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4. If light attend the course I run,

'Tis he provides those rays; And 'tis his hand that hides my sun, If darkness cloud my days.

His mercy reigns through every land;

Proclaim his grace abroad :
For ever firm his truth shall stand;
Praise ye the faithful God.

392. L. M.
God every where present.

Father and friend! thy light, thy love,
Beaming through all thy works we see;
Thy glory gilds the heavens above,
And all the earth is full of thee.

Thy voice we hear, thy presence feel;
Whilst thou, too pure for mortal sight,
Involved in clouds, invisible,
Reignest the Lord of life and light.


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We know not in what hallow'd part
Of the wide heavens thy throne may be;
But this we know, that where thou art,
Strength, wisdom, goodness dwell with thee.

And through the various maze of time.
And through the infinity of space,
We follow thy career sublime,
And all thy wondrous footsteps trace.


5. Thy children shall not faint nor fear, Sustain'd by this delightful thought; Since thou, their God, art every where, They cannot be where thou art not. 393. P. M.

MONTHLY REPOSITORY. God every where present.

1. Should fate compel my steps to stray, Lead me to distant climes away,

To regions wild and bare :
Where'er I dwell, where'er I roam,
I find a Father and a home,
For God is every where!

E'en to the furthest verge of earth
He gives the vast creation birth,

And boundless love declares :
In cities full, or barren wastes,
Man all bis Maker's bounty tastes,
And all his mercy shares.

I cannot go where endless love
Sustaining all yon orbs above

Smiles not on all around : Educing good from seeming ill, And better thence, and better still,

To time's remotest bound.


394. c. M.
God present to sincere worship.

The heaven of heavens cannot contain

The universal Lord;
Yet he in humble hearts will deign
To dwell and be adored.

2. Where'er ascends the sacrifice

Of fervent praise and prayer, Or on the earth, or in the skies, The heaven of God is there.

3. His presence there is spread abroad,

Through realms, through worlds unknown; Who seek the mercies of our God

Are always near his throne.

395. L. M. MONTHLY REPOSITORY. The love of God displayed in the works of


WHENE'ER we climb the mountain's head
To greet the harbinger of day,
Or see him sink in ocean's bed,
Thy love, O God, points every ray.

In the fresh balmy evening breeze,
Where groves of gold and verdure shine,
Rich with the perfume of the trees,
We hear the voice of love divine.


Love decks the finely varied flowers,
The fragrant progeny of spring,
And round the prison’d senses pours
Their soft delicious offering.

'Tis love that paints the insect quires
With all their


gorgeous dyes;
'Tis love the simple birds inspires,
And charms in all their melodies.

Nay, every sight that wins the eye,
And every sound that wooes the ear,
And every gale that passes by,
Proclaims the hand of love is there.

396. L. M. Confidence in the wisdom and goodness of


Thy ways, O Lord, with wise design,
Are framed upon thy throne above;
And every dark and bending line
Meets in the centre of thy love.

With feeble light, and half obscure,
Poor mortals thy arrangements view;
Not knowing that the least are sure,
And the mysterious, just and true.

Thy flock, thine own peculiar care,
Though now they seem to roam uneyed,
Are led or driven only where
They best and safest may abide.

They neither know nor trace the way;
But, trusting to thy piercing eye,
None of their feet to ruin stray,
Nor shall the weakest fail or die.

My favour'd soul shall meekly learn
To lay her reason at thy throne;
Too weak thy secrets to discern,
I'll trust thee for my guide alone.
397. L. M.

The glory of God in creation.

JEHOVAH reigns : Thou earth, rejoice :
Ye distant islands, lift the voice.
Him first, him last, him greatest own,
He reigns, and he is God alone.

2. His robe of light he round him flung; Stretch'd like a tent the heavens he hung; The fabric of his dwelling laid In watery mists' compacted shade.

Of flying clouds his car he forms,
And rides upon the winged storms;
While angel hosts his power proclaim
In whirlwind blasts and lightning flame.

He fix'd perpetual from its birth
The deep foundations of the earth;
And gave it, planted by his hand,
Unmoved and undissolved to stand.

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