of Veffels, by Cit. BurGRANGE, of the National Institute, 4to. GUES MISSIEPI, Rear-admiral. Printed Both the above are works of reputation, by order of Government, 4to. with many

Leçons Elementaires, &c, Elementary plates. By the word installation, the auLessons of Arithmetic, and Algebra ; by thor means that disposition of moveable P. TEDENAT, Associate of the National and immoveable articles in a fhip which Institute. Without any pretentions to n'ay best secure the steadiness and regula. novelty, this is an useful elementary work, rity of its motions, and prove most coinon account of its clearners of method. modious in failing and time of action,

Moyens d'apprendre, &c. Method of The discussion of this subject has led hiin learning to reckon with Accuracy and Fa- into many delicate and curious calcula. cility; a posthumous work of Condorcet. tions, which render his work truly scien12 mo. This work is said to unite the ele- tific. ments of arithmetic with those of logic.

MISCELLANIES. Introduktion à l’Algebre, &c. Introduc. La Mythologie mise à la portée de tout le tion to Algebra; containing among other Munde. Mythology rendered universally Things, an Arithmetic of direct or positive, intelligible, ornamented with 100 Figures, and of inverse or negative Quantities; by coloured, or in black and white, drawn and EM. DEVELEY, profeffor of mathematics engraved by the ablest Artists in Paris; an at Lausanne. The work of a promising elementary Work, indispensable to young young mathematician, who seems defrous Persons of both Sexes, and useful to all of giving new views of his subject. Readers. A new Edition, printed by Di.

Traité des Montres à Longitudes, &C. A dor the Younger, 12 vols, 18vo. Though Treatise on Longitude-watches or Time- this is entitled a new edition, the plates pieces, containing all the Details of their only are old, but the text is quite 'new. Construction, the Mode of trying them, This work may be regarded as the first &c. to which are added, a Memoir on the complete elementary treatise of mythology, working of Clocks and Time-pieces, the all others having rather been particular Description of two astronomical Clocks, systems or interpretations of mythology. and an Efsay on a Method of preserving It is very carefully printed, and agreeably the Relation of Weights and Measures, joins instruction with amusement. and establishing an universal and perpetual Recherches Historiques, &c. Historical, Measure ; by FERD. BERTHOUD, me- literary, and critical Inquiries concerning chanician to the navy, 4:0, with plates, the Origin of Printing, particularly its A second volume of this work is printed, first Establishments in the 15th Century but not yet published. It is a performance in Belgium ; adorned with the Portraits and of great value, and has obtained the ap- Devices of the first Belgic Printers ; by probation of that'eminent astronomer, Las Cit. L AMBINET, 8vo. This curious work jande.

is the fruit of much research, aided by Mémoire contenant, &C. Memoir con particular opportunities of information in taining theoretical Explanations of a Tri- the Low Countries.

Half-yearly Retrospect of German Literature. THE great variety of valuable publica- giving only a succinct account of a yet

tions which of late have appeared in greater number, which merit a more cir. Germany, and the liinits of our magazine, cunstantial review. However, we flatter will not permit us, this time, to mention ourselves that our readers will do us the much more than the titles of many works justice to believe, that no consideration which deserve a more ample notice, and whatever will induce us to withhold any reduces us to the coplealant neceflity of important information which we can give


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