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Creation's lord ?
Shall men of christian name,
Without a blush of shame,
Profess their tyrant-claim

From God's own word ?
4 No! At the battle-cry,
A host prepar'd to die,

Shall arm for fight:
But not with martial steel,
Grasp'd with a murd’rous zeal;
Their foes no arms shall feel

5 Basd on Jehovah's laws,
Strong in their righteous cause,

They march to save; Vain is th’ oppressor's mail, Against their battle-hail, Till cease the woe and wail O ev'ry slave.

HYMN 628. C. M. STRIKE off my galling fetters-strike!

My shackles rend in twain, Unloose the yoke from off my neck,

And break my heavy chain; Oh! let the breath of liberty

My burning temples fan; For has not God created me,

A brother and a man? 2 And let the Sun of Righteousness,

Whence ev'ry blessing springs, Arise upon my darkened mind,

With healing in his wings: Oh! ask me not if liberty

Would youthful fires renew; Or if I'd feel one single pang,

To bid my chains adieu :

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3 Go ask the lion, fierce and wild.

With iron bars confin'd.
li he would like to roam at large,

And leave his den bebind:
Or, ask the eagle, proud and bold,

Who'd cut the liquid air,
If he would like to leave his cage,

And freedom's blessings share?
4 Ask them and as the gleams of fire

Flash from each blazing eye,
Read in their lightning-glance, their stern

And eloquent reply.
Then, Christian! why the fetter bind

Upon a brother's frame,
When nature from her inmost soul,

Doth freedom's law proclaim ?
5 Tear off my bonds, release my limbs,

And set my spirit free;
And let me revel in the sweets

Of new-born liberty:
Then shall thy righteousness shine forth,

Bright as the dawn of day;
God's glory thy reward shall be,
If thou wilt thus obey.

HYMN 629. S. N.
GOD gave to Afric's sons

A brow of sable dye,
And spread the country of their birth,

Beneath a burning sky. 2 To me he gave a form

Of fairer, whiter clay ,-
But am I, therefore, in his sight,

Respected more than they?
3 The hue of deeds and thoughts,

He traces in his book :
Tis the complexion of the heart,

On which he deigns to look.

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4 Not by the tinted cheek,

That fades away so fast, But by the color of the soul,

We shall be judged at last. 5 The judge will look at me,

With anger in his eyes;
If I my brother's darker brow,
Should ever dare despise.

HYMN 630. C. M.
ALL men are equal in their birth,

Heirs of the earth and skies;
All men are equal, when that earth

Fades from their dying eyes.
2 All wait alike on him, whose pow'r

Upholds the life he gave -
The sage within his star-lit tow'r,--

The savage in his cave.
3 'Tis man alone who diff'rence sees,

And speaks of high and low;
Who worships those and tramples these,

While the same path they go.
4 Ye great! renounce your earth-born pride,

Ye low! your shame and fear;
Live, as ye worship, side by side,
Your common claims revere.

HYMN 631. 6s & 4s.
SONS of the noble sires,
Who brav'd proud ocean's waves,

For freedom's sake!
Say—will ye quench those fires,
Their faith and love inspires :
And, standing on their graves,

Their paths forsake?
2 Shall freedom find a gráve,
On this blood-ransom'd soil?

Must we be Slaves ?

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Our fleeting lives to save,
Must we no mercy crave,
But with the bondman toil,

Branded as knaves ?
3 Shall despots here bear sway-
The iron sceptre here display

Our lips to close ?
Sons of pilgrims! say-
Will ye these lords obey,
And ask them, when you may

The truth disclose ?
4 No-no! we answer no!
The truth we'll fearless show,

While breath remains;
Did not our Saviour so?
Would he the truth forego?
Or shrink when bade the foe,

T scape from pains ?
5 While then a slave is found,
While man by man is bound,

We'll speak and pray;
We'll wear the bondman's chains,
We'll bear the bondman's pains,
We'll hear when he complains,

We'll do and say.

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HYMN 632. H. M.



The Year of Jubilee.
FAIR shines the morning-star,

The silver trumpet sounds
Their notes re-echoing far,

While dawns the day around:
Joy to the slave the slave is free!
It is the year of Jubilee.
2 Pris'ners of hope bin gloom

And silence left to die,
With Christ's unfolding tomb,

Your portals open fly ;


Rise with the Lord !-He sets you free: It is the year of Jubilee. 3 Ye who have sold for nought

The land your fathers won!
Behold how God hath wrought

Redemption through his Son!
Your heritage again is free;
It is the year of Jubilee.
4 Ye, who yourselves have sold

For debts to justice due,
Ransom'd, but not with gold !

Christ gave himself for you;
His precious blood has made you free;
It is the year of Jubilee.
5 Captives of sin and shame,

O'er earth and ocean, hear,
An angel's voice proclaim

The Lord's accepted year :
Ye captives ! rise; ye slaves! be free;
It is the year of Jubilee.


HYMN 633. C. M.

Who is my Neighbor ?" THY neighbor ? It is he whom thou

Hast power to aid and bless; Whose aching heart or burning brow

Thy soothing hands may press. 2 Thy neighbor? "Tis the fainting poor,

Whose eye with want is dim; Whom hunger sends from door to door

Go thou, and succor him.

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