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C. M.
1. Few are thy days, and full of woe,

O man of woman born!
Thy doom is written-

Dust thou art,
And shalt to dust return !"
2. Determined are the days that fly

Successive o'er thy head;
The numbered hour is on the wing,

Which lays thee with the dead.
3. Gay is thy morning: flattering hope

Thy sprightly steps attends;
But soon the tempest howls behind,

And the dark night descends !
4. Before its splendid hour, the cloud

Comes o'er the beam of light;
A pilgrim in a weary land,

Man tarries but a night!



1. O THROW away Thy rod !

O throw away Thy wrath!
My gracious Saviour and my God,

O take the gentle path.
2. Thou seest my heart's desire

Still unto Thee is bent;
Still does my longing soul aspire

To an entire consent.
3. Although I fail, I weep;

Although I halt in pace,
Yet still with trembling steps I creep

Unto the throne of grace.
4. O then let wrath remove;

For love will do the deed ;
Love will the conquest gain; with love

E'en stony hearts will bleed.

5. O throw away thy rod!

What though man frailties hath?
Thou art my Saviour and my God;

O throw away thy wrath !

[blocks in formation]

1. My former hopes are fled,

My terror now begins;
I feel, alas ! that I am dead

In trespasses and sins.
2. Ah! whither shall I fly?

I hear the thunder roar;
The law proclaims destruction nigh,

And vengeance at the door.
3. When I review my ways to

I dread impending doom;
But sure a friendly whisper says.

“Flee from the wrath to come."
4. I see, or think I see,

A glimmering from afar;
A beam of day that shines for me

To save me from despair.
5. Forerunner of the sun,

It marks the pilgrim's way;
I '11

gaze upon it while I run,
And watch the rising day.


[blocks in formation]

1. When on the giddy cliff I stand,

I see the billows roar,
And, breaking on the coral strand,

Whiten with foam the shore.
2. But 't is in vain they strive to break

Beyond the bounds decreed;
“No farther come !" let God but speak,

No farther they proceed.

3. Though furiously their heads they rear,

And mingle sea and skies,
They smooth as polished glass appear,

If“ Peace, be still!” He cries.
4. Shall winds and waves their God obey,

And I refuse to hear ?
Shall He, that bounds the flowing sea,

Not bind me with His fear ?
5. O Thou! who rulest seas and skies,

Corruption's flood control;
Nor let the waves of passion rise


troubled soul.
6. Then I, within Thy sacred mound,

Shall, in obedience blest,
Calm, gently flowing, kiss the bound,

And wait eternal rest.

[blocks in formation]

1. WHEN, overwhelmed with grief,

My heart within me dies,
Helpless, and far from all relief,

To heaven I lift mine eyes.
2. O, lead me to the Rock

That's high above my head,
And make the covert of Thy wings

My shelter and my shade.
3. Within Thy presence, Lord,

Forever I'll abide;
Thou art the tower of my defense,

The refuge where I hide.
4. Thou givest me the lot

Of those that fear Thy name;
If endless life be their reward,

I shall possess the same.


[blocks in formation]

1. I FAINT, my soul doth faint,

My strength, a broken reed !
Would this so long be my complaint,

Were I a saint indeed ?

2. The sins I fancied quell'd,

Again in arms arise;
The promise that I thought I held,

Refuses its supplies.
3. My bosom burns with shame,

And yet is icy cold;
Even to breathe the Saviour's name

Seems now to be too bold.
4. So oft my soul hath trod

The same sad path astray,
How can I turn again to God?

What venture now to say ?
5. Thou, Saviour, only Thou

Canst meet my utter need,
And should'st Thou save the rebel now,

It will be grace indeed!


[blocks in formation]

1. Just o’er the grave I hung;

No pardon met my eyes;
As blessings never greet the slain,

And hope shall never rise.
2. Sweet mercy to my soul

Revealed no charming ray;
Before me rose a long, dark night,

With no succeeding day.
3. I saw, beyond the tomb,

The awful Judge appear,
Prepared to scan with strict account

My blessings, wasted here.

4. His wrath, like flaming fire,

Burned to the lowest hell;
And in that hopeless world of woe

He bade my spirit dwell,
5. My friends, now friends no more,

At infinite remove,
Left me to gain their rich reward,

And taste forgiving love.

6. Then to the Lord I cried

He saved my soul from death;
To Him I'll give my heart and hands,

And consecrate my breath.


[blocks in formation]

1. LIKE Noah's weary dove,

That soared the earth around,
But not a resting-place above

The cheerless waters found.

2. O cease, my wand'ring soul,

On restless wing to roam;
All the wide world, to either pole,

Has not for thee a home.

3. Behold the Ark of God,
Behold the


door! Hasten to gain that dear abode, And

rove, my soul, no more.
4. There, safe thou shalt abide,

There sweet shall be thy rest,
And every longing satisfied,

With full salvation blest.

5. And when the waves of ire,

Again the earth shall fill,
The Ark shall ride the sea of fire,
Then rest on Sion's hill,


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