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SCEN Ey a public Street. Enter LUCIUS, with three Strangers. · Luc. Who, the Lord Timon ? he is my very good friend, and an honourable gentleman.

Stran. We know him for ng less, though we are but strangers to hiin. But I can tell you one thing, my Lord, and which I hear from common rumours, now Lord Timon's happy hours are done and past, and his estate shrinks from him. · · Luc. Fy, no, do not believe it: he cannot want for money.

2 Stran. But believe you this, my Lord, that not long ago one of his men was with the Lord Lucullus, to borrow fittv talents, nay, urged extremely for't, and shewed what neceflity belonged to't, and yet was denied.

Luc. How?
2 Stran. I tell you, denied, my Lord.

Luc. What a strange cafe was that? now, before the gods, I am ashamed on't. Denied that honour. able man? there was very little honour shewed in that. For my own part, I must needs confess I have received some small kindneffes from him, as money, plate, jewels, and fueh like triftes, nothing comparing to his; yet had he mistook him, and fent him to me, I fhould ne'er have denied his occasion for many talents.

.. Enter SERVILIUS, . Ser. See, by good hap, yonder's my Lord, I have fwate to see his Honour---My honoured Lord

. ..

[TO Lucius, * Luc. Servilius! you are kindly met, Sir. Fare thee well; commend me to thy honourable virtuous Lord, my very exquisite friend.

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