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Considering that, for all these causes, the nonnces for himself and heirs the thrones Imperial Government established by the of France and Italy, and that there is no Senutus Consultum of the 28th Floreal, year personal sacrifice, even that of life, which 12, has ceased to exist, and that the wish he is not ready to make to the interest of manifested by all Frenchmen calls for an France. order of things, the first result of which “ Done at the Palace of Fountainbleau, should be the restoration of general peace, the April, 1814.” and which should also be the æra of a so The conditions under which NAPOLEON lemn reconciliation of all the states of the ma'le this abdication, and the immediate great European family

circumstances which led hiin to sheath The senate declares and decrees as

bois sword, have not yet been suffered 10 follows:feited the throne, and the hereditary right Marshal Jourdan, it is however collected, Art. 1. Napoleon Bonaparte las for transpire. From loose paragraphs in the

Paris papers, and a proclamation of established in his family is abolished. 2. The French people and the army are

that it was agreed that he should retire released from their cath of fidelity towards

to ihe island of Elba, (we suppose as its Napoleon Bonaparte.

sovereign, with a pension of six millions 3. The present decree shall be trans of francs for hinself and family,(250,0001. mitted by a message to the Provisional per annun.) It appears also that before Government of France, conveyed fortli- he left Fontainbleau, on the 20th, he with to all the departnents and the armies, packed up bis personal effects, and and immediately proclaimed in all the finally that his travelling retinue consistquarters of the capital.

ed of thirty carriages, and an escort of A letter, dated April 3, from the PRISCE of SCHWARTZENBERG to Marshal Mar

200 cavalry, under his favorite officer

Desnouettes. mont, Duke of Ragusa, invited him to accede to the decree by which Napoleon

The following are the circumstances, Bonaparte is declared to have forfeited the if at this critical :oment we may trust Throne, and to pass with his troops under the Paris papers on such a subject, which the new government.

attended his departure. He spoke thus MARSHAL MARMONT, iu lis reply to the to the officers and soldiers. Prince, expresses his willingness to contri “ I bil you farewell. For these twenty bute to the interests of France, which have years that we have been together, I have ever been his first wish, but requires as a beer satisfied with you.

I have always guarantee :

found you on the roail to glory. All the “ That all troops quitting the standard powers of Europe liave taken up arms of Napoleon Bonaparte, shall have leave to against me : part of my generals have bepass freely into Normandy.

trayed their duty, and France herself has 64 And that if the events of the war shall betrayed hers. place Bonaparte a prisoner in the lands of “ With you and the brave men who rethe allies, the Prince shall guarantee his mained faithful to me, I have for three life and safety, and that he shall be sent to years preserved France from civil war. a country chosen by the allied powers and “ Be faithful to the new king whom the French government.”

France las chosen, and forsake not your In reply to this letter, the Prince of dear country, which lias been too long inSchwartzenberg accedes to the demand of fortunate. a guarantee, promises life and safety to “Lament not my fate: I shall be happy NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, anıl compliments when I know you are so. the Marshal upon the generosity of his “ I could have been satisfied to die : no. character.

thung would have been more easy for me; Marshal Marmont then passed with his but I wish still to pursue the road to glory. corps of 12,000 men within the lines of the I will write the history of our achieve. allies.

ments. London Gazette Extraordinary. “I cannot embrace you all: but I will Saturday, April 9.

embrace your general. Come, general.” Forcign-Office, April 9, 1814, Eight, P.N. (Ile embraces him.)

Dispatches have been this day receiveci “ Bring me the carle; let me embrace at this orice from General Lord Viscount him too.--Ah! dear cagle, may the kisses Cathcart, K. T. announcing the abdica. which I give thee resoumd in the ears of tion of the Crowns of France and Italy, posterity --Farewell, my lads! Farewell, by Napoleon Bonaparte, in terms of my heroes !Come around me once more!

Tie staff then formed a circle round him. which the following is a translation :“ The allied powers having proclaimed

Bonaparte afterwards got into liis car that the Emperor Napoleon was the only riage, and at this moment, unable to obstacle to the re-establishment of the repress bis emotion, he shed some tears, peace of Europe, the Emperor Napoleon,

We conclude after all that the treaty faithful to his cath, declares that he re: with Napoleon was imperfect and reserve

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Public Affuirs in April.

[May 1, ed, or his own sign manual would have 7. The princes of the royal family, and enabled the allied sovereigns to save TEN

the princes of the blood, are by right mem. THOUSAND LIVEs in the various seats of bers of the senate. Thus a battle took place, near

The functions of a senator cannot be exToulouse, on the 10th, which cost the ercised until the person has attained the allies only, 4,650 men, killed and wound. age of twenty-one years.

8. The senate decides the cases in which ed; and an affair before Bayonne, on the 12th, which cost them 1,000 more, of the discussion of objects before them shall

be public or secret. both which we shall present the official details in our next magazine.

9. Each department shall send to the legislative body the same number of depri

ties it has ali eady sent thither. THE NEW FRENCH CONSTITUTION. 'The deputies who sat in the legislative CONSERVATIVI SENATE.

body at the period of the last adjoinment Extracted from ihe Registers of the Conserrae shall continue to sit till they are replaced.

tive Senate of Wednesday, 6th April. All preserve their pay.

The Conservative Senate, deliberating In future they shall be chosen immediately upon the Plan of Constitution presented by the electoral bodies, which are preserved, to it by the Provisional Government in

with the exception of the clanges that may execution of the Act of the Senate of the be made by a law in their organisation.

The duration of the functions of the de1st instant, After having heard the Report of a

puties to the legislative body is fixed at

five years. Special Commission of Seven Members,

The new election shall take place for the Decrees as follows:

session of 1816. Art. 1. The French Government is mo.

10. The legislative body shall assemble of narchical, and hereditary tiom male to

right each year on the 1st of October. The male, in order of primogenitue.

king may convoke it extraordinarily; he 2. The French people call freely to the

may ažljourn it; he may also dissolve it: bat throne of France, Louis Stanislaus Xavier

in the latter case another legislative body de France, brother of the last king, and

must be formed, in three months at the after him the other members of the House latest, by the elecsoral colleges. of Bourbon.

11. The legislutire body has the right of 3. The ancient nobility resuine their discussion. The sittings are public, unless titles; the new preserve theirs heredita. in cases where it chuses to form itself into rily. The legion of honor is maintained

a general committee. with its prerogatives. The king shall tix 12. The senate, legislative body, electothe decoration.

ral colleges and assemblies of cantons elect 4. The executive power belongs to the their president from among themselves. king.

13. No member of the senate, or legislative 5. The king, the senate, anıl the legislative body, cun be arrested without a previous allbody, concur in the making of lans,

thority from the body to which he belongs. Plans of laws may be equally proposed The trial of a menaber of the senate or in the senate and in the legislative body.

legislative body belongs exclusively to the Those relating to contributions can only be

senate, proposed in the legislative body.

14. The ministers may be members either The king can invite equally the two bo.

of the senate or legislative body. dies to occupy themselves upon objects

15. Equality of proportion in the taxes is which he deems proper..

of right : no tax can be imposed or receired The sanction of the king is necessary for unless it has been freely consented to by the the completion of a law.

legislative body and the senule. The Land6. There are 150 senators at least, and

tax can only be established for a year. The 200 at most.

budget of the following year, and the acTheir dignity is immoveable, and heredi

counts of the preceding year, are presented tary from male to male, in order of priino- annually to the legislative body and the geniture. They are named by the king. The present senators, with the exception of legislative body.

senate, at the opening of the sitting of the those uho should renounce the quality of 16. The law shall fix the mode and amount

French citiz.ins, are maintained, and form of the recruiting of ihe army. part of this number. The actual endow

17. The independence of the judicial poucer ments of the senate and the senatorships is guaranteed. No one cạn be removed belong to them. The revennes are divided from his natural judges. equally between them, and pass, to their The institution of JURIES is preserved, us

In case of the death of a sena. tor without direct male posterity, his por

well as the publicity of trial in criminal

matters. tion returns to the public treasure. The senators who shall be named in future abolished.

The penalty of confiscation of goods is cannot partake of this endowments.





The king has the right of pardoning. offences which may result from the abuse of

18. The courts and ordinary tribunals that liberty. The senatorial commissions existing at present are preserved; their of the liberty of the press and individual number cannot be diminished or increased, liberty are preserved. bnt in virtue of a law. The judges are for 24. The public debt is GUAFANTEED. life and irremovable, except ille jestices of The sales of the NATIONAL DOMAINS Cre the peace and the judges of commerce. irrevocably maintained. The commissions and extraordinary tribus 25. No Frenchman cia be prosecuted for nals are suppressed, and cannot be re-esta OPINIONS OP VOTEs which he has given. blished.

06. Every person hus the right to address 19. The courts of cassation, the courts of individual petitions to every constituted auappeal, and the tribunals of ile tirst in- thority. Stance, propose to the king three candidates 27. All Frenchmen are for each place of judge, vacant in their MISSIBLE to ull civil and inilitury empliybody. The king chooses one of the three. ments. The king names the first presidents and the 28. All the laws existing at present remain public ministry of the courts and the tri- in vigor, until they be legally repealed. The bunals.

code of civil laws shall be entitled, Civil 20. The military on service, the officers and Code of the French. soldiers on halfpay, the widows and pensioned 29. The present constitution shall' be officers, PRESERVE their RANKS, HONORS, submitted to the acceptance of the French and PENSIONS.

people, in the form which shall be regulated. 21. The person of the king is sacred and Louis STANISLAUS XAVIER shall be proinviolable. All the acts of the government claimed King of the French, as soon as he are signed by a minister. The ministers are shall have signed and sworn, by an act responsible for all which those acts contain stating, I accept the Constitution ; I sucar viilatory of the luws, public and private liber to obscrve it, and cause it to be observed. ty, and the right of citizens.

This oath shall be repeated in the soleme 22. The FREEDOM of worSHIP and nity, when he shall receive the Oath of conscience is guaranteed. The ministers of Fidelity of the French. worship are treated and protected ulike.

Signed by the Prince of Benevento, pre23. The LIBERTY of the Press is entire, sident; and sixty-seven members of the with the exception of the legal repression of sevate.

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MIDDLESEX, AND SURREY. With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased. N consequence of a notice given by City of London Tavern, for the purpose would be illuminated for three nights, to in the Lungs. It was honoured by the celebrate the overthrow of Bonaparte and presence of the Dukes of Kent and Susthe restoration of happiness to the civilized sex, the Earl of Darnley, &c. &c. and world, the metropolis was very generally attended by a very respectable company, illuminated on Monday, Tuesday, and among whom were some nicdical gentieWednesday, the 11th, 12th, and 131h. men of high repute, who came to promote The illuminations at Carlton House were to the utmost so benevolent and useful a among the most splendid exhibited, con design. sisting of above 10,000 lamps. The co According to an account laid before lumns in front were encircled with spiral Parliament, the number of three shilling lines of lamps. The corvices and other tokens issued by the Bank of England, parts of the building were also studded from the 10th of December, 1812, to with lamps; along the front were the March, 1814, was 3,008,983, and their following words: Russiu, Austria, Vicent amount in value 451,3471. 9s, each token les Bourbons, Prussia, England.

weighing 9dwts. 1 grs. the silver of dollar An opposition is made to the intended standard. The number of eighteen-penny branch of road from Povey Cross to Gat- picces issned in the same period was ton Lodge, in which Lord Somers has 1,510,440, the value 113,2831. is. 6d. each taken ihe lead. A part of it passes over weighing 4dwts. 17grs. of dollar standard. a long rising ground, and another part is No dollars were issued in the same intersected with boggy and swampy land, period. which must at all times be a heavy road to On Wednesday the 20th, Lonis the travellers. The cost too will amount at XVIIIth, King of France, entered Lonleast to 53271, 17s. 6d. instead of 26501. as don in state from his late residence at stated hy the promoters.

Hartwell House, on his way to Paris. He meeting was lately held at the was accompanied by some branches of his


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370 Incidents and Marriages in and near London. [May 1, family, and by the Prince Regent and Francis Sillis, formerly of Hartford Hill some other members of the Royal Family House, near Norwich. of England, and reccived and sauter by NIr. Richard Westhorp, of Cheapside, the applauses of thousands of spectators. to Mary, second langhter of the Rev. On the following Saturday lie left London John White, of Chevington. for Dover, accompanied ilsoliy tlie Re sent The Rev. John Graves, 10 Mrs. Shaw, and many laundreds of prisors of distinc. daughter of he late Sir James Dunhar, of tion ou lorschack and in carianes.

Mockram, bart. Loudon has also been visited during to At Isling'o!!, John Wheeler, Esq. to month by the Duchess of Ohonburgh, Cartine, daughter of Edmund Cotterill

, sister of the Emperor Alexander of Russia, esų, one of his Majesty's jizuices of the who has fixed er residence at ive Pulteney peace for tie connty of Miduesex. Holel, in Piccalilly, and is much adorireia 1). Torne, esq. of Upnsinster-hall, to for her amiable manners and superior intel- Miss S. Wartbuns, c!aughter of the late lectual attainments.

J. (F. esej. of Sheniield.

Aled Wyatt, esq. to Miss Ranking, At Enfield, C. Moore, esq. of Moores danghter of G. R. esg. of Cavendish-square. fort, in the county of Tipperary, to D. Li ut. Furher, to the second daughter Woodcock, daughter of C. B. W. esq. of Jolm Dax, esq. of Carey-street, Lin.

Mr. J. Welstead, of Stratford, to Louisa colu's Inn. Porter, dau: hter of C. P. csq. of Lease C. W. Feaming, esq. of St. James'sPriory, Felsted.

square, to Caroline, daughter of J. Evitts, At Gorlalming, Mr. J. Smith, of Craven- esq. late of Birmingham. street, to Sarali, daughter of W. Hu!!, esq. At Stoke Newington, Mr. W. Hawkes

The Hoa. Jolm Reginald Lygon, second Smith, bookseller, of Birmingham, to Elison of Lord Beauchamp, to Lady Charlotte zabeti, daughter of the late David Sweet, Scoit, only daughter of the late, and sister esq. of Hillersdon-house, Devon. to the present Earl of Clonmell.

At Litt!c Paindon, G. T. Nicholson, J. L. Kirby, esq. captain in the East esq. to Ame Elizabeth, daughter of W. Essex Militia, to Mary Emma, yonngest Smith, esq. N.P. daughter of R. Jones, esq. late of Man At þueathan, Surrey, J. Oliphant, esq. sion-House-strect.

to Lana ilavia, daugliter of G. Darhy, At Croydon, the Rev. R. Bowden, of esq. vf Upper Tooting. Islington, to Maria, youngest daughter of Mr. Charles W. Charlton, of Doctors' the late J. Humphrey, esq. of Stroud- Connons, to Miss Culliford, danghter of green.

Mr. Thomas C. of Otterbourne. Mr. John West, of the Strand, to Miss At Spencer House, Lord George Quin, Shand, of Scot's-place, Islington.

sou to the Maquis of Headfort, to Lady At Bath, H. Fitzgerald, esq. to Lady Georgia Spencer, second daughter to Charlotte Rawdon, sister to the Right Hon. Earl Spencer. the Earl of Moira.

Lieutenant Robert Garrett, of the 7th Mr. G. Stellier, of Feltham, to Miss or Royal Fusileers, eldest son of John G. Eliz. Sherbourn, youngest daaghter of W. esq. of Ellington, Isle of Thanet, to Sherbouin, of Bedfont.

Charlotte, youngest danghter of Lord T. J. Plat, of the Inner Temple, esq. to Edward Bentinck, brother to the late Miss Augusta Cuming, niece of G. C. csq. Duke of Portland. of Northbrook, near Godalming.

At St. George's Church, J.H.Smyth, esq. By his Grace the Archbishop of York, M.P. of Heath, near Wakefield, Yorkshire, Lord Viscount Althorp, to Esther, only to Lady Elizabeth Anne Fitz-Roy, third daughter and sole heiress of the late daughter of his Grace the Duke of Richard Acklam, esq. of Weston Hall, Gratton, Bawtry, Yorkshire, and niece of the Earí At Hampton, R. Pusey, esq. of the of Bandon.

Island of Jamaica, to Miss Caroline TilAt St. Mary-le-bone, Sir S. H. Clarke, desley, of Hampton. bart, of the Island of Jamaica, and of Oak At St. Ann's, Blackfriars, P. Bartlett, Hill, near Barnet, to Catharine Haughton, esq. of Buckingham, to Rebecca, second second daughter of J. H. James, esq. of daughter of the Rev. W. Goode, rector the above island.

of the said church. Mr.Joseph Graham, of St. Paul's Church At Lambeth, Mr. D. Moore, of Ilford, Yard, to Élizabeth, daughter of the late Essex, to Miss Dent, of Kirkby Lonsdale. Georse Hasse esq. of Ripon.

At Chean, Surrey, Mr. E. Wallace, Thomas Price, esq. sou of Sir Charles surgeon, of Carshalton, to Miss A. M. P. bart. to Eliza Plumer; and Capt. Wm. Hovell, third daughter of the late J. H.esq. Kearey, of the 4th dragoon guards, to barrister-at-law. Lucy Plumer, daughters of Hall Plumer, Mr. H. Roscorla, of Brighton, to Ann, esc. of Stockton Hall, near York.

daughter of Mr. J. Chapman, of Bletoka Mr. Nicholas Smith, merchant, to Je- ingly, Surrey, mima, youngest danghter of the late Mr. Mr. H. Wayte, of Holborn-hill, to Miss

M. P.

M. P. Lowndes, of Queen street, Cheap- gent, and daughter of the late Rev. Dr. side.

Uvedale, of Louth. W. Thomas, esq. of Woolwich, to Miss In Addle-street, 80, Susan, the wife of @A. Mouchett, of Mulgrave-place.

William Hardy, esq. and sister to Thomas Dr. T. E. Munro, of Gower-street, to Kiuder, esq. late of St. Albans., the third daughter of S. C. Cox, li.C.C. Catherin?, wife of Mr. Henry Greathead,

Mr. J. Ariccoll, of Finton, to Cordelia, formerly of South Shields, boat-builder. and Mr. T. Tucker, of Londoni, io Jane, In Mary.le-bone, 76), the Comte d'Escurs, daughters of C. Deudney, esq. of Gensing, a nobleman of the old French regime, reSussex.

spectable and respected. He was deMr. R. D. Cabell, of the Hon. East scended by the maternal line from he India Company's civil service, to the royal house of Stuart, his mother, Lady seron'l daughter of E. S. Junes, esq. of the Emily Fitzjames, being third daughter to East India Board.

the marshal dake of Berwick. Capt. Maitland, royal artillery, to the Charles Timviky Cobb, ésit. of Tudor. second daughter of Mrs. Miller, of Wool. Street, second surviving son of Thos. C. esz. uvich.

Rachel, wife of Colonel Joh: Bladon Richard Jennings, esq. Cheapside, to Taylor, of Devonshire place, Mary-le bone, Diary Aun, eldest danghter of Joseph In Seymour-place, aiter a long illness, at Devcy, esq. of Bankside, Southwark. t'ie advanced age of 85, the fight Honorable

At Hackney, Jedes Augusta Lamb, Thomas Bruce Bruilenell Bruce, Earl of esq. of London, to karriet, third dangliter Ailesbury, K.T. treasurer of lier majesty's of the late Mr. George Robinson,

1101seholi, and one of his majesty's inost Mr. Charles Cunningham, solicitor, Frith bonorable privy conocil. His lordship was stiret, Soho-square, in Mary, the youngest brother to the late Dake of Montague and danghter of Nir. Moore, of Park-street, Earl of Cardigan, and was twire married, Grosvenor-square.

first, to Susannah widow of the lateVisconiit Guybon Damant, esq. of Hatton-sardden, Dungurvoll; secondly, to Lady Ann Elizato Miss Harrie: James, riauter of the late beth Raivoon, daughter to the late, anil Thomas J. esq. of Hunter-street.

sister to the present Earl of loira. By his At Christ Church, J. R. Harris, of Wine ist wife, lis lordship has left surviving two chester-place, to An Durrant, second cughters, and an only son, Charles, who daughter of Wm. Quincey, esq. of Holland. succeeds to liis titles and estates. Tlie pre street,

sent earl married Henrietta Maria, daughter At St. Luke's, Chelsea, John Bullivant, of Ivcel, the late Lor: Berwick, by whom esq. of Knightsbridgc, to Miss Giilson, of - he has two sons and four daughters. Cadogan-terrace.

Mrs. Bolagna, the wife of Mr. B. jun. of Mr. Dakin, of Friday-street, to Harriet, Covent-garden Theatre, danghter of Andrew Duncan, esq. of Bliss M. Mugulalen Barnes, 53, eldest Gray's Ina.

daughter of J. B.C.q.of Lincoln's-inn fickets. DIED.

Colonel Kemeriy, formerly of the 2011 In Aldermanbury Pastern, universally light dragcons; he was sitting at breakfast, beloved and regretted, lit. Juhn Torker, ai luis house, in Allsop's-buildings, News late cf Cucapside.

road, when lie fol suddenly back in his At Turver's Hill, Cheshunt, J. Shepherd, chair and expired.

In Whitechapel, 72, Mrs. Exeter. At Harrow-weald, Nirs. Roberis, wife of At his sister's, Larly Calder, PortugalMr. J. R. latc of Oxford-street.

strezt, Grosvenor-square, William Osborn, In Hill-street, Lady Glin, selict of Sir esij. late licntenant-colonel in the 7th light R. G. bart, and mother of Sir R. C. G. an dragoons, and son of the late Admiral alderman of London and an eminent banker. Osborn.

T. Andrews, Psg. of Old Brentford, sin In Knightsbridge, Bernard Cologin; csy. cerely lansented by his relatives and fiiends of the island of Tencritte.

Lydia, daighter of Dr. Sequeira, of At Stockwell, 51, George Vundicst, esq. Mark-lane.

Francis Couís, youngest daughter of In Weymonth-street, Portlandi-placé, 81, James Hariton, esq. of Hunter-street, William Tripp, 84.

Brunswick-square. In Bartholomew-cloce. 84, the Ríü, Owin In Portman-square, after a short illness, Perrot Edwurdes, forty-five years rector of the pion. M::. Cecil Jenkinson, sister to the St. Bartholomew the Great.

Earl of Liverpool. In Hanter-street, Binswick-square, 14, In Piccadilly, Mrs. Grimstone, widow of Anna Sophia, eldest daughter of W. Horne, the late Hon. George Grimstone.

At Turnham Green, 70, T. Secar, esg. In Dartmouth-street, Westminster, Mir. At Sydenham, C. P. Crausurd, esq. of Pilliner.

Verulam buildings, Gray's-inn, 40. Mrs. Colton, of Brampfor? Speke, relict At Islington, 87, Lilly Lyd, relict of the of the Rev. Wm. Colton.

late Sir Lyonel Lyde, bart, of iyot St. Mrs. Cecilia Taylor, wife of Mr. John T. Lawrence, Herts,

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esg. M.P.

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